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EQ2 Crafter by WyvernX : EverQuest 2 Premium Discussions

Posted: February 23rd, 2008, 12:13 pm

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Ok, let me start by saying that I downloaded and started using this nice application a day or so before my subscription expired (unknowingly). Well, I've been a member for nearly 3 years now before tault and xunleashed joined together, and was appalled by the new subscription fees. I'm used to paying $25/yr. So, reluctantly, I resubscribed and decided if I was going to continue to pay a monthly subscription, I may as well make something out of it.

Story aside, I opened up the vbs source and poked around. There are several things I noticed that you wanted to add, but also asked for some assistance. I'd like to add a multiple queue for different items and possibly just add a feature that just makes one of each new item at each specific level to get the most of the bonus trade xp. I'd think that if the crafting window is locked, really all you have to do is make sure it's in a static position, get the x,y of the top crafting item and just subtract 50 from the y co-ords to make it select the one below it. Looking at the default UI crafting window, the co-ords used for the "ClickBegin" can also be used for a "ClickCreate" once a new craft item is selected.

Before I keep going on and on and become even more confusing, does any of what I'm saying make sense? It's extremely crude in layout and explanation, but I'm just laying out my general idea to see if I'm on the right track or if there's a much easier way to go about what I'd like to do.

Also, another side note. I'm a IT guru when it comes to most things. It's what I do for a living. While I understand most anything you can shoot my way, I don't have the background with VBS to really express what I'd like to. So bear with me. :P


Edited (because I thought of something else):
Another spiffy way to use a queue'd list of items is to make use of the search feature built into the crafting window itself. I know there's way to transfer dynamic text from a file into a window in EQ2. If the window is in a static x,y then it's assumable that we know where the search field is in the crafting window. Copy the text from "File", find x,y search field in EQ2, past text.

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Posted: February 23rd, 2008, 1:19 pm
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i use the crafter as well, it would be nice to see a que system/ support for multiple recipies =)

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Posted: February 23rd, 2008, 2:08 pm

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For others interested in helping make the additions, I do believe that this sub is where the changes need to be made.

@WyvernX - The code you have commented out for item rank and stats. Waiting to be implemented? What uses did you have in mind for the "Rank"?

bCrafting = false
Sub OnStartCraftingButton
   Dim tmpRepeatButton 'Used to determine when to click Repeat
   Dim emptyBuff ' No failures up
   Dim repeatButton 'Used to determine when to click Repeat
   Dim iCraftedCounter 'How many we have currently made

   Dim bCounterBuffUp
   bCounterBuffUp = false

   if (bCrafting = false) then
        MemoWrite "Crafting..."
        bCrafting = true

        'Click Begin Button
        FocusWindow EQ2Window 'Because I clicked...
        Log.DebugLog "Crafting has begun..."
        Sleep 1000
        ClickBegin 'Lets start crafting!!!       
        'ClickRepeat 'This is a safety just in case the window is left at a crafted item!

        StartCraftingButton.SetCaption "Stop Crafting"
        'Get some initial values for pixel colors
        emptyBuff = AssignBuffPixels(EQ2Window, CounterBuffX, CounterBuffY, 39)
        'Log.DebugLog "Empty is -> " & CStr(emptyBuff)
        repeatButton = AssignBuffPixels(EQ2Window, BeginX + RepeatX, BeginY + RepeatY, 39)
        detectedBuff = CLng(0)
        Do while bCrafting = true
            DebugLog ("Tick Counter = " & iTickCounter & " of " & iTicks)
            If (iTickCounter >= iTicks) Then
                DebugLog ("Check to see if item is done")
                'Test for the begin button to be highlighted
                tmpRepeatButton = AssignBuffPixels(EQ2Window, BeginX + RepeatX, BeginY + RepeatY, 39)
                If (repeatButton <tmpRepeatButton> 9999) Then iCraftedCounter = 9999
                    MemoWrite "Total Items Crafted:  " & CStr(iCraftedCounter) & " of " & CStr(iMaxCraftLoops)
                    'Get Rank of Item created:
                    DebugLog ("GetRank of item?")
     '               If (scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank4.x, pRank4.Y) <> scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank4.x, pRank4.Y + 4)) Then
  '                      iRank4Counter = iRank4Counter + 1
   '                 ElseIf (scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank3.x, pRank3.Y) <> scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank3.x, pRank3.Y + 4)) Then
    '                    iRank3Counter = iRank3Counter + 1
     '               ElseIf (scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank2.x, pRank2.Y) <> scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank2.x, pRank2.Y + 4)) Then
      '                  iRank2Counter = iRank2Counter + 1
           '         ElseIf (scriptHost.GetPixelColor(pRank1.x, pRank1.Y) <scriptHost>= iMaxCraftLoops) Then
                        DebugLog ("Crafting Counter Reached, stopping with " & iCraftedCounter & " of " & iMaxCraftLoops)
                        MemoWrite "Stop: Max Items Reached"
                        bCrafting = false
                        ClickRepeat 'Should I press Repeat?
                        ClickBegin 'Should I press Begin?
                     End If
                     DebugLog ("Finished Item done...")
                End If
            End If

            bCounterBuff = DetectCounterBuffs(EQ2Window, CounterBuffX, CounterBuffY, 39, emptyBuff, detectedBuff)
            iTickCounter = iTickCounter + 1
            If (iTickCounter > iTicks) Then iTickCounter = 1
            If (bResting) Then
                Sleep 1000
'                TestHealthCheck ' Should I wait for full power?
'                TestPowerCheck ' Should I wait for full health?
'                EQ2.txtStatus2.Text = "Resting:  Waiting for full health and/or power. . ." & Now
            ElseIf (bPaused) Then
'                Sleep 1000
'                EQ2.bBuffDetected = False 'Bad detection if this was true, just to be safe
'                EQ2.txtStatus2.Text = "Paused:  Move mouse back to circle to unpause. . ." & Now
                Sleep 1000
'                EQ2.txtStatus2.Text = "Crafting. . ." & Now
            End If

    End If
    bCrafting = false
    MemoWrite "Stopped Crafting...  Ready."
    StartCraftingButton.SetCaption "Start Crafting"

End Sub

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Posted: February 23rd, 2008, 3:03 pm

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The rank and other things were a left over from the xu version of the script. Way back it would read the rank of the item being crafted to tell if it was a prestine, or crude, etc. And dump out those statistics.

Use Search first, ask questions later!

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