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The old 'escaping agro' exploit. : EverQuest 2 Premium Discussions

Posted: June 1st, 2005, 10:58 pm
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It may still work in a very limited form depending on the zone layout: in the situation I encountered, I did manage to 'push' the mobs away from me about 1/2 the time, but they failed to either break aggro or fall throught the world as they did before. But this was in Nek forsest, on top of the big staircase (Marr ascent?) so I had additional issues with mobs below me who had just be trained away agroing me verticaly. However, it may still work somwhat in smaller indoor type zones. ie. I've taken 4 characters at least part of the way through the betrayal quest from Freeport to Qeynos trying to nail down another (completely unrelated and as of yet unworking) exploit. In the step where you have to go in and face Lucan, you have 3 guards you have to kill. The first 2 are grouped, and the 3rd is a named. Now, I don't know about you, but in my experience, I'd rather take on an orange con single mob than 2 blue mobs any day of the week. Propperly twinked, I could solo the named mob even if he was orange. But 2 grouped orange mobs were just too much. I tried using this (sucessfuly, back then) to 'kill' all 3 guards, but then you can't go through the door (you have to kill the guards to get the update that unlocks the door). However, you only have to kill the named. So I found that it was far easier to use this to ditch the 2 grouped guards at the door, and then just take down the named as quickly as possible. I don't currently have a toon in the appropriate level range to test it, but it wouldn't suprise me if you could still cause the mobs in a very small zone like this one to fall off the world using this trick. But in a larger zone, you will go linkdead before you can keep the game frozen long enough to ditch the mobs. And like I said, this has been on every site for months, not just this one, and was reaching the level of 'common knowledge' that the superjump exploit used before it was fixed. (as a side note, this exploit was caused directly by the superjump fix lol- it all has to do with serverside vs client side prediction, and which takes precedence when they get out of synch. They gave the server priority in order to fix superjumping, but that meant that it caused the mobs to continue following your last known heading and speed. However, in order to fix superjumping, they made it so regardless of what the prediction data says, you are returned to your last known location, at the lowest point, when the two resynch. This also explains the 'no falling damage' exploit. If your in the air when you loose synch, your now back on the ground when you resynch. So no more superjumping, but you can reverse the exploit to allow you to fall great distances without taking damage (timing is critical, however- if you fall too far before locking the game so it begins calculating falling damage, your dead).

Naz, feel free to edit this if I gave away anything you don't want shown here. [Moved to, well, here. :wink: -Nazeroth]
And sorry about the lack of line breaks =]

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