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TIP: Craft Naked/Buffless : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 1:29 pm
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Remove at least all your +power +primary_stat (that gives you power) equipment and buffs that give raw power.

Also, If you craft at the forge it might be wise to do the same for +hp/sta

Once you do that be sure to drink a good drink (and optionally food if at forge).

The logic behind this is as follows:
Examine your TS buffs that cost power with all your gear and buffs on. Note the base power cost. Now remove your gear and buffs. Look at the power cost again. It should be lower. The reason is that the cost of the TS buffs is a flat % of your total power.

Now the benefit part... drink gives a percent regen PLUS a static bonus to regen! So by reducing the cost of the TS reactions, while the regen stays the same, you will net a better return.

For exmple, while clothed I buff X cost 40 mana to use, and I regen 29 power. If I use the buff every tick, I loose a net 11 power every tick... thats a 27.5% loss.

However naked, the reaction costs 30 power, and I regen 24, I only loose 6 per tick... a 20% loss.

I found by doing this I can maintain using my level 2 durability buff pretty much indefinately since there's typically a tick or 2 between each item.

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Posted: March 29th, 2005, 4:45 am
bundey's Reps:
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Nice tiup! This would be extremly helpfull if your wanting to craf in builk and spamming a skill aswell, loosing power is the biggest problem I get when crafting! :-)

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Posted: March 30th, 2005, 3:41 am
qazm99's Reps:
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Very useful info thanx. What is "spamming a skill"? Learn something each day.
Vendor of Qeynos

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Posted: March 30th, 2005, 8:01 am
twilightadmin's Reps:
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I was a huge advocate of the 'crafting nekid' system for a long time. Tried with varying sucess to explain it in the crafters channel- some people got it, others just didn't. I tested it extensivly, and know for a fact that it works. HOWEVER- how recently have you tested this? I ask only because a recent patch message indicated that food/drink buffs would be percentage based, rather than a fixed ammount. If this is in fact true, then that negates the benefits of nekid unbuffed crafting. The whole point was that, since skills used a percentage, but drink gave a fixed buff, it was a loophole. If the buff is now a percentage as well, theres really no point. Not saying it still doenst work- having taken a very extended sebatical from crafting, I haven't personaly tested since said patch, but just pointing out that what was once true may need to be reconfirmed.

As for spamming a skill: theres really 2 schools of thought re. crafting skills. One maintains that the best way to craft is to wait for the 'events', and counter them with the appropriate skill. The other holds that you should craft proactively- spend some time learning which skills have what effect on the process, and then, based on what your trying to accomplish, keep them up as often as mana/reuse times allow. (most only last for 1.5 seconds- so if you have a set of 3 you want to keep up the whole time, your going to be hitting one of them every half second- so your 'spamming' your skills). Bear in mind that different stations require different aproaches. My main was a provisioner- I found a good rotation that worked to guarentee refreshing (aka pristine) without running out of power. I stuck with my rotation and ignored the events. Since any skill will stop an event, it didn't really matter which event it was- they all worked equaly well. However, on other stations (ie forge), not countering with the correct buff will get you killed quickly. This can be an esp. dangerous place to try spamming, since it usualy involves queing up a skill. Between the time you que a skill up (or even in some unfortunate cases between the time you begin casting and it lands), an event can pop up. If you don't happen to have the right skill qued or being cast, your gonna get hit, hard.

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