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Raising your Focus and other stats fast....with ppl who p/l. : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: September 17th, 2006, 6:50 pm
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I've looked through some of the forums and haven't found anything on this yet. Not sure if this is worthy of premium or not but I'll give it a go :)

While out harvesting in Nek tonight I noticed something that hit me odd and had to try it again...I am one of those people who power leveled my character/s and the one thing that hurts when you do that,is your stats are way down, and at level 57 my focus was 200/288. The last one I usually have a hard time raising.

But when I acidently ran across one of those annoying flowers that hit you with poison havesting a node my focus started to climb and it climb rather quickly but it has to be the one that reduces power over time usually lasts about 10 secs. But in that 10 secs and a few other tries I had almost maxed my focus out.

The way to raise your stats if you p/led usually from collections or from a group of friends helping is to head out to TS,get yourself a healer and head over to the fields where that big group of beetles are roaming and that group of gnolls.

In a very short time you can raise your stats fast just have your healer heal you while you fight and let everything beat on you...and if you can't raise your focus in Nek like I explained above just equip a Hex Doll in your hotbar and just keep trying to cast it while the mobs are beating on you....

This all works well and keeps you from having to spend alot of time trying to max out your stats.

So like I said,not sure if this was worthy of premium or not...could just be helpful info...but either way let me know what you think :)

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Posted: September 18th, 2006, 2:49 am
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http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/vi ... hp?t=38276

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Posted: September 18th, 2006, 8:18 am
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Heh,didn't see that one about the focus sorry about that...but as for the others it is very helpful :)

omg...just read a little further and just noticed it was right under mine...that's what I get for not reading all the way through his post :p

And no...I wasn't trying to copy either...just someone beat me to it a little faster.Oh well.

As for the above mentioned in my post it is really a nice way to raise your def. parry and other skills by what I was explaining :)

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