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INI file found??? : EverQuest 2 Premium Discussions

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 6:45 pm
roopyroo's Reps:
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Hi guys,

When I try to use the bot it it says ini file found and states the directory, but then nothing happens. the yellow writing stays on my screen and im unable to iteract with the dialogue box. I have personolised the ini file etc according to the readme file.

I think I might need to turn off the packet sniffer, ive browsed the forum for 2 solid nights looking for it but no luck:( It isnt listed in my plugins list.

please someone help as ive spent 2 nights on my evenings off to browse the forums for the solution *sobs*

MaxWayPoints = 2
ReDim Waypoints(MaxWaypoints, 4)
waypoints(0, 0) = tcx
waypoints(0, 1) = tcy
waypoints(0, 2) = MaxWander
waypoints(0, 3) = WaypointStopMode2

waypoints(1, 0) = tcx + 0.01
waypoints(1, 1) = tcy + 0.01
waypoints(1, 2) = MaxWander
waypoints(1, 3) = WaypointStopMode2

UseWayPoints = True
oDebug.PrintLog "UseWayPoints: False", 1
End if
end if
oDebug.PrintSectionEnd "Processing Zone Section", 1
end sub

12/17/05 02:21:38 AM Attempting to free up all allocated memory.
12/17/05 02:21:38 AM Stopping Plugins. . .
12/17/05 02:21:38 AM Looking for 3rd Party Service for services\EQ2Service.Service
12/17/05 02:21:39 AM SCRIPT ERROR: Variable is undefined: 'getplayername'
Src: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Line:48 Error:0 Scode:800a01f4
12/17/05 02:21:39 AM Failed to Parse the Script. Check it for errors.
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Stopping Plugins. . .
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Stopping Services. . .
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM CXUWinInput::Terminate()
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Exiting XUnleashed. . .
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Unlocking client
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Releasing XUnleashed DX9 BackBuffers.
12/17/05 02:23:17 AM Released XUnleashed DX9 BackBuffers.

this is the error im getting, I hope this helps.

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