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Copper Dupe : EverQuest 2 Premium Discussions

Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 6:03 am
delusion's Reps:
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I'm pretty sure i found a way to dupe copper. I need to test it. But if it does work. What should i do?

If i did figure out a way to dupe copper. It would take a lot to actually make a profit from this.

Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 6:23 am
loraik's Reps:
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If you leak it they will come.....


Posted: August 23rd, 2005, 2:29 pm
tault_discoduck's Reps:
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Thats a tough one. If it were anything bigger, I'd say without reservation, you have four choices:
  • Keep it to yourself, make as much coin as you can without getting caught (aka don't raise any flags) and enjoy until they fix it.
  • Sell it to a site that buys and sells coin. Ask for a substantial ammount upfront (at last a couple grand), and a percentage of revenue generated. Make damn sure you trust them, and don't tell them anything until you actualy get payment.
  • Post it here, (get your free premium acct. lol), and enjoy the warm fuzzyness of being a god. Of course, this will mean it will get fixed much much sooner, and theres a good chance you'd get swept up in the ensuing bannings (despite thier claims, they don't ban dupers by default: they only ban when things get out of control. Frankly, as bad as they claim duping is for the game, its better than the bad PR they get when a dupe goes public. Thats when they're forced to 'crack down', to appease the masses.)
  • Or simply report it directly to SOE, privately.

HOWEVER: were talking about copper here. IMHO the issue is how long it would take to do 1 'cycle'. Also, and this may sound trivial, but is there much moving around involved? If you can remain stationary, and can repeat it fairly quickly, then its as good as a plat dupe (100000000 copper is 100 plat...only alot heavier). Even if its only a small profit, there will be a macro made to use it, should you post it here. The choice is yours, just understand the ramifications: you keep all the profit, but also do all the work and take all the risk, vs. cashing out, but you risk getting ripped off, vs, fame and notoriety, but the dupe is fixed within days if not hours, and there will almost certainly be mass bannings, vs. doing 'the right thing' and feeling good about yourself, but not getting anything else out of the deal, and nobody will ever know how clever you are =]

If your thinking about option 2, IM me, having gone that route myself, I can put you in touch with the right people. FYI do NOT contact IGE/Yantis. I tried contacting them several times, indicating I was interested in being a supplier. No response. Finaly, I came out and told them in an e-mail 'look, I found a dupe- Im trying to sell either the dupe or coin to you, but this could be fixed any day, please let me know if your interested. I received a 'we don't deal with cheaters' response from them, and was suspended BY IP (the only way SOE could have connected my acct with the email) on the same day. At the time of the banning, there was NO evidence of having duped on any characters (it had been moved to other accounts, none of which were banned or ever talked to)...coincednece? I think not. In fact, IGE has come out and said that they would not knowingly buy duped plat, and would report it to SOE. I know that sounds unlikely, but after what I went through, I tend to belive them. Esp. since SOE never did actualy fully close my dupe, meaning they had no idea 'what' I was doing...just that I was doing somthing.

Posted: August 24th, 2005, 2:32 pm
tault_7earsrunred's Reps:
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1 Thing to Not Do is report it to SOE and ask for a reward. Man I !@#$%^&* myself over doing that. Early when the mailbox system came out you could dupe plat...by yourself and it was the easiest thing. I got myself a good ammount of money than asked for a dragon from SOE for reporting the exploit. I told them and BAM the servers went down so fast I almost pissed myself and when they came back up, it was nerfed. Still no response from SOE on my reward after months. !@#$%^&* em

Posted: August 24th, 2005, 2:41 pm
tault_discoduck's Reps:
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Did they take your duped coin? If not, and your account wasn't suspended or banned, I think I'd be happy... of course, if they deleted the duped coin, then I'd be a little miffed about not getting so much as a thank you from em...

Posted: August 24th, 2005, 2:43 pm
tault_7earsrunred's Reps:
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I had spent pretty much all of it on stuff, then I told them I accidentally found it but hadnt used it :P maybe they knew i was full of it

Posted: August 24th, 2005, 5:06 pm
tault_xenoith's Reps:
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If its one person dupeing then they wont ban you just give you a spanking or talking to but when it gets out of hand Like in SWG's then they will ban anyone that has/had any duped money Lets hope it does not go back to that SOE lots alot of customers that way, And lets face it...if you find a dupe keep the god damn thing to yourself or risk the nerf and/or the reporting if you get banned its because you were not good at hideing it or you told one to many people...and asking for a reward from SOE is like asking the devil to give you your soul back it just wont happen...trust me i should know..

Posted: August 24th, 2005, 5:09 pm
tault_xenoith's Reps:
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And FYI do not buy from IGE, you can find way way better places then that shithole, THey do report you to SOE directly, And you do know SOE has employees that have accounts on all the Exploit / guide sites so thats how they find out most stuff , No one really sits their and takes the time to report a bug thats takes to long. Just play the game when you come across serious exploits keep them to yourself , Or PM a Moderator / Admin of the boards and tell them directly.

Posted: August 25th, 2005, 4:34 am
myinek's Reps:
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IGE is fine. Between IGE and Mysupersales(now IGE also) i sold roughly $50,000 worth of EQ1 plat in a 9month period of time. My toon was never banned/suspended nor did GM's ever contact me about it.

Posted: August 25th, 2005, 10:56 am

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Well you can safely sell soon to us with no problems :)

Posted: August 25th, 2005, 1:27 pm
tault_xenoith's Reps:
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Ya but is that 50,000 Dollars real money? if so...did you dupe the money?

Posted: August 31st, 2005, 7:23 pm

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tault_supervious's Reps: 0
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I duped coper today by accident...not something probably repeatable....
I went into my house and received 490 copper....for harvest junk...
My house is in qeynos harbor...
I walked into a house that had visit access on it in Greystone Yard and I walked in and it gave me another 490 copper LOL

Dunno if it is repeatable...didn't try heh

Posted: September 1st, 2005, 7:35 pm
malar1's Reps:
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I believe there is a bug right now on the broker thats making mistakes on um...coin and stuff.Not sure if I want to say what I found or not.I'd be glad to answer an admin on this to maybe confirm it...please PM me so I can tell you.

Posted: September 2nd, 2005, 3:50 pm
krackajackfoo's Reps:
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I'm noticing that when I place something in my vault for sale, then log off... the items are not listed. Is this something new? No offline selling anymore? As soon as I log back on, I can see my vault items on the broker from my other account.

Posted: September 16th, 2005, 2:56 pm
lntox69's Reps:
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krackajackfoo wrote:
I'm noticing that when I place something in my vault for sale, then log off... the items are not listed. Is this something new? No offline selling anymore? As soon as I log back on, I can see my vault items on the broker from my other account.

I noticed this myself. I figured it out last night. You can only sell on one toon at a time. If toon A is selling then you log on to toon B and set up shop Toon A's items will automatically get de-listed. There is a message now that pops up when this happens but only in the chat window with systems messages turned on.

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