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Hehe My Colored Name Guide : FlyFF Discussion

Posted: July 29th, 2007, 2:57 pm
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This kinda a long thing but whatevr I put many details fer you!
[This s the Direct guide, I have the full one and others on my site

1.Slap some player above level 15. Must SLAP/HIT (Without out a weapon as a precaution) them, You will see you
have gotten -50 karma,(Your name will turn a light orange/yellow tint color) Make sure its -50, if its -48 or -5 or anything other then -50 hit them again
or hit another person. IT MUST BE -50 KARMA.

2.You should do this RIGHT after hitting a player, Go and kill another player (Not the same one you hit). Once you kill them and have a dark purple name
you will have an added -2000 karma. (Make sure to get on your broom/board/bike as to not get killed. [When in PK if your name is purple and someone
kills you, they can take an item(s) from you, So its best to empty your inventory to your bank before starting this])

3.With -2050 karma now and purple name, Fly over to any city (or risk death and use *Blinkwing) and drop down infront of a *Guardian (An angry mark
will appear over their heads) Try to find a Guardian by themselves and not near other players (Precaution). When you cross infront of them they will
attack and kill you. (Its suppose to happen) Then Lodelight/star and you will respawn in Kebaras Island.

4.Once in Kebaras at the campfire/town you will see two *NPC's; Heron and Jurai[Public Office] (You can take back any items you put away here,
its safe from being stolen, Players can't *PK each other on Kebaras.) Go to Heron and talk to him first and he will give you a quest to recover
- karma. Then after you've gotten the first quest talk to him again and get the other. (It will be the -50 mob quest and -2000 mob quest). If you
want a key (Not needed to get out) you can talk to him again and get the Key quest (Useless since once your name is back to white you can attack
a Guardian and respawn back to the normal towns.)

5.Once you've gotten both quests stay Heron, DO NOT GO KILL MONSTERS. The -50 karma will go down on itself automatically it will probably
take about 15 minutes (The last -5 take ALOT longer). Once the -50 are gone you will have -2000 and still have the -50 quest and the -2000.

6.Go and fight your destined *mobs (200 of them to be exact) and once you start killing you will have automatically started both quests at the same time
(-50 & -2000 mob quests). (Depending on your class it can range from 1hr to 3hrs, On my *magi *lv55 it takes me an hour to fight all 200.) Once
you've finished the quest (Have killed 200 mobs. The game will say 200/200) head back to the campfire where Heron and Jurai are.

7. At Heron you'll talk to him and he will accept/finish your quest and your -2000 will dissapear. Your name will turn a color tint and it will start to
go down. Once its gone down you'll see a +2000 and your name will forever be a Light Blue shade instead of a plain white name. Light blue names
also add a +2% drop rate. Not rare items though, the mobs just drop more.
Thats just for the Light Blue name quest!

If you want a Darker color like the ones avaiable (Below)
Dark Blue
Dark Blue (Theres two shades)
Neon Green (Not this font color, they dont have neon)
[**K numbers are rough estimates based on players**]
*Neon green is worth LESS then 1k (So you'll need to hit someone a couple of times to get it right, Email me if you want to know EXACLTY [seperate guide])
*Dark Blue*1* is worth 10k
*Dark Blue *2* is worth about 6-8k*
Now normally to get POSITIVE karma you'd need to kill negative karma roaming people in the Pk server (Purpe names)
But with this exploit and kind of hack you can do it alot faster but it still takes time.
You'd start it the same way as he Light Blue quest, Making sure you have 50 negative karma aready stacked befor you start.
The way tod it is stacking the karma quests. This will take LEVELS to do, DAYS because its needed s just letting you now before hand.
Now, after you've started the same way as the Light Blue name you will leave Kebaras.After you've left and still have the 200 mob quest and waited out the -50 you will go to the world and level about 8 levels recommended.
Why SO many levels you ask? Because you need a diffrent mob quest to add and for that you need to be higher. Now after you've leveled 8 or 7 levels go back to Pk and repeat the first step of hitting someone and then going killing someone, Now once you went and got another quest you've stacked once! :3
Now wait out the 50 and go back out and level again and repeat the entire process. Each time you do one round of this its added 2000 positive karma. So you'd have to do this 4-5 times before you can get Neon green name. This is an exploit because its sorta not allowed, I don't know the specifics and won't ask about it either (: anyhow this is an exploit because normally to get a Dark colored name you'd have to kill MILLIONS of people, because killing a purple name is about 2 positive karma. And your gaining 10,000 by stacking and manipulating the karma system to your advantage x3
Now you can always get caught that you used the exploit because if your Name is Dark Blue and your Killing Point is 3 its VERY obvious that you didn't kill thousands of Purples! xD
So there ya go and I HOPE I PRAY that I get a premium account now! I write many guides I haven't uploaded them into my site 'cause I'm lazy but I write many and they ALL work I always test them repeatdly to find ways people can mess up so I DETAIL my guides to prevent that, THNX and please help me out to get a premium account! > < :: Asai-kuu@hotmail.com ::

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Posted: August 29th, 2007, 11:26 pm
januboyd's Reps:
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No Use at all.... Flyff was updated in v8 w/ new gameplay...
No Kebaras Island for the new version.

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Posted: October 6th, 2007, 11:58 am
asaikuu's Reps:
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Sorry to burst your bubble smart one but this is an old post, when it was made there was a Kebaras Island, get things straight before your post, Thanks.

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Posted: October 6th, 2007, 1:21 pm

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You've been served :-p

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Posted: August 10th, 2008, 8:53 am
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Lol you got served like mashed potatoes! :lol:

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