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Solo/Small group xp + easy quest guide. : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: August 14th, 2005, 12:16 pm
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Where to solo/small group Qeynos 1-50

I wrote this up as much for me as for everyone else, though I'm not sure if something such as this has already been submitted. I was looking for places to go on my main and alts that I would be able to solo or duo and quests that I could do to boost my xp and loot a bit. The first few zones are mostly for Qeynos residents, though I'm sure that Freeport has very similar zones where quests and such would be easy to discover. This also has some repeatable quests you might not be aware of which adds to your xp and gold income for mobs you would probably be killing anyway.

The Isle of Refuge
Do the armor quests on the Isle for your gear and xp, you'll hit 5 or 6 in no time.

Forest Ruins
Once you're done with the citezenship quest, go to the forest ruins and get the quest from Sergeant at Arms Uthros, it's a repeatable quest that gives just over 1s each time it is done. This will get you through level 9.

Get the quest from Knight-Lieutenant Alesso called Civil Service, you'll be asked to kill 10 Rats, Beetles and Snakes each time, these can be easily soloed. This also gives 9s or so everytime done and lasts until you hit 15. Note: make sure you also grab the quest from the farmer for the same beetles you're killing for the civil service quest, though you can only do this one once.

There are several history books available in the Mage Tower in South Qeynos that can be done very easily with two or three people and give excellent xp for the mobs and the quest completion. I suggest these be done 15+ or so.

Vermin's Snye
There are books from the Mages tower that can be completed in the Vermine's Snye, this is a good place for 15+ as well.

Valley of the Rogue Magi
This zone is in the Commonlands, which means a dangerous run through Nektulos forest, but can be well worth it. The zone does require an access quest called The Secret Valley, and can be found here: http://eq2.ogaming.com/db/quests/TheSecretValley.php
This zone has reciently had a timer added for reentry but, its only half an hour or so, and time can be easily passed in the commonlands or in Nektulos forest while you wait. It has some great gear for the level.
I suggest starting about level 17 and can last up through about 20 or so.

Sir Valinayle gives a series of quests that provide you with good xp and, if you do them all, a great bow you can use or sell. Stormhold can be used for the quests and xp well into the 20s. Soloing can be somewhat difficult, but duoing/trioing here gives great xp. Make sure to pick up the leech quest at the end of the main hall, you'll be killing these anyway and gives a choice of nice items.

Thundering Steppes
The first quest that should be done is the quests that give you bridge access so you don't have to run all the way around at night. You will need to get the barbarian language basics book, but if you don't have it you should just pick up all of them, they can be found in each of the home towns. All you have to do the gain the access is talk to the barbarian on the bridge and do 3 of his quests. After this do the Far Seas Requisitions found on the docks. Another series of quests you can do is from Jacques, he has a four part quest and there is another two step quest you can do after the first one is done. There's also the Lore and Legend books to be had and completed for giants and centaurs in this zone. Another good series of quests to do is from the Watcher of the Fields, they give fairly good items for the level and most are fairly easy to complete. Giants and gnolls are also excellent xp for this zone, and quests for these can be found from the rock just on the giant side of deadview pass, this is for goliaths, while chief derrog, near the gnoll bridge by the Splitpaw entrace will give you a quest for gnolls.
Also don't forget about your armor quests, armor and xp.

There are several quests you can get on the docks and in the small fort area before actually venturing out into the zone, one that should especially be stopped by is Hammer. He gives several quests and you recieve Emerald Hide pieces for completeing them, these can provide quite nice upgrades. Division Supplier Gaertarn gives a series of quests that are fairly easy to complete, though it should be noted that you will need your harvesting skills up to par with the zone (140) in order to complete them.

Enchanted Lands
There are of course the Far Seas Requisitions to do in EL, but other than that I am unfamiliar with the zone. In the north however, on the beach, there are sirens which drop the Enchanted Thicket woven gear, very good strength, stamina and agi gear for those that can wear it, though it all lacks power. These can be soloed from about 35 on up depending on class.

There are several quests in here that should be done. One is from the Janitor that results in a 1g reward. There are also two quests from Snorgle Filthwallow that result in the Mud caked loincloth which will probably be used until the FBSS Heritage is completed. The last is Goblin Rampage which asks you to kill 200 goblins, this will give you a nice chestpiece. There are others as well, such as the Evileye Rampage which results in a nice pair of pants and Dead Mans Warning which gives you the ability to use the alternate Zone outs if you're done in the zone and don't want to run all the way to the entrace, or if you're in trouble and need to get out fast. The Double + Good quest also results in a nice Neck piece.

The huptics are excellent xp in the low 30's if duoed or soloed, and always gives you a chance for the robe of the invoker quest starter drop. Later in the 30's there is a quest available from a ratonga near the entrance that asks you to kill lizardmen, the first few times he gives you gold, xp and food, but after 2-3 times through the quest he stops giving you food and just gives gold and experience. Money can be made here very quickly, between the quest reward and the selling of the drops from the lizardmen, a lot of money is waiting to be had (I did not do this at the time I was of the level, and my alt is not quite there yet, but friends of mine have reported up to a plat a day not to mention two levels in between 2 and 3 days on no vitality).

Another zone that I am not too familiar with, but the Learn about Nightbloods the Hard Way and the first step of By hook or by crook (40+) both give you quests to kill 100 nightbloods, very good xp from the nightbloods plus good quest xp, you might want a larger group unless you have a great duo or good trio depending on your level. The Learn about Nightbloods the Hard Way results in a very nice pair of boots. The By Hook or by Crook quest is a heritage that results in the Heirophants crook. There also appears to be a long series of quests from Deputy Stoutgut that could be completed (I cannot vouch for the reward or xp though, as I have not done them).

There is a series of repeatable quests from an NPC on the docks that give good xp and can be very easy to complete. The easiest is the Stag quest, that will ask you to kill x number of stags, these are solo mobs after the ice cave area where the Managerie entrance is and before the cave that leads to the giant snow plane that leads up to permafrost. The area is also populated by Snow Leppards and Numbfoots. If you are able to solo or small group the snowleppards, they give better xp for killing them (they're heroic ecnounters) plus the xp for completing the quest.

Not much solo content here, though duo/trioing is very good xp, and should definetly be at least given a try if you have a duo or trio you are playing regularly with.

Sol eye
I have talked to people who were able to solo the quetzols near the entrace, but many probably can't, (I'm sure I would have trouble with it if I were able to do it at all) but i'm sure that duoing is a fairly safe option for these mobs and should last for quite some time. Further along the titans would be a good option too. The giants deeper in Sol eye are great xp but will most likely require a group to reach, though, I suppose a skilled trio, especially with group invis could probably get there pretty quickly and take them down.

If you don't have splitpaw you really ought to get it. The loot and xp is great in this zone from 20 - 50, and are some very nice items to use too. Many of the zones are soloable too, if you so choose, as well as having small group through raid content. This zone can get somewhat boring if it is all you do though, which is why I went looking for more places to xp, but I still go back there regularly. (Plus, if you have evac and the recall shard, you can save yourself 60s everytime you need to go to the ts or nek docks).

That's all I have at the moment, hope someone else finds this usefull.

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Posted: August 14th, 2005, 10:57 pm

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Pretty average info. really not much you couldn't figure out by simply running through the zone. Furthermore, guides are pretty useless at the moment as within a month all info will be totally redundent come the exp pack.

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Posted: August 15th, 2005, 2:19 pm
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think you mean obsolete, not redundant. It might not even be that long: the combat revamp is not tied to the expansion: it will go live 'when its ready'....may be sooner, or later (knowing SOE though, sooner is more likely).

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