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Where to join societies And get Books (ALL TOWNS) : EverQuest 2 General Discussions

Posted: January 5th, 2005, 9:34 am
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I found this on another website, EQ2-Artisan.com, I think it was. Just thought this would be helpful to everyone else out there.


Guide to the Tradeskill Instances
This list was provided by Ben, the artisan developer during EQ2 beta.

Nettleville Hovel
Wholesaler Structure-The Elusive Commonwealth
Craftsman Structure-The Artistic Endeavors
Outfitter Structure-The Nettleville Outfitters
Scholar Structure-The Tradewind Sages

Starcrest Commune
Wholesaler Structure-The Luminary Cache
Craftsman Structure-The Builder's Choice
Outfitter Structure-The Trident Society
Scholar Structure-The Counsel of Starcrest

Greystone Yard
Wholesaler Structure- The Stalwart Township
Craftsman Structure-The Oakcutters
Outfitter Structure- The Seventh Smith's Society
Scholar Structure-The Mind's Eyes

Castleview Hamlet
Wholesaler Structure- Charter of the Truthbringer
Scholar Structure-The Keepers of the Archive
Craftsman Structure- The Woodshapers Guild
Outfitter Structure- Marrs Outfitting

The Willow Wood
Wholesaler Structure- Wayfarer's Stockpilers
Outfitter Structure-Trueshot Outfitters
Scholar Structure- Arcane Arbor Society
Craftsman Structure- Nature's Bounty

The Baubleshire
Wholesaler Structure- The Deductive Directory
Outfitter Structure-The Tagglefoot Union
Scholar Structure- The Scriveners Society
Craftsman Structure- The Plane and Awl Guild

Big Bend
Wholesaler Structure- The Ransacker's Annex
Scholar Structure-The Wards of Greenblood
Craftsman Structure- Chomp, Smash Guuds!
Outfitter Structure- Eyes of the Overlord

Stonestair Byway
Wholesaler Structure- The Brokerage of Nepeta Cataria
Outfitter Structure-The Stonestair Masons Guild
Craftsman Structure- Laborer's of Luclin
Scholar Structure- Plagues of Paineel

Temple Street
Wholesaler Structure- The Circle of Vaniki
Craftsman Structure-The Architects Bureau
Scholar Structure- Explosive Discoveries
Outfitter Structure- The Silent Blade

Beggar's Court
Wholesaler Structure - The Ring of Wanderlust
Craftsman Structure - The Briny Brotherhood
Outfitter Structure - The Circle of the Cove
Scholar Structure - The Fellowship of Auxiliary Arcana

Longshadow Alley
Wholesaler Structure - The Dark Bargainers
Craftsman Structure - The Iron Grip
Outfitter Structure - The Eventide Hammer
Scholar Structure - The Heralds of K'Lorn

Scale Yard
Wholesaler Structure - The War Hagglers
Craftsman Structure - The Crimson Framers
Outfitter Structure - The Consortium of Scales
Scholar Structure - The Brood of the Lost Tongue

Anyone can join the Wholesaler structure. Only people of a certain tradeskill class can join the class structures.

You can join 1 Class and 1 Wholesaler structure on your character. The wholesaler instance will contain refined components, once the structure has reached a certain level. The benefits of going into the specialized structure is that you can gain a profit by completing recipes that net you experience at the same time.

The benefit of the Wholesaler structure is that you can sell back your harvested components that you might not use.

The instances will also have brokers, to help artisans purchase from other artisans without having to leave and track them down in their inns.

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Posted: January 5th, 2005, 9:07 pm

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You can also leave your society and join another one in a different zone. Just be sure to leave your current one first.

I suggest finding one that has the highest level so you can buy more ingredients from the vendors.

Use Search first, ask questions later!

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Posted: January 11th, 2005, 3:23 am

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Does that mean that i can purchase all the items for any tradeskill or just the one for that class as such ? ... besides the forresting, mining options.

So a lvl 3 atrisan can join what tradeskill class in Graystone yard atm ?

Greystone Yard
Wholesaler Structure- The Stalwart Township

this one per chance ?

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