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Power Levelling Stratagies? : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: August 20th, 2006, 8:37 am
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I want to use my main to power level a healer up to his level so that I can make it into a buff bot.

What are the most effective ways to powerlevel a toon?

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Posted: August 20th, 2006, 12:36 pm
foil_ball_boy's Reps:
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what class/level is your main? and what type of healer?
just from reading your post, i'd say just mentor w/ your main but thats not really saying anything

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Posted: August 20th, 2006, 2:19 pm
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44 Assassin
4 Inquisitor lol

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Posted: August 20th, 2006, 3:00 pm

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You dont need much power leveling below 20, its too easy


Author of EQ2Ultrabot, NOW WITH CRAFTING!!!
Read this before asking for help

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Posted: August 21st, 2006, 8:59 am
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Power leveling 1-20

1-9 -- Stay on which ever newb island your on. It's easy to powerlevel up here; I could be wrong on wether or no they force you off at 7 or at 9. But you can accrue a certain percentage of XP before you have to move on to the mainland.

10-15 -- Pick every quest you can possibly find in the whichever city your in; and just do those quests in the city and discovery xp from the cities. A majority of these quests are just to go around and deliver stuff to other NPC's.

15-20 -- Go to the newb zones and 1) collect ?'s 2) do all the quests they should still be green 3) If you have enough money do the collection quests.

After 20 there is only one way to powerlevel quickly and that's by grouping. There is really no other option.

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Posted: August 24th, 2006, 4:14 am

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Assassin's are not deal for power leveling, and inq is not ideal buffbot for assassin. Redo the Inq and make a fury, they make better buff bots.


Hit the mob once with the lower level character, taunt it with the higher level character. Just continue to mash the taunt key and whack away with the lower level character. Once the mob gets to 50% health, kill it with the higher level character. Its actually pretty simple but some classes are way way easier then others. Assassin dont make good power levelers because they have to do damage to get aggro.

I went from 0-30 in less then 20 hours played on my necro using the above tactic with a 60+ berserker.

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Posted: October 9th, 2006, 1:34 am
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I bought collections and went from 1-31 in 20 mins. Took about 6 plat.

Look up collection sheet in the forums at eq2players.com. It's very helpful and youll know what to buy on broker. Some of it is very cheap!!

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