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NERFED exploit, but the concept is promising. : EverQuest 2 Premium Discussions

Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 1:45 am
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Okay - with the patch the other day that allowed artisans to sell back items crafted at cost had a few.. *ahem* 'quirks'. These 'quirks' were quite nice for all of the 3 hours they lasted.
Here is the process that I used:
1) Pick a Tier 2 recipe that is stackable
2) Make a crude combine of said recipe using T5 fuel (fuel cost ~10sp)
3) Finish up the stack with T2 fuels
4) Unstack using ctrl+drag to make more stacks of 1
5) Continue making items using the T2 fuel

Now, read over the above very carefully, and you'll probably see what the exploit was... wait for it... wait for it...
You were able to sell back every item in every stack as if YOUR cost had been 9s20cp. Hmm - for some recipes such as quills, this adds up quite fast. Buy lumber from merchant, buy stroma from merchant, buy fuel from merchant, and love life.
Cost for fuel: 12cp
Cost for stroma: 7cp
Cost for wood: 12cp
Look on SOE's face when they realize you just made a 9sp 20cp profit on each and every crude combine: PRICELESS

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Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 5:49 am
tault_grakun's Reps:
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I'm not home right now, so I can't check. What did they change to nerf this?

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Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 9:53 am
tault_akanon's Reps:
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The nerf is rather simple. If you add an item to a stack, it compares the value on the stack with the value on the item and assigns the lesser of the two to the stack's value.
I'm certain that there is still some way to take advantage of this. Writs dont work (I was thinking 20% profit on the more expensive fuels, but apparently the rewards are fixed), but I know that many exploits that are nerfed have other exploits hidden 'under their skin' as it were.

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Posted: February 22nd, 2005, 1:15 pm

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Wow nice, hrm, so you can effectively change a crafted material's price to a LOWER price now. What can we make of that....

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