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FlyFF - What's New This Week! September 12,2007 : FlyFF News

Posted: September 13th, 2007, 3:29 pm

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Version 9 Release
The Clown Goddess Shade has touched Madrigal yet again…

There is an unseasonable chill in the air and Vagrants shake with apprehension at the thought of leaving the safety of Flarine.

Saint Morning shines against the gloom of early evening. Mias walk by, looking longingly at the light that spills from the panes of windows shut to keep the cold out.

Shops spring to life in Darken as people crowd the city. A light, metallic dust blows through, bringing with it the scent of a war long since forgotten.

The Sun finally settles out of sight as a new breed of warrior steps into view from over the horizon. His name is red as blood and his Pet Dragon is as dark as the night that surrounds them both. In his wake are the bodies of those who dared to stand against him or were foolish enough to turn their backs to him.

As this Dark Warrior approaches the city walls, another warrior drops down from his Flying Board and steps out to face him. His name shines as white as Angels’ wings and the eyes of his Pet Lion burn brightly through the mist.

They both know what is at risk…

If the Dark Warrior falls here he will drop all the he has worked so hard to obtain.

If the Light Warrior falls he will have to work hard to get himself to the level he once was.

Their eyes lock for a moment before they clash…shaking Madrigal to its very core.

Who will you be?

What role will you play?

Will you be a Warrior of Darkness and risk it all?

A Warrior of Light, set on the path of the righteousness?

Make your choice in FlyFF Version 9!!!

On September 14th at 12:00 Midnight until September 16th at 11:59 pm, all drops will be increased on all servers.

So get out there and get hunting while this very special event is running!

Enhance your Pet Experience!

We will be adding to the cashop the following items.
Item Description Units gPotatoes

Blessing of the Pet Tamer Randomly changes the Bonus of a Pet's current and previous level without changing its class. 1 1900
Chance of the Pet Tamer Return a pet to its previous Level with 99.99% Exp. Gives you a chance to get a higher pet bonus. 1 1000
Pet Medicine (A) Pet HP does not decrease for 10 minutes. 1 200
Pet Energy Add a random life amount (1-5) to your Pet. 1 1500
Feed Bag Feeds your pet with food from your inventory automatically. 1 500
Egg Hatcher Turns your Egg into a random D Level Pet. 1 1900
Scroll of XProtect Scroll which protects a Unique weapon from destruction while upgrading it into an Ultimate weapon.

Stack of 5

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