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Defeating Heretic Leader : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: May 20th, 2009, 12:13 pm
king doom64

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It is best to have dual Needlers and a Sentinel Beam when you are playing under the legendary difficulty setting. As soon as game play resumes after the intermission sequence, press White to turn invisible. Then, press Y to get rid of one of your guns and stick a plasma grenade to one of the guys. As soon as you do that, run to the left and behind a column. You should see a hole/hallway kind of thing. Go in there and hide a short time. You can then run out of the hole, turn invisible, and stick another grenade to one of them. If a grenade explodes and you hear a grunt or yell, you have hit the leader and not the copy. Go back and hide in the hole. This will save a checkpoint. The guy will start talking and more copies will appear. Repeat the process until he is dead. Note: Whenever you kill a copy of the Heretic Leader, it will drop several grenades, allowing you to restock.

Under the easy difficulty setting, quickly take out your sword and lunge at him twice. The game may glitch, and you will win.

After you finish the Metropolis mission, you will become an Arbiter, an Elite that goes on a special operation for the Prophets. Your mission is to silence an uprising of Elites and Grunts who are speaking against the Prophets. You must invade the Forerunner Facility that they are camping in, then hunt down and kill the leader. For this Boss, you need some plasma grenades, dual plasma guns, and an energy sword. This Heretic Leader has two Holodrones that confuse you. They also do as much damage as he does. There are two strategies that can be used. The first is to have two plasma grenades and cloak as soon as the battle starts. Stick one of the Holodrones with a grenade, and find some cover. Then, let your active camouflage recharge and do the same with the second Holodrone. Next, switch to the energy sword and lunge at the actual Heretic Leader. Keep slashing until he dies. Use that strategy for the higher difficulty settings (for example, legendary and heroic). The next strategy can be used under the easy and normal difficulty settings. Simply take your plasma sword and keep hitting the drones and the Heretic.

When you complete The Arbiter level, make sure you have a full fuel rod cannon and unlimited sword energy. Use the sword unless you get into a massive fire fight. After you get to the Heretic Leader for the first time, do not shoot him. When you chase after him through the Flood-infested Heretic Center, keep your sword out and stay invisible. When you get to the large room with the explosive gas containers, wait for the fight to settle down and make sure you stay away from the containers, as they can take out your shields or even kill you. Take out your fuel rod cannon and blast the Heretics in the tight corners if you have to (under the legendary difficulty setting, take them out, wait for their numbers to greatly dwindle, and take out your sword). Go out to the leader with your fuel rod cannon out. After the intermission sequence, blast the hologram pair, cloak, and take out the Leader with the sword. If playing under the legendary difficulty setting, you will need at least twenty rods and four plasma grenades. On the legendary difficulty setting, hide with the fuel rod cannon, fire at the holograms for two seconds, and cloak if necessary. Repeat this until the leader is dead.

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