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Test Update 27B : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: August 23rd, 2006, 9:41 am

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*** Tradeskill Work Orders ***

- Untimed work orders have been added for those who prefer less risk in their tradeskilling.
- All tradeskill work orders now reward fuel cost on completion of each batch of items requested. It is still possible to lose the fuel cost entirely if a timer runs out while in the middle of a batch. Be warned.
- The rewards for completing timed work orders have been adjusted.
- The City Record Keeper has been replaced by a Work Order Foreman who gives out non-timed work orders. To start a work order after obtaining it now requires picking up the invoice from the Work Orders Desk.
- Work orders can now be deleted from the Quest Journal.

*** City Guild Raids ***

- The old society quests used for the city raid guild writs have been replaced with a new quest series to help ensure players zone into the correct instance.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Murdunk's Falls have been fully reclaimed and will no longer be called the Pool of Ruins. Our apologies to those who enjoy ruins, but there are plenty others to be found elsewhere.
- The icefloat in Everfrost carrying tradeskill devices has melted away due to global warming caused by tradeskillers.
- In "Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers," the scout that spawns when Lureclaw and Gulp are killed will now run to the shore prior to dying so the rock sample doesn't find its way into geometry.

*** Quests ***

- When a timed stage of a quest fails to be completed, the quest helper window should now update properly.

*** Items ***

- Assassins, Bruisers, Defilers, and Troubadors are now able to visit the original quest givers for Relic and Hooloh hats and trade their current headgear for their all-new profession hats! Please remember that you cannot change back to the original appearance once the trade has been made.
- Repair costs on Fabled items has been reduced significantly. Previously, they cost four times as much as Legendary items to repair.
- The effect on the Scallywag's Plumed Hat should now function correctly.
- Briarwood Quarter Staves will now have an appropriate appearance.
- The Stein of the Everling Lord should now heal for the correct amounts when activated.
- Shields and symbols should now always list in which slots they can be equipped.

*** Combat ***

- Epic opponents no longer have a chance to score a critical hit when casting spells.

*** Consignment Brokers ***

- Consigned items purchased while possessing a pet will now correctly be placed in the pet owner's inventory.

*** Player vs. Player ***

- The Village of Shin is no longer protected via carnage rules.
- The carnage flag will automatically be applied when entering a city if you are not a member of that city's alignment.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Fuel amounts in almost every recipe has been modified. Most recipes had their fuel costs reduced, though some now require more fuel. Provisioner recipes were not changed.
- Tradeskill quests (work orders and writs included) should now use tradeskill level instead of adventure level when determining any applicable experience or status rewards. Tradeskill level will also determine con color in the quest journal for tradeskill quests.
- Jewelers who are level 56 or higher will automatically be able to scribe The Symbol of Lect'Mun Sul recipe scroll instead of having to have their Artificing skill up high enough to scribe the recipe.
- Bandoliers, pouches, satchels, and sheaths now have recipes that will allow you to imbue these items with magical properties. These new recipes will automatically be updated in the recipe scrolls that contain recipes for those items already. In addition, all level 60 to 70 imbue recipes will now no longer require additional components besides scintillating materials for build components.

*** User Interface ***

- Mail can no longer be sent to Trial of the Isle players.
- There is now a "Spam" button in the opened mail window that can be used to report messages as spam. This will cause the offending mail message to be deleted, along with all attachments.
- The option that controls the number pad for text input should once again be operational.
- Double-clicking on an item in your Overflow slot will transfer that item to your inventory instead of opening the Persona window.
- The guild recruiting icon in the guild window will no longer follow the right edge of the window.
- Attempting to attune an item in your house vault should no longer give an error about not being in a bank transaction.

*** UI Files Updated ***


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