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FlyFF - What's New This Week! October 10,2007 : FlyFF News

Posted: October 11th, 2007, 12:55 pm

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A curse has been lifted…

The marketplace in front of Saint Hall was, as usual, crowded with stores of all kinds, people selling the goods from a day’s hunt or a lifetime of hard work. Customers darted in and out of shops, buying this, desiring that, and, more often than not, simply looking.

The Knight’s armor glinted angrily in the twilight and the sound of his sword grinding against the cobblestones echoed dully as he stepped through the alley-ways that made up Saint Morning. Crowds shuffled awkwardly out of the way as he marched single-mindedly towards Saint Hall, eyes locked on its impressive, stained-glass window.

After a quick nod of greeting to the Guardians, the Knight knelt at the stairs leading to the Hall and bowed deeply.

“Great Goddesses of Madrigal, something that we have worked so hard for was stolen from us and I’ve come to ask for it back. I have traveled your world and fought the evil that is spread throughout it, risking my life and my sanity. For a sign from you, Goddesses, for vindication in my belief, I would give everything. A sign, Great Ladies, that is all I ask.”

There was a flash and throughout Madrigal people gasped as their weapons began to glow once again, to glow better than they had before. The Knight struggled to his feet and looked at his sword, pulsing and alive with emerald energy. The tears that ran freely from his jubilant eyes were well hidden behind his blood-red helmet.

A few changes are in store tonight.

Your glows are returning to the way they were during V7... with a bonus. You not only get the cool lightning and fire effect that we used to have, we also get the glows that we had when V9 was introduced! Ultimate Weapon glows will be corrected at a later time. The V9 glows have also changed color for the following.
Wind is now Violet
Earth is now Green.

The time you have to loot your drops has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds.

Users can no longer make characters with special characters by using alt and other methods. If you currently have a character with this format, please email a GM and request a name change. The email is flyff@gala-net.com. Please review the name policies located here.

We Now Have a New SProtect Bundle Pro with a Free Gift!

Purchase the new SProtect Bundle Pro (35 SProtects) for only 2800 GPotatos and receive a free Lucky Riding Cloud Box(Light Pink)

Lucky Riding Cloud Box(Light Pink) may contain any of the items listed below. These items are random in this free box.

You are not purchasing the Lucky Riding Cloud Box(Light Pink), you are purchasing the SProtect Bundle Pro.
Possible Item
Riding Cloud (Light pink)
Sword Board
Scroll of SProtect
Medicine of Strong STR
Medicine of Strong DEX
Medicine of Strong INT
Medicine of Strong STA
Scroll of Custody
Scroll of Velocity
Scroll of Blessing

Thank you and have a wonderful Flyff Week!

Your Flyff Team

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