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Paladin Help : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: May 17th, 2008, 3:09 am

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I have a lvl64 Paladin, it seems to be a difficult class to solo with. I can handle any non heroic up to lvl 70. I am having difficulties soloing anything lv 55 heroic ^^^ and up. I am using all Xegonite armor (some imbued, some addorned), I just seem to run out of power in the middle of the battle. Can anyone recommend a strategy/power enhancements that may help? I have a lvl45 conjurer that can solo it's level or higher (depends on the pet I am using); is a Paladin a bad soloing class, if not can somone tell me how I can make my Paladin a better solo fighter?

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Posted: May 24th, 2008, 10:31 pm

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Hey boss, i have an 80 pally on Vox. I created him in august of 2006. and I thought the same thing, pallys are horrible solo and i am only good as a secondary tank. I locked from lvl 40-49 for one whole year, just to learn how to properly solo my class and learn how to be a tank. one year of meditation and practice, i doubt you have the time so i will offer you some pointers to get you started:
1. always ward yourself before pulling and re-ward at every oportunity
2. I live in defensive stance unless pvping in a group
3. stun, ward, heal, hit... repeat if needed especially for heroics and names
4. use your healing combat arts after you ward yourself, they are more beneficial.

I am speced out to be a tank. Did you know that as a paladin, we gain more power from strength upgrades than from wisdom? Its true. wisdom is good for resisits but power and attack...go for strength.

After lvl 60...pallys really start pulling there weight. its not unusual for lvl 80 pallys to be raid tanks with no problem. or be the main healer in a raid group. we are very versatile. you just need to comit to one or the other...healer or killer. once you make up your mind, practice and perfect yourself. be a master of your class.

good luck


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