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Poet's Palace access and level 57 master I : EverQuest 2 Nerfed Info

Posted: September 30th, 2005, 6:45 pm
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*will add some more locs if needed*

Pre Req Quests : The Master's Museum (best to have done oily wall quest in Living Tomb as well)
Access Quest : Be Careful what you wish for

Starts and finishes in the Shimmering Citadel.

The Masters Museum:
1) Speak to Kedar the Curator; he is located on right hand side of courtyards from coming up first elevator, where caretaker, librarian etc are on left.

2) When you speak to him, he has a long list of responses, if you are doing this as a group ensure you all ask either "who is the master" or "where is the master" as both questions lead to the same quest but with a different set of mobs.

3) Collect items:

Depending on what you chose you will have either set A or B to collect

A)From response "Where is the master"
Flawless pelt: Update from a "great sandstalker sabertooth" in Pillars of Flame
Cyprus needle: Harvested item found around either of the great trees at Ashen monks in Pillars of Flame, looks like a weed.
Impeccable Windsister headdress: Update from any of the Windsisters in Pillars of Flame.

B) From response "who is the master?"
goto POF
Giant Magi - self explanatory
Named d'jinn on top of pillar in SW corner of zone.
Sandscrawlers - goblin sandscrawler miners, from merc camp go out sergent door, hang right, some right there. Other sandscrawlers may work, we only killed 4 miners and got update.

4)Return to Kedar the Curator, he will hand you an adept I and some gold. He also hands you a book and a music box. Examine them. He has other quests, do them or do not :).

After completing The Masters Museum the caretaker will now talk to you.

1) Go Speak to the Caretaker, two guys next to her aren't linked, kill them.

2) Caretaker will ask you to deliver book to Librarian, which is just in the building opposite, if doing this as a group, which you should be cos you will have to fight Librarian ENSURE you all Hail at same time, or at least do not click first response until all have hailed.

3) Kill the Librarian. That was fun wasn't it. Tell me to shush, Ima l33t dirge, die bish.

4) Return to Caretaker.

5) Caretaker will now ask you to:

a) Obtain the pillow(bright red pillow, on the small side has name visible and can target with tab): Harvest 'a red pillow' in Maj'Dul.
This pillow can spawn in one of three locations, and will always be in one of them with a short respawn time between harvests.
Check merchants at zone in to Maj'Dul
Check merchants (fortune tellars) near zeke, and merchants at backpack(backpack on map) to be certain.
Check merchants near Court of truth, they are behind and below.

b) Obtain Mat (POF)(looks like a brown mat, something you'd never sit on) : This is the easy one, go back to monks on monkey island and check the area around both trees, has two spawn locations near left tree and one near right tree.
Same as pillow it will be in one of three locations with a short if any respawn time between harvests.

c) Obtain Egg (POF)(looks like 4 little eggs, tab will bring them up as target) : You must have uber group
(to kill all the cyclops) or have invis and be over level 50 non invis class get invis totem. The egg spawn locations are on Cyclops peak. Which is near the mercenary camp, the ramp up is in the solo scorpion area near zone boundary to SS.

First spawn location : Centre of bridge leading to ancients table.
Second spawn location: On crystal rock formation outside of door to ancients table.
Third spawn location: On a trio of rocks, best described as being near rock pillars with blue tarps, this is not near door to ancients table, I will obtain loc for this one.

It seems that the eggs are like a resource node and you can get a few harvests out of them before they despawn.

d) Obtain Chalice (Living Tomb) (looks like a large earthern jug/vase, larger than the normal and broken ones scattered everywhere) : There are three spawn locations for the chalice, it will always be in one of them.
First and Second locations are in the residents quatre aka 2nd courtyard.
First Spawn location; climb up oily wall (best if someone has done oily wall quest), hang right up small ramp its on the left near edge of platform.
Second Spawn location; either jump accross to aquaduct from oily wall platform or climb up non oily wall as if you were going to 3rd courtyard. On this platform, (still in residents quatre) to the right it spawns on a ledge (insert loc)
Third Spawn location; head to 4th quatre, or turning bridge quatre, the last one. Upon entering quatre theres a tower to your left, if you take left aquaduct you can access this fairly safely, theres a wall on the front of this tower and once you are on the wall you break all agro. On top of the tower in the front left corner is the spawn location.

6) Return to The Caretaker, Speak to caretaker

7) Enter Zone:Tower of the Moon:Infiltration in Maj'Dul. Only allows 1 to 2 people. Has two djinn bottles per instance, so you may need to do it twice if you both on same step and taking two people. No timer on zone. Casters see through invis. Mobs are solo content, level 56ish in groups of 1,2 and 3.

8) Return to The Caretaker
If group doin quest ensure all hail before clicking first response.
When you say "I refuse to be made the Master's toy", The Caretaker will attack you.

9) Kill The Caretaker ; now I ask SOE does every quest end in killing the poor bastard that gave it to you? Anyway, this mutha deserves it after making you run around like a blue assed fly.

10)Get reward, now the best bit, you have access to poets palace and you have a level 57 master I.

The End.

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Posted: October 25th, 2005, 12:11 pm

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senechal wrote:

10)Get reward, now the best bit, you have access to poets palace and you have a level 57 master I.

This was nerfed a week or so ago. I personally completed the quest a few days ago and you get a adept 1.

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Posted: October 25th, 2005, 4:47 pm
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oh that frickin sucks

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Posted: October 25th, 2005, 6:25 pm
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its been longer than a week, its been like 2 to 3 weeks thats nerfed but once u get access you can do the instance with a group an its a guranted master to 2 master drops a run. Lock out is 18 hours

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