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Update Notes, June 14th : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: June 14th, 2006, 9:06 am

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Update Notes : 6/14/2006 5:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- The Fallen Dynasty adventure pack is here!

- Sub-combines are gone from crafting, making it easier to get straight to the fun!
- Betray your home city at any level and travel to the outcast city of Haven!
- PvP combatants can now become Exiles, taking on Qeynosians, Freeportians, and other Exiles!
- The all-new consignment system has arrived to make selling your wares easier!
- There is a rise in activity of the Bloodskull orcs and Blackshield smugglers in the Commonlands!
- Nektulos Forest seems to be coming alive, enchanted by a malevolent force.
- Berserkers, guardians, templars, and dirges can show off their own unique profession hats!
- Instanced adventures await with the removal of more access quests and restrictions!
- Newfound powers allow Enchanters to use their control spells in Epic encounters!

*** The Fallen Dynasty ***

- The EverQuest II team is pleased to announce the launch of our third Adventure Pack: The Fallen Dynasty!
- Those who purchase this Adventure Pack can access the new area of the world and /claim their bonsai tree.
- Journey to the docks in the Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest to cross the Buried Sea and begin your adventures in this once-peaceful land.
- The Fallen Dynasty is intended for characters between levels 55 and 70.
- Many new items, including all-new weapon appearances designed with an Asian-influenced theme, are available in the new zones. Players who don't purchase The Fallen Dynasty can buy these and other goods from adventurers who discover these powerful items themselves.
- Take on dangerous foes, mingle with the locals in the Village of Shin, meet the legendary Whistling Fist monks, battle the fearsome Pirates of Gunthak, and uncover long-lost secrets in The Fallen Dynasty.
- To learn more about The Fallen Dynasty and purchase it, head on over to TheFallenDynasty.com!
- To download the files necessary for the Adventure Pack, run EverQuest II and click "Download Options" on the launchpad. Under "Optional Downloads," check the box next to "Adventure Pack #3: The Fallen Dynasty." If you wish to receive the files right away, check the box next to "Download Immediately." If you would prefer to let the files download in the background while you use your computer for other tasks, leave the box unchecked.

*** Tradeskill Revamp ***

- All of the tradeskill recipes in the game are moving to a "no sub-combine" system. In order to improve the availability and reduce the tedium of the tradeskill system, we are removing refine and interim recipes from the game. Instead you will be able to craft final combines with just raw components. It will now take less time to craft a cup of coffee in game than in your kitchen!
- Tradeskill-related harvestables now have a chance to give multiple items in a single harvest. As your skill increases over the maximum skill for that 10 level range, you increase your chances at getting rares and multiple item harvests.
- New harvesting tools are available that reduce the time it takes to harvest. Speak with your local woodworker to acquire these items.
- Crafted items will now be referred to either as Handcrafted or Mastercrafted, the latter of which denotes rarer items.
- Newly crafted items will often have different stats or effects. Note that existing crafted items will not change, just items crafted using the new recipes.
- Crafted potions and poisons will be now will follow a uniform pattern in naming and effects, which should make their functionality easier to identify quickly.
- Level 50-60 rare carpentry recipes have been added to the game. You might be seeing some of your favorite requested furniture pieces that are no longer sold on merchants.
- Due to rising economic pressure from the larger crafting guilds such as the Ironforge Exchange and the Coalition of Tradesfolke, the smaller societies within the districts and villages have consolidated their operations in order to continue to compete.
* Players can now enter any of the tradeskill instances at any time.
* All your tradeskill society status you have ever earned (not just in your current society) has been converted into personal status points (this will not add status to your guild).
- With the new changes to recipes no longer requiring subcombines, the cities of Freeport and Qeynos have been forced to do inventory and sell or reforge many of their overstocked supplies. Until this is finished, they will not be giving out any new work orders for crafted items. Both Lucan and Antonia apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some business owners and thank you for your patience until this matter is resolved.
- The tradeskill trainers have been moved outside each of the tradeskill instances. These trainers will give new crafters their initial training and first set of recipes if they did not learn their skills on the Outpost of the Overlord or the Queen's Colony before sailing to the city.
- Harvested items that are no longer used in recipes can be used in place of raw components.
- All interim and refined components can now be used in place of raw items.
- Merchants outside each tradeskill instance will sell recipe books for all artisan classes. The recipes that appear will depend on your selected tradeskill and level.
- You will no longer fail to find something when you harvest in an area that is trivial to you.

*** Betrayal and Exiles ***

- Players can now betray their city at any time after level 10.
- You will now slowly work your faction up with the city you are betraying to (or back to the one you originally betrayed) in order to be accepted within the city walls.
- Until such a time as you are accepted as a citizen of Qeynos or Freeport, you will be an Exile and must only operate out of a new underground location known as Haven.
- Haven does not provide the plush lifestyle of Qeynos or Freeport--You'll miss out on some of aspects of the city life such as writs, full use of brokers, player housing (apart from Maj'Dul), or city-based rewards.
- Note that all characters, whether they change their class or not, will have their spells set back to the Apprentice I level after betraying.
- Qeynos betrayers should begin their journey with Spockfuddle near the fence in Qeynos Harbor.
- Freeport betrayers should begin their journey with Izzay Meestere in West Freeport.

Player-versus-Player Server Exiles:
- If a player on a PvP server does not belong to either Freeport or Qeynos (i.e. they are in the act of betrayal), they will become an Exile.
- Exiles have their own language: Argot. Communication rules are the same as the other alignments.
- Upon betraying, Exiles receive an unchangeable suffix title of "the Exile."
- Exiles forgo all PvP city rewards once they betray.
- Lucanic Knights/Royal Antonican Guard faction, as well as infamy/fame and titles are wiped as soon as you betray your city.
- Exiles are open to attack by players regardless of the zone they are in or their level. You will only find protection within the caves of Haven.
- An Exile can attack citizens of Freeport, Qeynos, and even other Exiles.
- While you are encouraged to hone your skills on the battlefield against those of your ranks, you will only receive rewards for killing members of the opposing alignments. These rewards are limited to title modifications when appropriate, experience, and coin/item drops.
- While Haven may seem like a convenient place, there is a price to pay for seclusion. Prices from the merchants are significantly higher, and Exiles do not have access to shared bank slots.
- Exiles wishing to travel to the Sinking Sands will need to sneak into the docks of either Freeport or Qeynos and catch a ride on one of the carpets.

*** New Consignment System ***

- The new consignment system has arrived!
- You may now list items for sale even if you do not have a home. To do so, speak with your local broker and go to the Sell tab.
- The market window is now broken up into 3 tabs: Buy, Sell, and Sales Log.
- The Buy tab allows you to search for and purchase items.
* You can perform a simple search by typing in a name in the Search input box.
* You can perform a more specific search by clicking the Advanced button and selecting various options.
* Once in the Advanced tab, you can click the Save button to save a custom search, which is accessible via a drop-down box on the main Buy page.
* To purchase a single item, click the Buy button. You can also buy a specific number of items with the Buy Quantity button or a full stack of an item with the Buy (x) button.
* Items can be examined via the Examine button or in the right-click context menu.
- The Sell tab allows you to list items for sale.
* To sell items from this tab, drag a bag or box into a free slot, then drop items within the bag to sell them.
* If you drag a container that holds items to the market window, all items within will be added to the Sell area.
* Items will automatically be set with a price, though they will not be up for sale until you list it for sale. This price is the maximum you could possibly get from an NPC merchant, and can be used for quick price reference.
* You can change the price of an item by clicking Set Price, list it for sale by clicking List Item for Sale, or remove it by clicking Remove Item.
* You can right click an item and choose Search to find the item if listed by other players.
* To receive coin from items sold out of a specific bag, click the Take Coin button. Coin will always need to be retrieved through this process.
- The Sales Log will show items you have sold as well as coin gain per session and coin gain from all time.
- More slots will open up in which you can place containers depending on the type of home you own. A better house means more slots that you can sell from.
- Item stacks will count as a single item in terms of the space it takes in your consignment container. For example, if the maximum number of items in a stack is 20, 20 of those items will take up one slot in the container.
- The house vault is now independent of the consignment system, and is used for item storage.

*** Norrathian Exploration ***

Nektulos Forest
- Mysterious changes have occurred in Nektulos Forest--it seems like an evil intent is awakening.
- Strange new creatures have been found stalking the woods and the Freeport Militia has established new outposts to pacify the region.
- Outsiders beware! Though the Militia is doing its best to keep trade routes clear, the malicious nature of the forest is unforgiving to the heedless.
- Nektulos Forest has improved population and less barriers to travel.

The Commonlands

- The Bloodskull orcs have regrouped their forces, pulling back to consolidate and build fortifications.
- The Blackshield smugglers have recently stepped up their operations in the Commonlands.
- An unexplained change has overcome the plains near the druid ring. Life is springing up where there was little to speak of before.
- The Commonlands has been revitalized with new sights, new adversaries, and new quests.
- A new solo quest line for subjects of the Overlord can now be found in the Commonlands. Speak with Gerun Pontian near the gates to West Freeport to get started.

*** New Profession Hats ***

Berserkers, guardians, dirges, and templars can speak with the original Relic and Hooloh hat quest givers to trade for profession hats with a new appearance.
- Once the trade has been made, you cannot trade back to the old appearance.

*** Zone Access Changes ***

- The following zones no longer require an access quest. For many of the quests, there are new rewards attached in place of the old reward (gaining access to a zone):

* The Firemyst Gully
* The Sanctum of Fear
* Bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site
* The Eternal Gorge
* Miragul's Menagerie
* Icespire Summit
* The Forbidden Sepulcher
* The Trembling Lagoon
* The Obelisk of Lost Souls
* The Darkblade Den of Assassins
* The Serpent's Lair
* The Murkwater Nook
* Maiden's Gulch
* The Vault of Flames
* Nektropos Castle
* The Lair of the Necromancer
* The Vestibule
* Heroic: The Sullon Mines
* Heroic: The Tallon Hording Halls
* Heroic: The Darkened Den
* Icebound
* The Bastion of Flames
* The Cove of Decay: A Treaty for Treasure
* The Ruins of Varsoon

- The following raid zones now have an NPC you must speak with outside of the zone in order to enter:
* Shattered Stillness: Epic - Speak with Relana Everglade in Antonica
* Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold - Speak with Amulius Ramio in the Commonlands
* Echoes of Time: Epic - Speak with Overseer Melicinn in the Commonlands
* A Meeting of the Minds - Speak with Taryn D'Vat in the Feerrott
* Commune of K`Dal - Speak with Klogg Bindgear in Lavastorm
* Deathfist Citadel - Speak with Andala Oakenpath in Zek, the Orcish Wastes
* The Deserted Mine - Speak with Gragak Stinkyfeet in Zek, the Orcish Wastes
* The Court of Al'Afaz - Speak with Walheed Raffini in the Pillars of Flame
* The Gates of Ahket Aken - Speak with Muleek Mahaja in the Sinking Sands
* The Cove of Decay: Epic Angler - Speak with Googegguta in the Thundering Steppes

*** Gameplay ***

- You are no longer limited to engaging 5 encounters.
- Charmed players will now cast spells from their knowledge books.
- Corpses of epic mobs now last much longer (unless looted) so the victors can take screenshots.
- Zone reuse timers will not restart themselves after they have initially been set. That is, the first point within an instance that you acquire a reuse timer will determine when it expires.
- Poisons will no longer drop on death during or after mentoring.
- Characters will now more precisely follow others when using /follow (which means you'll plummet to your death less often if the character you're following turns near a cliff).
- Lifts in the Shimmering Citadel are no longer a dangerous place to change your Alternate Model settings.
- There will now be automated in-game downtime messages for prescheduled downtimes beginning 2 hours before servers come down.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- You can no longer evacuate (Escape, Depart, etc.) while no zoning is allowed.
- Protecting Grove, Ring of Fire, Forge of Ro and other similar spells will no longer cause a player to become carnage flagged upon casting.
- PvP-based experience and status is now split based on the number of nearby group members rather than the total number of group members.
- Many dungeons have had their PvP ranges increased to correspond with the connecting outdoor zone.
- Feigned Bravado Line for Swashbucklers and Amazing Reflexes for Brigands will no longer proc Annoy on PvE encounters. Items that proc Azure Winds in PvP will now force targets to lose their target.
- Mail Kiosks have been removed from Sinking Sands.
- The Temple of Scale no longer has an 8 level range for valid targets.
- Level 1-9 players are now attackable in unrestricted zones (such as DoF and KoS) but give no rewards.
- Additional respawn points have been added to the Enchanted Lands for all alignments. A word of warning, though: not all the areas are as safe as Bobick's Landing.
- The will of The Overlord and Antonia now further protects their citizens in the adventure yards. The Sunken City, the Graveyard, the Sprawl, the Ruins, Oakmyst Forest, the Forest Ruins, the Caves, and the Peat Bog had their valid range of PvP targets lowered to 4.
- Hostile actions should no longer cancel the no-zoning effect.
- Spells that had the abililty to force a taget to switch targets in PvP combat will no longer force NPCs to change target.
- Players under the effect of no zoning will no longer have the option to use the carpet in Sinking Sands to travel to Maj'Dul, Freeport, Qeynos or Thundering Steppes.

*** Quests ***

- Group members on the same step of the quests "Ishara's Search" and "Brush with Celebrity" can now enter into the same arena instance.
- Vindain Greenfaith will now give high elves the flask he mentions when offering the quest "Components of Growth."
- Quests that previously required fungi now require a different component, as fungus has been removed from the game.
- Cvaka and Vashazdar will now properly complete their quests. If you currently have this quest at the "ready to complete" stage, you will need to find 2 bonded loam before the quest will update and complete.
- You can now respawn The Remains of Gord for the "Crazy Talking Skull" quest in The Serpent Sewer if you fail to kill him the first time.
- Pages for "The Story of Ankexfen" will now update the collection they are part of.
- Growing tired of being fed Basil Grilled Deer everyday, Yoru the Old is now asking would-be wearers of the Flowing Black Silk Sash to make him Sunfish Casserole!
- The final stage of the Sanctum of the Scaleborn quest, "Swords in Formation," now has a timer.
- A new book collection quest, "The Behemoth," has been added. Hints as to how this quest is started can be found on the forums.
- Pages from a variety of books are scattered across the ground in Pillars of Flame, Sinking Sands and Maj'Dul.
- Harvesting the correct items out of Antonica or Commonlands will now update "The Secret Valley."

*** Items ***

- The Wastestalker Cowl now has a chain helm appearance.
- The Empowered Sleeper Totem and Sealed Book of Knowledge now heal a fixed amount of health and power, respectively. Their out of combat casting time has been slightly increased.
- The focus benefit on the Mithrian Greaves of the Veteran has been reduced to 8 seconds.
- The focus benefit on the Greaves of Annihilation has been reduced to 8 seconds.
- The area of effect damage proc on the Qeynos Claymore should now work correctly.
- The proc on Marr's Fist will now work correctly.
- The healing boost on the Arm of Erollisi will now properly cancel after the next spell is cast.
- The Orb of Obscuration now has a 5 minute duration and 25 minute reuse time.
- Scouts who wield the 2h version of the Wurmslayer will no longer be able to hit opponents with it. Switch to the dual-wield version!
- The following bucklers had their block chance reduced for balance reasons: Shield of the Flapping Wing, Azjerorz Guard, Nocturnal Supremacy
- The Blazing Shield of Heat Reflection can no longer be equipped by priests.
- The Ancient Velium Rapier was changed from +slashing to +piercing.
- Status items that charm creatures will no longer be unusable if the charm is resisted.
- The kitchen sink is now included with this live update. Kthx.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Lucan and Antonia have both told their city guards to be more mindful of their AoE attacks and to not hit those they normally think of as friends.
- The evac point for Permafrost is now within the zone rather than in Everfrost. There is also an additional revive point within Permafrost.
- The Shade of Bylze and the Fallen Orate in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn now have garbled text if you do not know their languages.
- You will now be locked out of Halls of Seeing upon entry for 15 minutes instead of 5 days until you kill something within.
- The princes in the Barren Sky will no longer travel as far away from their initial points before breaking away from combat.
- Gizrin Mimbles in East Freeport and Tocks Mimbles in Qeynos Harbor have left and given up on their discount travel business due to lack of interest.
- Players that die within the Shimmering Citadel will now respawn in the same zone next to the mirror to the Pillars of Flame.
- Haraghur the Deathless had his respawn time significantly reduced and no longer drops loot since he is primarily a quest target.
- The combat abilities of some residents of the Halls of Fate have been reduced.
- There is no longer a minimum group size or minimum level to gain entry to Icy Digs.
- There is now an upper limit to the amount of active mutagenic disgorgants in the Uncaged Alzid fight.
- "A piece of ancient parchment" should drop a little more frequently from individuals in the Pillars of Flame. Rumors exist that the leaders of these people have also begun to carry the parchment more often. The parchment is now able to be traded or sold.
- Curt Schilling no longer appears on the Queen's Colony or Outpost of the Overlord.

*** Combat ***

General changes:
- Immunities to certain spell types have been removed from many raid encounters. Instead, these encounters will be highly resistant to the spell types, and these resistances can be debuffed.
- Moved Summon Gazer Pet and Hatch Gorg Egg from the spells to the ability list.
- Many named and boss encounters will no longer use their abilities while they are stunned or stifled.
- Most creature-specific abilities (such as attacks unique to a certain type of animal) can now be subdued via stifle effects.
- If a pet owner does not have hate when their pet dies, the encounter will no longer break.
- Abilities that include targeted and self buffs (Martial Order, Ancient Pledge, Stand Firm, etc) will now cancel when the target is no longer in game.
- All hostile spells and arts that stun, mesmerize, root, fear, daze or stifle their targets will become increasingly more resistible when you are 20 levels above the spell level.
- Epic NPCs affected by control spells will only be affected for 1/3 the normal duration. They then receive immunity to that control state for 3x the original duration of the spell.
- Possessed pets will still be part of their owner's group and the owner will no longer disappear.
- Replenishing wards should no longer update unless damage is taken.
- All short knockdowns and many short stuns that were 2s in duration have been changed to a 1.5s duration.
- All knockdowns and many short stuns that were 3-4s in duration have been changed to a 2.5s duration.
- Knockdown effects will no longer work on epics.
- Adjusted all Root, Stifle, Stun, Mesmerize, and Fear durations to have consistent linear progression in durations with level increase.
- All examine information references to Pacify have been changed to Daze.
- Examine information describing control effects should be clearer than before.
- All Mesmerize abilities have their own immunity separate of Stun immunity.
- Spells that summon stationary objects will cause hate towards the caster instead of the object.
- Swarm and Dumbfire pets had their inherent stat bonuses removed from contributing to their damage. This amounts to a 17.5% reduction in their overall damage.
- Target encounter spells cast on an enemy that dies will continue to be cast on the encounter.
- Armor procs and damage shields will no longer trigger until you fight back.

Poison changes:
- Increased effectiveness of poisons that decrease an attribute.
- Those who are suffering from the effects of poison can now be cured.
- Damage over time poison deals damage up front. Damage per tick was reduced.
- Added flavor text to the chat window to indicate when poisons land.

Fighter changes:
- Guardian: Crumble: Reduced damage on melee hit portion.
- Guardian: Concussion: Increased damage, now reduces casting skills of target instead of power damage.
- Guardian: Guardian Sphere: Intercept no longer assists pets in the group.
- Guardian: Sentinel: Reduced some of the higher level chances at intercepting damage. Can only be used on Priests or Mages.
- Guardian: Entrench: Root component no longer affects Epic targets.
- Guardian: Sentry Watch: Death prevention correctly does not process on the caster, only allies in the group.
- Berserker: Stunning Cry: Power cost reduced.
- Berserker: Vanquish: Is now a 6s Stifle instead of a 6-7s Stun.
- Paladin: Glorious Strike effect from Glorious Weapon: Reduced stun duration to 2.5 seconds.
- Paladin: Stuns from weapon procs have been reduced to 2 seconds.
- Monk: Instill Doubt: Changed from a Bruiser to a Brawler ability.
- Monk: Winter's Talon: Stun changed to Daze. Increased duration to 3 seconds.
- Bruiser: Sucker Punch: Knockdown changed to Daze effect.
- Bruiser: Instill Doubt: Reduced fear duration, reduced power cost, increased resistibility, and lowered overall break chances.
- Bruiser: Intimidate: Increased Reuse timer to 60 seconds, increased resistibility, and reduced Mesmerize duration and power cost.

Scout changes:

- Scout: Cheap Shot: Reduced power cost. Duration is 4s instead of 6s on standard or weaker opponents.
- Dirge: Lanet's Excruciating Scream: Changed into a 7 second duration Daze effect that causes disease damage when it expires. The amount of damage was reduced. Reuse time increased to 30s.
- Dirge: Garsin's Funeral March: Recast time increased to 45s from 30s. Overall break chance is 30%.
- Dirge: Sapping Shot: Recast time increased to 25s. Power drain changed to Root. Increased Damage.
- Dirge: Death's Door: Grants a chance at causing reactive Disease damage.
- Troubador: Singing Shot: Increased Damage.
- Troubador: Eli's Thunderous Hymn: Lowered reuse time to 5 seconds and increased damage.
- Troubador: Performer's Talent: Grants a chance at causing reactive Mental damage.
- Troubador: Shrill: Reduced power cost.
- Troubador: Brilliant Blade: Removed power damage. Now reduces all spell resists on target.
- Troubador: Deafening Strike: Increased power damage.
- Troubador: Aria of Excitement: Procs cannot be outright resisted.
- Troubador: Lore's Shuddering: Burns health in addition to power for any ability used by the target.
- Troubador: Requiem of Reflection: Trigger percentages match Dirge Percussion of Stone. Now non-profession spell damage is completely absorbed on a successful proc.
- Troubador: Lullaby: Decreased duration, increased reuse timer to 15s, and reduced power cost.
- Troubador: Bria's Entrancing Sonnet: Now works as a very short term charm. Reduced casting time to 2.5s. Has use of pet commands except to directly call an attack. Duration greatly reduced. Removed concentration costs. Increased reuse time to 45s. Removed damage break chances. Increased resistibility. Reduced power cost.
- Troubador: Singing Shot: Stifle duration set to 6 seconds.
- Troubador: Swindle Essence: Damage increased.
- Ranger: Thorny Trap: Duration of Root effect has been reduced.
- Ranger: Storm of Arrows: Can no longer be cast on the run.
- Predator: Surveil: Range lowered to 35 meters from 50 meters.
- Brigand: Blackjack: Changed from a 5s Stun to a 6s Hold Direction and Root ability. Reduced damage and power cost.
- Brigand: Strangling Throw: Reduced damage.
- Brigand: Double Up: Double Up list auto-adjusts to use abilities appropriate to the Brigand's level.
- Brigand: Fixed issue causing combat art visuals to sometimes be played on the brigand.
- Swashbuckler: Disarming Grin: Increased recast timer to 60s from 30s. Reduced Power cost.
- Swashbuckler: Cold Throw: Reduced damage

Priest changes:
- Priest: Group Cures: Will no longer dispel charm from charmed pets.
- Templar: Prostrate: Reduced casting time to 2.5 seconds, increased reuse time to 45s, and reduced power cost.
- Templar: Divine Arbitration: No longer distributes health from dead players in the group.
- Templar: Sign of Pacification: Increased reuse time to 30s. Casting time increased to 1.5 seconds. Daze effect does not break early.
- Templar: Smite: Removed Daze effect. Reuse timer lowered to 2.5 seconds. Power cost reduced.
- Inquisitor: Fearful Conversion: Lowered break chance overall to 30% on damage only. Expiration effect is a periodic resist update mesmerize instead of root.
- Inquisitor: Imprison: Increased Reuse time to 30s. Break chance occurs on damage only.
- Inquisitor: Invocation: Removed Stifle Effect. Power cost reduced. 50% to interrupt target.
- Warden: Verdurous Journey: Removed upgrade information and spell scrolls.
- Warden: Protecting Grove: Increased Reuse time to 90 seconds and no longer toggles recast timer. Increased hit points of the tree by 250%.
- Warden: Tranquility: Reduced power cost.
- Fury: Ring of Fire: Reuse timer increased to 1 minute.
- Fury: Irritating Swarm: Targets an encounter. Increased casting skill debuff amount. Removed power drain component. 1s casting time.
- Fury: Pact of the Cheetah: Also dispels hostile root effects.
- Fury: Call of Storms: Each Stormbolt cannot be interrupted. Increased chance of stormbolts striking. Lowered resist chances of each stormbolt. Can affect 50% more targets in the radius than before.
- Mystic: Phantasmal Spirits: Reduced duration of Mesmerize to 5s.
- Defiler:Spiritual Circle: Increased reuse time to 2 minutes and no longer toggles recast timer.
- Defiler: Primordial Terror: Recast time increased to 45s from 30s. Overall break chance reduced to 30%.

Mage changes:
- Wizard, Warlock, Conjurer, Necromancer: Root Spells:
* Have 15% overall break chance instead of 20%
* Only process break chances when damage is received, not on any hostile act toward the target.
* Duration reduced.
- Wizard: Tongue Twist: Lowers Hate instead of dealing damage.
- Wizard: Boreal: Mesmerize effect on caster automatically breaks if target's mesmerize breaks early. Reduced mesmerization duration and power cost.
- Wizard: Ring of Cold: Has 20% chance of breaking when receiving damage.
- Wizard: Forge of Ro: Has a minute recast and no longer toggles recast timer.
- Wizard: Numbing Cold: Root proc cannot affect Epic Targets. Increased targets from 6 to 8. Added 5% break chance on Root effect.
- Wizard: Surge of Flames: Corrected bug in which procs did not consume a small amount of power.
- Wizard: Coldshield: Damage is attributed to the Wizard, but it does not generate any hate toward the Wizard.
- Warlock: Freeze: Reduced stun duration from 4 to 3 seconds. Power cost reduced.
- Warlock: Interference: Lowers hate with the encounter instead of dealing damage. Daze affects entire encounter.
- Warlock: Gas Cloud: Reduced stun duration to 1.5s. Lowered reuse timer from 15s to 9s.
- Warlock: Rift: Will not interfere with other Rifts if cast at the same time.
- Warlock: Dark Siphoning: Removed nil crystal component requirement. Reduced casting time to 3s.
- Warlock: Devastation: Removed stun component. DoT will properly stack with other Warlock Devastations.
- Warlock: Bony Grasp: Has 15% chance of breaking when receiving damage.
- Warlock: Curse of Darkness: Affects entire encounter.
- Warlock: Null Caress: Reduces Hate in AOE and increased radius. Removed stun component. Increased teleport radius. Epics unaffected by Teleport/Snare component. Lowered snare break chances.
- Warlock: Dark Infestation: Increased duration to 24 seconds. Increased proc chance of broodlings from 25% to 35%. Broodlings can only trigger once per Dark Infestation cast. Broodlings now cast on the runthey shouldn't stay at their owner's feet immediately after they are cast.
Reduced Broodling area effect damage. Broodlings continue to target the rest of the encounter after the primary target dies. Increased reuse timer to 45s.
- Summoner: Call Servant: Reduced Casting time from 5 to 2.5 seconds.
- Necromancer: Rat Swarm: Increased reuse time from 45 to 60s. Duration reduced to 45s on upgrades that were set to 60s.
- Necromancer: Ghastly Stench: Increased reuse time from 45 to 60s.
- Necromancer: Scout Pet: Reduced DPS auto-attack bonus.
- Necromancer: Scout Pet: Reduced Damage on some of their combat arts.
- Necromancer: Scout Pet: Acidity: Increased Reuse Timer to 90s.
- Necromancer: Fighter Pet: Graven Frenzy: Reduced damage.
- Necromancer: Aggression: Increased casting skill bonuses granted to pet.
- Necromancer: Fear: Recast time increased to 45s from 30s. Overall break chance reduced to 30%.
- Necromancer: Grasp: Lowered resistibility, reduced casting time to 1.5s, and increased reuse time to 45s.

- Necromancer: Heal Minion: Casting time reduced to 1 second. Increased overall heal amount and duration reduced to 6 seconds.
- Necromancer: Grisly Defense: Improved reactive heal component.
- Necromancer: Undead Tide: Increased corpse detection radius to 30 meters.
- Conjuror: Offering: Can only be cast on the caster's primary pet.
- Conjurer: Aqueous Stalkers: Increased reuse time from 45 to 60s.
- Conjurer: Roaring Flames: Increased reuse time from 45 to 60s.
- Conjurer: Scout Pet: Reduced DPS auto-attack bonus.
- Conjurer: Scout Pet: Reduced Damage on some of their combat arts.
- Conjurer: Scout Pet: Galestorm: Increased reuse timer to 90s.
- Conjurer: Fighter Pet: Telluric Pummel: Reduced damage.
- Conjurer: Agitate: Reduced Intelligence bonus granted to pet.
- Conjurer: Shattered Ground: Reduced Damage and power cost.
- Conjurer: Elemental Vestment: Reduced Damage. Lowered casting time to 2s from 3s.
- Conjuror: Heal Servant: Increased heal amount and power cost.
- Conjurer: Petrify: Lowered resistibility, increased reuse timer to 45s.
- Conjurer: Shattered Terrain: Increased casting time from 2s to 3s, Dazes but does not Stifle.
- Enchanter: Blink: Hate reduction amount grows with level.
- Coercer: Despotic Mind: Casting time reduced to 1.5 seconds. Power cost reduced.
- Coercer: Mind Bend: Restored stun duration to 4 seconds. Casting time reduced to 1.5 seconds. Reuse time increased to 30 seconds.
- Coercer: Terrible Awe and Illusionist: Phantasmal Splendor:
* Resistibility increased
* Casting time increased to 2s
* Reuse timer increased to 15s.
* Removed number of targets restriction for PvE.
* Removes target from area effects.
* Mesmerize effect can now affect Epic targets.
* Reduced amount of hate caused by Mesmerize.
- Coercer: Stupefy: Functions as a medium- long duration target are an effect Stun. Resistibility increased. Casting time set to 1.5s. Reuse time is 45s. Stun effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Coercer: Psychic Wail: Increased reuse to 45s. Stun effect can now affect Epic targets. Reduced duration to 5s.
- Coercer: Channel: No longer distributes power from dead players in the group. Damage reduced.
- Coercer: Ego Shock: Changed Root into target encounter Daze without a break chance. Reuse timer changed to 45s. Damage reduced. Daze effect will affect Epic targets. Casting Time is 2s.
- Coercer: Amnesia: Stun effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Coercer: Slumber: Mesmerize effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Coercer: Silence: Stifle effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Coercer: Medusa Gaze: Stun effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Coercer: Gloom: Lowered reuse time to 6 seconds. When spell expires, target receives additional damage if they have over 50% of their maximum power remaining.
- Coercer: Smirking Demeanor: Targets single ally and no longer has concentration cost.
- Coercer: Cerebral Shock: Damage increased.
- Coercer: Empathic Link: Also reduces hate gain if placed on non-fighter. No longer toggles, and now costs 1 concentration per ally.
- Illusionist: Bewilderment: Functions as a medium duration target area effect Stun. Resistibility increased. Reuse time is 30s. Removed number of targets restriction for PvE. Stun effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Illusionist: Illusory Allies: Reduced damage and health of summoned illusions.
- Illusionist: Headache: Changed Mez into Daze without a break chance. Reuse timer changed to 30s. Damage reduced. Daze effect will affect Epic targets. Casting Time is 1.5s.
- Illusionist: Sleep: Mesmerize effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Illusionist: Convincing Regalia: Mesmerize effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Illusionist: Overwhelming Silence: Stifle effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Illusionist: Confusion: Stun effect can now affect Epic targets.
- Illusionist: Color Shower: Casting time increased to 2.5 seconds. Reuse set at 45 seconds. Reduced duration to 10 seconds.
- Illusionist: Phase: Increased reuse time to 90 seconds. Almost completely wipes the enemy's currently hated target from their hate list. Blink component does not affect Epics, hate reduction does.
Increased resistibility. Increased range to 25m. Lowered blink radius to 35m.
- Illusionist: Sadness: Lowered reuse time to 6 seconds. Reduced power cost.
- Illusionist: Migraine: Increased damage.
- Illusionist: Devitalizing Stares: Increased powertap amounts.
- Illusionist: Intensity: Proc cannot be resisted. Proc also reduces hate. Proc will not trigger for Fighter classes or pets.

*** Achievements ***

- All players are granted a free achievements respecialization if they don't already have an available free one.
- Increased ranks in achievement have a smoother resistibility progression than before. This is noticeable for ranks 4, 6, and 8.
- All Achievements that provided increased casting speed with increased rank received a boost.

- Warrior: Belly Smash: Removed additional knockdown effect.
- Warrior: Perseverence: Fixed health gain, increased health returned.
- Brawler: Mantis Bolt: No longer triggers melee auto-attack.
- Brawler: Eagle's Fury: Reduced melee critical chance.
- Brawler: Eagle Spin: Added root effect to Hold Direction.
- Rogue: Walk the Plank: Added root effect to Hold Direction.
- Rogue: Avast Ye: Increased damage.
- Rogue: Abilities that have an empty offhand requirement also check that the primary weapon is not 2-handed.
- Rogue: Pick Pocket: Reduced Recovery time to 0.25 seconds. Increased coin rewards.
- Predator: Intoxication: Damage over time effect will now stack with other allies.
- Predator: Point Blank Shot: Reduced stun duration, Recast time lowered to 45s, damage decreased.
- Bard: Poison Concoction: Fixed proc percentages to 3% per rank.
- Bard: Round Bash: Upgrades affect the knockback stun duration. Increased damage.
- Bard: Shield Focus: Properly Roots bard in place, and grants knockdown immunity.
- Crusader: Lance: Damage over time effect will now stack with other allies.
- Crusader: Eidolic Axe: Hate buff is now hidden.
- Crusader: Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect works properly.
- Cleric: Hammer Smite: Upgrades affect the knockback stun duration.
- Cleric: Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect works properly.
- Shaman: Crippling Bash: Upgrades affect the knockback stun duration.
- Shaman: Leg Bite: Damage over time effect will now stack with other allies.
- Sorcerer: Static Shield: Extra block chance now works properly.
- Sorcerer: Manashield: Corrected amount of power that is drained when receiving damage.
- Summoner: Animist's Transference: Fixed health drain component on pet.
- Summoner: Shockwave: Upgrades affect the knockback stun duration.
- Summoner: Animist Bond: Corrected amount of power that is drained from the pet when they receive damage.
- Summoner: Possess Minion: Can only be cast on the caster's primary pet.
- Summoner: Implode: Can only be cast on the caster's primary pet.
- Enchanter: Sever Empathy: No longer causes spell procs.
- Enchanter: Daydream: No longer causes spell procs.

*** Art ***

- The harvestable book pages should now be a bit easier to spot, as they flutter in the wind.

*** User Interface ***

- In the spell effects window, non-beneficial spells will now be displayed before beneficial ones. This will allow you to quickly tell what negative effects you have on you by glancing at the first few icons in your effects bar.
- There is a new macro replacement: %c. This will be replaced with the name of the Icon your mouse is over. This will work on things like Effects, Maintained Effects, Inventory, Equipment, Macros, Hotkeys, Spells, Target Effects, and Implied Target Effects. Examples of usage:
* MACRO: /group I have (( %C )) please cure me!
* MACRO: /group %t has (( %C )) please cure %o!
- When you are offered a quest with a full quest journal, you will no longer get a dialog box indicating that. Instead, you will get the quest offer window, but the accept button will gray-out until you have deleted a quest.
- Items with a castable ability or ability when equipped will now show applicable durations in the examine info.
- Items that you cannot use due to level or skill will now show the proper values for their effects.
- There is now a "Mute All on Minimize" checkbox in the Sound tab of the Options menu.
- There are now options to "Show Third Party Damage" and "Combat Bubbles" in the User Interface tab of the Options menu.
- Lockout Timers window will now correctly sort by Time Left.
- The maintained spell and effect windows will no longer scroll with the mousewheel, potentially moving your spell off the visible space. Thanks, Actfive
- There is some new functionality with the Quest Helper window. Pressing Ctrl+, (comma) or Ctrl+. (period) will scroll forward and backward through recently selected quests. You can also use Alt+. (period) to cycle quests that were recently updated. UI modders, explore the new eq2ui_journals_active.xml file in order to integrate arrows, drop-downs, etc. into your creations.
- Some quests that were previously flagged Heroic in the journal are no longer designated as Heroic.
- Conversation bubbles will now appear in a better spot when Options -> User Interface -> Attach Conversation Bubble to NPC's head is unchecked.
- Lotto loot windows will no longer close on death, preventing a group member from rolling on those items.
- Shadows have been turned off in the Balanced performance profile.
- UI Modders: You now have access to the following dynamic game data: health regen, power regen, melee, ranged, heal and damage spell critical chances, and casting time properties.

*** UI Files Modified ***



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