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FlyFF - What's New This Week! September 19,2007 : FlyFF News

Posted: September 21st, 2007, 12:58 pm

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feeLz asks...
What do you get when you cross a turtle with a porcupine?
You get a slow poke!
Get it?
Picking up dropped items can be a major hurdle
To help you with this problem, here comes the Baby Turtle!

And for those of you who live at more than a Turtle’s pace.
We’re putting out a brand new bundle, which is far more to your taste.

This adorable Turtle will be available one week.

The Sunstone Bonus XProtect bundle will only be available for 7 days as well.

Item gPotatoes
20 XProtects with bonus 5 Sunstones 2,400
Baby Turtle


Hello there everyone!

We thought we'd take some time to address many of the player questions and concerns regarding the recently announced changes to version 9. Our apologies if your questions have no been answered here, but we will do our best to get you an answer if the question is fitting.
We will start with the announced changes, and then go into other things that players may not know of yet.

All channels of all currently existing realms will be converted to PVE (Non-PK)

Yes, we have made a bit of a change, and we understand that there is some major concerns regarding the changes, but allow us to explain a bit. Unfortunately, due to the changes that Aeonsoft has made to the new PK system, it is not currently possible to offer both a PK and PVE channel server. As a result, we have chosen to make all current servers a PVE server and open a new PK server.

Changes that affect the PVE Server:

* There will no longer be Kill Stealing
* There will no longer be PK anywhere.
* Duel anywhere will remain.
* Kern and Glaphan will become 3 channel servers.

Changes that affect the new PK Server:

* The No PK allowed message will now only be shown 1 time when applicable.
* The New PK server will be a 3 channel PK server.
* Damage Reduction will be adjusted, in an update SOON (not this maintenance). The developers are looking into restoring damage reduction.

Changes that affect the All Servers:

* The glow system will be modified to provide a combination of both v7 glows, and V9 glows. We will have more information and screenshots as we get closer to the implementation of these changes which will be on October 18th.
* Pet EXP – Currently when you put a pet away, you lose 10 minutes worth of pet exp. This has now been adjusted to 1 minute when putting away pets.
* Item drop looting timer is being increased from 5 to 7 seconds.

Bug Fixes:

* Music will be fixed so that it changes as you play the game, level up, and die.
* Adjusted the tooltip error of the buff Geburah Tiphreth which said the user had a 500% increased attack speed.
* Angels now have names and descriptions.
* The PK Redemption quest now has a name and appears in your quest log.
* The Priest of Confession now displays the appropriate text when talking to him while red from PK.

Coming in the near future:
The Developers are looking to bringing back the following things in a future update:
Please note that this is not definite.

* Party dueling.
* Consequence free PK Arena (South of SM, like S4 Arena from V7).
* Visible Player Levels.
* A Pet Revive Item.

Things that are not currently changing:

* Deleveling – Sorry, it’s not going away at this time.
* Skills – Sneaker, Ice Arrow, and Ice Missile will continue to act like they currently are.
* Knockback changes.
* "Berserker mode” when at low hp.
* Pet Hp loss – this will continue at the same rate.

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