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[CLOSED] Tool Switching Macro for Harvesting : EverQuest 2 Submissions

Posted: August 18th, 2006, 9:00 am
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Here's a little tip about using the new HARVESTING TOOLS for all of you.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Buy them all. Yes, all 5 of them (you really never know...). I myself have purchased all of the SANDALWOOD tools (the highest currently available: Tier 6 items which grant a 2 second reduction on each use of the appropriate HARVESTING SKILL - WOOT!!!).

To begin, open the following windows:
Your INVENTORY window
INVENTORY Bag #1 (or whichever bag your tools are in - just remember that EQII defaults unequipped items to the first open slot in your INVENTORY, starting with Bag #1)

Now, EQUIP any two of the HARVESTING TOOLS (H-TOOLS) into your CHARM slots, then drag them from their slots down to the fresh HOTBAR, creating new icons there, then UNEQUIP them, leaving your two now-empty CHARM slots on the HOTBAR.

Next, drag all of your H-TOOLS from their location in your INVENTORY down to the HOTBAR, making each a new icon. Don't worry if you need to move the location of your H-TOOLS in your INVENTORY later - EQII recognizes the item in this instance, not the slot it is in - the HOTBAR button will remain, een if you no longer have possession of the item (For raids, I have a set of HOTBARS that have various mana and/or health replenishment items, as well as the totems I regularly use. When I run out all the button does is display the description of the item the same as if I had hit EXAMINE on one). If you are forgetful like me, you may want leave an empty space between the CHARM slots and the H-TOOLS to delineate which is equipped and which is still in your INVENTORY when you finally start harvesting. Even better is to place them on the opposite end of the same HOTBAR, using the remaining 5 empty spaces for your HARVESTING SKILLS (FISHING, FORESTING, GATHERING, MINING, and TRAPPING), sorted into the same order as your H-TOOLS.

What this setup will do is allow you to right-click the H-TOOL you want and select "EQUIP", equipping the H-TOOL in one of your CHARM slots before you harvest (since the tools must be equipped to function) from the HOTBAR without requiring you to open a bunch of windows.

A QUICK NOTE: when you already have both CHARM slots holding something, using the "EQUIP" command will replace the last of the two items placed in your CHARM slots. For example, say you first EQUIP your Pick in CHARM slot #1, then you EQUIP the Fishing Pole in slot #2. When you happen upon a patch of ROOTS you'd like to harvest and EQUIP the Shovel from the HOTBAR, the Fishing Pole will be replaced.

Another benefit to creating buttons on your HOTBAR for your HARVESTING SKILLS: When you activate a harvesting ability from the HOTBAR, you have the option of queueing it again to start immediatly after the first harvest is finished by clicking the HOTBAR button while the first harvesting attempt is "casting" (same as you can queue a spell to fire when the previous spell has finished or its reuse timer is finished). This will speed up your harvesting a bit as you will only need to click the harvesting node and follow it with a click on the HOTBAR button for the appropriate skill. Once the first harvest is finished click the ability on your HOTBAR once more to queue the final harvesting pull from the node. There is no reuse timer on HARVESTING SKILLS so the next attempt will start immediately after the last has completed. Providing you don't have any "Nothing Found" issues you can increase your harvesting productivity drastically!

So now that you got this down, do you think you are ready for something a bit more advanced? Okay, try this one:

Now, press your 'O'-button to open your EMOTE window and go to the tab that says MACROS. Click on one of the empty spaces to begin creating a new MACRO. Begin by typing the name you would like for one of your HARVESTING SKILLS. For example, I named my FISHING macro "FISH-TOOL". This title goes into the top space in the MACRO creation window.

Beneath this, in the three boxes for MACRO commands, place thge following:

Line #1: /equip (name of desired H-TOOL, minus my brackets, of course!)
Line #2: : ; useab (name of HARVESTING SKILL to be used)
Line #3: : ; useab (name of HARVESTING SKILL to be used)

Create one of these MACROS for each of your HARVESTING SKILLS, then set them in the HOTBAR. To properly use the MACRO, click on the node to be harvested (sorry, this first pull will be at normal speed!). When the first pull finishes, click on this icon and the correct tool will be equipped and the final two pulls will run automagically.

With a little tweaking, you should be able to cobble together a method of harvesting that you prefer!

Happy Crafting!

Posted: August 18th, 2006, 9:11 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

Posted: August 18th, 2006, 11:01 am
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Nice. I have benn trying to find a work around for this; I'll give it a try this weekend.

Posted: August 18th, 2006, 11:54 pm

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As per his other thread, this has been stolen directly out of the TenTonHammer forums and you can find the post right HERE. (Scroll down to the second post)
As i said in the other thread, he is definately not the original poster as he has directly copied the posts of two different people.


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