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Simple tradeskill macro, etc : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: July 20th, 2005, 6:25 pm
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Ok, so, you want to make some decent money. Tradeskilling seems like it could be profitable, but you're not sure how to 'break into it', per se. Through a simple AC Tool macro, you too can be making buckets of stuff overnight, and getting tradeskill exp to boot! I find it best to make the compoments - temper, resin, wash, or oil. Crude sells for the best price to NPC, but all usually sell well on the broker.

Into AC tool, paste the following lines of code, line for line.

While 1=1
Delay 1000

Delay 500
Delay 500

Now, make sure your tradeskill window is locked in a position. move AC Tool onto the other half of the screen, so you can see both. With AC Tool still selected, place your mouse on the left side of the Begin button for a recipe (just select any one). Press Ctrl+M, and your mouse position will appear in the blank space int he macro. Delete the extra space that appears.

Just buy your components, settle down, and macro!

Now, personally, I've improved a bit upon this, but it requires you to have a guild of level 10 (or whatever the level required is for buying crude crafting tables for your house). Then, you can go macro components in your room. This helps you twofold. First is the avoided curiosity of people who see you tradeskilling a lot, and probably missing buffs. Second, however, you then have to make crude components. Now, at t3, each crude component (Eolith Temper, etc) sells to most merchants for 2s31c. By buying raws off the market (on my server, I can usually get plenty of stacks for cheap), I can make at least a 1s profit per comp made. 20s per stack. I typically make 20-40 stacks per night. Cha-ching, my friend. The money increases greatly with each tier. I know that the t4 components sell to NPCs for around 5s apiece.

Easy money, and you get tradeskill exp, so you can go make the fun and useful stuff!

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Posted: July 21st, 2005, 12:26 am

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sorry, we have several immencely more complicated and detailed macros than this.

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