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[CLOSED] GUide i discoverd Amorquests 1-19 : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: June 29th, 2006, 12:40 pm

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http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.php?m ... y&ceid=887

Freeport Armor Quest Guide
Levels 1-19

Starting out in Freeport, with not a gold to your name can be tough. So many places to see, so many mobs to kill, but you're still equipped in that very noobish armor that you picked up from the isle! Save your coin my friends, and enjoy the wonders of questing for armor! Along with getting to know the areas that you will be sent to, making very nice experience, you can get some pretty good gear that will last you until you actually have coin to spend (or until you can get going on the level 20+ armor quests).

Having rolled a few alts in my time, I've managed to gather up quite a bit of information on these quests, and I've compiled them in this nifty little armor quest guide that will hopefully send any character you play in Freeport, out into the world, geared for the trials and tribulations of life in Norrath.

The Sunken City

"A Flowing Conversation" - Level 6 Solo. This quest is the first in a series of quests given by the faction "The Dismal Rage". You will speak with Inquisitor Thorson on the dock to get the quest. Each quest in the series is quick and easy, and rewards you with coin, experience, and faction, eventually leading up to the final quest that rewards you with your choice of gear. I'll list each one in order. For this one, simply speak to Saydith Yarr located north of the docks.

* "Spirits of the Night" - Slay 4 undead for Inquisitor Thorson. The undead spawn everywhere in the Sunken City at nightfall.
* "Cataloging Local Critters" - Use your catalog ability to catalog "a rust monster", "a small rust monster", "a brine sifter", and "a small scorpion".
* "Finding the Investigator" - Inquisitor Thorson asks you to report to Investigator Curfeld (loc +100, 0, +60).
* "Taking Back from the Blackshields" - Curfeld asks for you to retrieve his stolen research from the Blackshields, found in a barrel (loc +38, +1, -19).
* "Finding the Shrine" -Curfeld asks for you to visit the Shrine of Prexus (loc +7, 0, -53).
* "Back to the Inquisitor" - Curfeld sends you back to Inquisitor Thorson.
* "Time to Stop a Madman" - Inquisitor Thorson asks for you to kill Investigator Curfeld. After this quest, Thorson sends you to the Ruins to continue another series of quests. Reward for completing the series of quests is your choice of a ring, a symbol, a baton, or a dagger.
* "Searching for the Ruins" - Thorson sends you off to the Ruins and Captian Arellius to continue onto another series of quests.

The Ruins

"Reporting for Duty" - Level 8 Solo. This start a series of quests in The Ruins that gives you Experience, Coin, Faction, along with nice armor pieces. Speak with Captian Arellius, and she will send you to Lieutenant Argosian located just west of the docks. As with the Sunken City quests, I will list each one in order.

* "Pawns in the Game" - Lieutenant Argosian asks you to slay 10 Brokentusk Pawns.
* "Pounding the Enemy" - Lieutenant Argosian asks you to slay 5 Brokentusk Guards, 5 Brokentusk Warriors, and the Overseer (loc -148, -2, +24)
* "Prophet and Loss" - Argosian asks you to slay 4 Brokentusk Prophets, 4 Brokentusk Warriors, and visit the Forgotten Shrine of Shoreside (loc -66, -1, +64). The mobs are found around the shrine.
* "Requesting Further Orders" - Argosian sends you back to Captian Arellius. At this point you will score your armor piece. Reward: Your choice of breastplate, leg pieces, or footwear. The quest series continues for Experience, Faction, and Coin.

East Freeport

"Typhoeus's Blackmail" - Level 11 Solo. Speak with Sergeant Typhoeus, located on the East Freeport docks. He asks you to gather 25 pieces of tattered armor from ghostly orcs in the Siege Lands ruins found just outside the Graveyard gate. Reward: chain, leather, or cloth bracers.

South Freeport

"Speckled Rattler Profit" - Level 10 Solo. Clodia Laeca (loc -220, -56, +156) asks you to slay 10 speckled rattlers. These spawn just outside the West Freeport gates. Reward: speckled snakeskin belt.

North Freeport

"Key to Fallen Gate" - Level 16 Heroic. This is an access quest to Fallen Gate, which is no longer needed to enter the Fallen Gate, but this still gives an pretty good armor piece. This quest starts with Kanos X'aphon (+16, -20, -223). He first sends you off to speak with Tundis N'oxyle (loc +1487, -38, -390) in the Commonlands. Tundis will send you to collect 5 stones from the sandstone giants roaming around the area. You will then return to Tundis, who will send you back to Kanos. At this point, Kanos will immediately zone you into an instance. Kill the mob leader and guards and you are done! Speak with Kanos again to receive your reward. Reward: Your choice of headgear.

"Dismal Tidings" - Level 12 Solo. This quest starts with Consternator Soulinus (loc -74,-8,-162) found inside the Temple of War. He sends you out to check out the cemetery (loc +164, -48, -237) in the Commonlands. Return to the Consternator to complete the quest. Reward: Your choice of forearm piece.

"The Mariner's Rhyme" - Level 11 Solo. Augurer Valgus (loc -83.4,-8.93,-164) found inside the Temple of War, asks you to go find and speak to Javvy. Javvy is found inside a pub in East Freeport (loc -245, -55, -14), talk to him and return to Valgus to complete the quest. Reward: Your choice of earring or secondary item.

"The Mouth of Evil" - Level 12 Solo. This quest opens up after you've completed "Dismal Tidings". Speak with Consternator Soulinus (loc -74,-8,-162) located inside the Temple of War. He will send you out to the Wailing Caves entrance (loc -202, -43, -911). Once you get the update, return to Soulinus to complete the quest. Reward: Sash of the Obedient (a waist piece).

West Freeport

"The Hunt for Ohrgran Foulgore" - Level 15 Heroic. Lieutenant Darrius (loc +136, -15, +114) asks you to slay Ohrgran Foulgore located south of the main gates of Freeport (loc -1220, -48, +607) Reward: threadbare sash.

"In Search of Spiritkeepers" - Level 17 Heroic. Lieutenant Darrius (loc +136, -15, +114) asks you to go into the Wailing Caves and slay 5 spiritkeepers (loc -160.36,-55.55,-29) These are deep inside Wailing Caves beyond the advisor. Return to Darrius to complete the quest. Reward: bracelet.

Beggar's Court

"99 Bottles of Beer in my Hand" - Level 6 Solo. Hail Festus Septimus, he asks that you collect sand from the brine sifters in the Sunken City. Reward: glass bangle.

"Free Wares for Silentblade" - Level 8 Solo Armsdealer Silentblade asks for you to gather 10 maces from the undead battle priests found in the Graveyard. Reward: Your choice of shield.

"Joining the Gang" - Level 10 Solo. Manius Galla ask you to go into the Sunken City and kill 10 Blackshield raiders. Reward: Earring.

"Marcus Cantarius's Monumental Hatred" - Level 17 Solo. Marcus Cantarius asks that you travel into the Commonlands and slay 20 Dervish thugs. Reward: Your choice of shoulder piece.

Big Bend

"Skins for Skagga" - Level 7 Solo. Skagga needs a large swath of zombie skin, this will drop off of the zombies in the Graveyard. You'll have to kill several before you get the update. Reward: Your choice of shoulder piece.

"The Captive's Information" - Level 17 Solo. Speak with Vakiza Skinner (you'll need the Ykeshian language). Vakiza asks you to first 12 tortured souls in the Commonlands. These spawn outside the Tower of Zarvonn (loc +906, -43, -518). Once this task is completed, return to Vakiza, she will then ask you to kill 5 sandstone giants, found in the maze outside of the Fallen Gate (loc +1487, -38, -390). Return to Vakiza to complete quest. Reward: Your choice of headgear.

Longshadow Alley

"The Missing Book" - Level 7 Solo. Lotni K'iria sends you to find a thief. The thief is a Ratonga found in Temple Street named Chrna. Get the confession from Chrna then return to Lotni. Reward: You choice of gloves.

"The Stolen Artifacts of Thex" - Level 10 Solo. Speak with Kylanith D'Lar (must speak Thexian). She will ask you to locate 5 Thex artifacts. These are all found in Big Bend and change up locations, but they are large and pretty easy to spot. Return to Kylanith, and she will ask you to find one more (loc +1, 0, +12) located in the Graveyard. Return to Kylanith for your reward. Reward: Dreadguard belt.

"The Truth is Out There" - Level 5 Solo. Captain L'Nek asks you to speak with Imnat. Inmat is found near the courtyard within Longshadow Alley. Reward: Your choice of headpiece.

Scale Yard

"Bring Out Your Souls" - Level 9 Solo. Speak with Zekvila Dizelk. She will ask you to kill 10 undead knights in the Graveyard. Reward: Your choice of forearm piece.

"Ending the Fury" - Level 11 Heroic. Speak with Dunn Coldbrow found in the tavern (must have Halasian language). He asks you to kill 5 Darkblade furies found in Thieves Way. Reward: Your choice of leggings.

Stonestair Byway

"Easy Acceptance" - Level 10 Solo. Speak with Lirosi, found in the tavern, after completing "The Contest" quest. He asks you to retrieve a mantle from the vagrant squatters in the Ruins. Reward: Shoulder item.

Temple Street

"Improving the Design" - Level 6 Solo. After completing the quest "Teeth for Sparzit", Sparzit Cogsnibble asks you to slay 10 undead pikemen in the Graveyard. Reward: Your choice of various armor pieces.

Thought i would share the info Premium would be ncie if it qualifys

Posted: July 4th, 2006, 1:43 pm

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Great Guide !

Posted: July 4th, 2006, 6:59 pm
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Wait so by "guide i discovered" are you saying this isn't yours? and if it isn't give a link to where you got it.

Yay or nay?

Posted: July 6th, 2006, 10:23 am
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Posted: September 3rd, 2006, 9:32 am
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The URL is at the top of his post.

Posted: September 3rd, 2006, 12:39 pm
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going to say Nay he/she didnt write it they just cut and paste NAY

Posted: September 4th, 2006, 2:26 am

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This is a Copy and Paste job.

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