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A Guide to Soloing in Feerrott : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: July 12th, 2005, 12:10 pm
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OK, all of us know the feeling of not being able to find a group at one time or another. Unless of course your a healer, but then you wouldn't be reading this guide. :)
Anyway, in my high 30s-low 40s as a Ranger I found a excellent spot to solo xp while waiting for a CT group to pick me up. That being the area just inside the entrance to Feerrott. The first thing you should do is stock up on decent drink/food. Also if you're a scout get penty of arrows (Rangers big time) and a couple of good poisons. As scouts we do low damage from the front so poisons give a big boost when soloing. Try a high upfront damage poison coupled with a poison that does high damage dot with a low upfront damage hit.
Now as you enter Feerrott take a right after the tunnel and head into the camp of NPCs. Talk to them and quickly pick up all the little quests. You can complete these as you solo for a nice boost of xp and some gold. Now you'll see several groups of lizards around this area. They are mostly lvl 36-38 in groups of four. These encounters are part of SOE's new "small group" stuff, but its great stuff to solo. If you are a Ranger, get a long bow and pull from your max range. First shoot off a Sniping Shot then a Triple followed by Flaming Shot as you run backwards a bit. (But watch out for agro from behind!) All this will usually knocks out one of the mobs before they even get a chance to touch you. Scouts in general, make sure you buff up your AGI. If the stuff is green/blue to you many times they can't even hit you if your AGI is high enough and that means much less downtime between fights. And remember your HOs!! These can help your DPS a lot! If you run out of power during a fight you can complete a HO with several of your grey abilities, these are so old to you that they take an such a small amount of power now that you will barely even touch your power bar. Once completed, a HO completed with grey abilities still hits for about 150 damage. If you don’t have the power even to use these then you better start praying that you have a PGT and that it procs soon. =)
Once your too high level for the lizards go a little farer into the Feerrott and fight around the lizard man camp. (mostly lvls 38-40) Now this stuff as well as being pretty nice xp drops quite a few chests and more quests for you to complete. Most of these drop quests are for solo mobs around this area so you should have no trouble completeing them without any help for a bit more xp on the side. :P Hey, what do you know, maybe if your REALLY lucky you'll find a tattered robe off one of them. :wink:
When soloing this stuff having a imbued BP and the PGT helps a LOT. The imbued BP has a nice little proc that heals you for a bit and the PGT not only wards you against 563 points of damage every time it procs but also increase your STR by 20 and your power by 250.
After reading through that I realized that I should have called this A Guide for Soloing in Feerrott for Scouts. lol
Anyway, feel free to point out any mistakes you see. I don't claim to be the ultimate solo master but this has worked for me so far.

Thank you for reading. :D

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Posted: July 13th, 2005, 12:06 am

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I dunno if this is a little harsh but its seems to me like pretty damn basic info. This might have been an ok guide for a noob area but this is Feerrott! If you can get in there and still not know the things you have pointed out then your obviously going to need to read a lot bigger guide.
I personally don't think this is worth prem access, unless anyone else found this useful?

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Posted: July 13th, 2005, 6:03 am

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Worth Prem access... sorry but no...

A decent guide maybe for a scout new to the zone, yea i think its some what informative. I give him an "A" for effort.

But not free access yet

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