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Posted: March 28th, 2009, 1:20 pm

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First of this should only be performed by a Conjuror class or classes with spell casting pet can also do this it's just harder to maintain!!

i used to do this a lot back in my old eq 1 days as a mage ! i whould summon my fire pet root him in place so that he still attacks any way it can <casting> but never moves from that spot i on the other hand would be/stay directly across from the pet 5 yeards away i whould cast a spell attract a mob just before it reachs me tell pet to attack drawing the mobs attention, then damaging mob again just before it get to pet to get it's attention and repeat cycles over and over nor me or pet whould get any damage mob would be dead !

eq2 it's almost the same thou the spells have changed it could still be done !
what you do is place pet in a spot you like <close> make sure pet is guarding/rooted in place make sure you have the fire pet anti-aggro AA spell on hand and you have the tso's shadow AA nuke/anti-aggro spell on hand as well <placed next to the fire pets aa anti-aggro spell: i think it's called magic leash any item you have with anti-aggro proc makes it all the easyer main thing to note is TIMING!!
you pull the mob run back to the spot < across from fire pet at 5 yeards
cast dots, debuffs ect but not too many as your gonna have the fire pet cast spells and snag the mobs attention just as the mob is at your door !! just as mob loses interest in you and go's for your caster pet in this case my fire pet i begin to cast spells to grab his attention back !! now those AA Anti-aggro spells you get 1 for the pet and one for your self are also important if by some chance you mess up the beat you can use them to drastically alter who as aggro and when ! and even more so 2nd back up ROOT !! you can also root the mob til ether you or pet have built up anuff aggro to get the mobs attention and basicly reset ping-pong effect and start again < note there in a new AGGRO meter gonig into game soon shows you in % percentage how much aggro your building up/ or losing which will also make CONJA-pong easyer to do i see as a blessing considering i lost use of my left hand in a accident

looks like this in short you pull mob and run back to your pet, as the mob is just about you reach you, pet casts and draws mobs attention doing damage upto the point just reachs your pet you cast and draw aggro back ! limit what you as as not to build up too much aggro as the mob reach you have pet cast again and keep the pattern going this mobs dies important things to remember are these:

(1)anti-aggro gear helps !
(2) max distance you and your pet give you more time think cast til it reaches you
(3) magic leash AA for your pet to force mob to lose interest in pet
(4) Tso AA nuke/ anti-aggro force mob to lose interest in you go for the pet

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Posted: March 29th, 2009, 12:51 am

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Much easier to simply use the fighter pet. This way offers far too much risk and effort without actually providing any benefit.

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Posted: March 29th, 2009, 7:48 pm

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It's a great idea.. (and far more fun with two real people) but not an exploit or unknown knowlege. thank you for your detailed write-up however!

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