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Defeating Tartarus : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: May 20th, 2009, 12:19 pm
king doom64

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When playing in co-operative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, get a grenade launcher that is left over from the Brute on the bridge. When Tartarus jumps onto the spinning disks, jump onto the platform with your partner, then jump on the three disks for safety. Let your partner have a carbine rifle on the top level and have him snipe reinforcements when they arrive. Run around the middle circle, waiting for Tartarus to lose his shield from Sarge sniping him. Hit him with your grenade launcher. Hit him three times, then run away and wait. His reinforcements may appear. If they do, camouflage and run to the top level. Allow your partner to kill the Elites. Camouflage if Tartarus or Elites come to the top level. Note: Use your Brute plasmas if you run out of ammunition. There are some on the middle level, and perhaps the bottom level. Make sure your partner conserves his carbine rifle ammunition. Never fight a Brute Elite, as they will kill you in a few hits. Also, never hit Tatarus with a melee attack. Never use grenades as Tartarus will just jump. The most important thing is to not allow your partner to die. When doing this in single player mode, use the same tactics except when Elites arrive, camouflage yourself then go to top level and snipe with the carbine rifle.

Get two Brute plasma rifles and run away. When his shields are down, throw grenades then shoot him. He should die quickly.

When the intermission sequence ends, do not rush towards Tartarus like the others. Instead, just wait until they all jump to the other side, then jump over there. Or, you can wait for the moving platform to help you get to the other side. After you have done that, Tartarus will have a sort of "fog" around him. Get a plasma gun. Note: If you cannot find one, go to the lift, and on the top floor behind a wall there should be a box from which you can get one. Dual wield the plasmas and fire at him until the fog goes away. Then, keep shooting at him with the plasmas until he dies. Alternately, when his shield depletes, drop your gun and throw a grenade until he dies. Be careful though -- stay a good distance away to avoid being hit and killed.

Under the legendary difficulty setting, instead of getting out of your Banshee when entering Tartarus' base, fly it inside and up, using the boost. You will scrape the ceiling and run into the wall at the end of the tunnel, then run into the door. Get out, open the door, and take your Banshee inside the door. Kill the Covenant with it, or get out then keep flying through the doors. When you get to the intermission sequence, you will be out of your Banshee on a platform with Tartarus in front of you with some Brutes. Kill them, then turn around and go back down the hallway the intermission sequence skipped. Your Banshee will be sitting there, ready for takeoff. This makes defeating Tartarus much easier. Continually fire at him and when the sergeant takes out his shield, it will hurt him until the point that he dies. If he tries to jump on you, just boost under him. Watch out for his Brute friends that he calls -- they are very accurate with Brute shots and plasma grenades and will kill you. Also, do not fly under the platform.

Xbox In the last level of the campaign called The Great Journey, get to the part where you enter the control room. Instead of walking through, bust your Banshee through. When you enter the room with the Brutes, get out of your Banshee and kill them. Note: They might destroy your Banshee. Then, kill the Honor Guards. Make sure your Banshee is in the room where you fought the Brutes. Continue on foot until the intermission sequence starts. When it ends, turn around and run back. On your way through, your friends will teleport there. Keep going and get in your Banshee. Note: Do not go below the last platform levitating in the main room or the game will automatically kill you. Then, drive your Banshee to Tartarus and shoot him. Pressing B will shoot your bomb. When his shield gets down, shoot him as hard as you can.

Use the following trick to fight Tarturus with a Banshee. When you get to the part when you guard Sgt. Johnson while he is in the Scarab, go ahead and kill all the turrets, Wraiths and Spectres so that they will not interfere with this trick. Note: Around the beach area is a Heretic Banshee which may not be able to hurt you. Have your partner shoot off your wings, or if in single player mode, get the Scarab to do so. Make sure that your wings are totally broken off, and not just damaged. When he opens the door, go in. You should not have any trouble getting through the tunnel until you reach a beam that almost blocks the entire way. Do barrel rolls into it, then loops, then barrel rolls again, until you get through. Get out of the Banshee to open the door, then get back in and shoot down the Brutes. Note: Fuel rod works very well. Then, boost into the hallway. After the intermission sequence, turn back in the hall and get your Banshee. You can wipe out Tarturus' shields easily and damage him a lot with the fuel rod. Note: If you park the Banshee exactly where the "icon" is, the intermission sequence will have Commander Keyes keep walking into your Banshee, or make her walk through it.

Xbox One of the best weapons for fighting Tartarus is actually the sword. Use hit and run tactics, activate the a camo and stand behind him. When the reticule turns red, press R. As soon as you hit him, run away. It takes three to four swipes from the sword to kill him, and it is better to do this when he is busy killing the other Elites.

If you use a sword to fight Tartarus, hit him on the side. If you hit him on the back or front, he will counter. When you hit him in the side, you will have more time to run back, as he needs to turn around.

On the last level in campaign mode, The Great Journey, there is an easier way to kill Tartarus. After the intermission sequence where Halo is activated, let your Elites rush the Brutes and try to kill Tartarus. Have your player wait for the first moving platform to come around. When it is halfway gone, jump on it. If you do not wait , it will disappear while you are still on it. Wait on the moving platform for the one with Miranda and the Oracle on it. When you are close enough, jump onto it. You can also just wait for it to come by the starting point of the battle (were the Brutes were located). Once on it, wait for Miranda to finish talking to the Oracle and Johnson. Note: You will need four plasma grenades for this part. Then throw a plasma grenade onto her, and get her to run off and go to where the battle is taking place. Do not worry, she cannot die. Then, get Tartarus to hit he. Once he starts, he rarely stops. When his shields go down, hit him on the back until he dies.

Take a carbine and jump on rotating platform. When his shield is down, shoot him in the head. Make sure to duck to dodge the platforms above.

When playing in single player mode, in the last level in the room before the tunnel that leads you to Tartarus, there is a fight scene. One of the Brutes has a shotgun. After everyone is dead, pick up the shotgun. Then, go to Tartarus. There will be more Brutes around him. Take care of them with grenades and the shotgun. Note: Tartarus is not effected by grenades. Then, just keep shooting him with the shotgun until he is dead. Be careful, as one hit of his hammer kills you. If you are playing on in co-op mode, do the same thing but have player two have an automatic gun or carbine. If you have the carbine, aim for their head.

Tartarus is the Brute Captain. When the battle starts, there will be about five Elites charging him and his squad of Brutes. Sgt. Johnson will stay back and snipe. For this mission, you need a Brute Shot (more common) or rocket launcher, and an energy sword. Let the Elites kill the Brutes. Tartarus has a huge hammer that will kill you with one or two hits, and a shield that will render him invincible. Get an energy sword from a dead Elite. Sgt. Johnson will shoot at Tartarus three times and will tell you that his shield is down. Lunge him, then run away. Locate him, then wait until the Sgt. Johnson shoots him again before lunging again. Keep repeating this strategy until he dies. Alternately, you can try shooting at him with your Brute Shot or rocket launcher if desired.

In the first entrance that you go into that is guarded by the Wraith tanks, you will meet up with the Hunters. Before you go into the room infested with Brutes, look to the left. There is a Covenant cache with two beam rifles (The Covenants' version of a sniper rifle). Take one and save it until you meet up with Johnson and the Elite reinforcements. Whatever weapon besides the beam rifle, swap with an ally for a sword. Stand back to shoot Tartarus. Three times should bring down his shield. After you shoot him, use active camouflage then quickly draw your sword and strike him in the back. Note. You must repeat this process three to five times before he dies. Try practicing this technique under the easy difficulty setting.

Once Sgt. Johnston blows the door with the Scarab, there is an opening in the rafters in the room that was destroyed by the blast. Fly the Banshee through the rafters, and get out to open the door. Push your Banshee through, then get back in to kill the group of Brutes that you fight before Tartarus. Once you eliminate every Brute, get out of the Banshee and push it through the doorway as you did before. There should be a short intermission sequence before the last battle. You should start out slightly ahead of where the intermission sequence started. Backtrack until you see your Banshee. Pilot the Banshee to defeat Tartarus easily.

Make sure you pack a sword and duel wield two red plasma rifles. Keep your distance from Tartarus, as a single strike from his hammer can kill you. Keep strafing left and right while shooting and dodging Tartarus. His shield will go down, but only for a very brief time. You must act quickly. When his shield goes down, take out your sword, strike once, and back off while throwing a plasma grenade. Start shooting him as soon as his shield goes up again. Do the same as before when his shield goes down again. Note: Johnson will help you from a distance with a beam rifle. He will let you know when Tartarus' shield goes down.

To take down Tartarus' shield easier, shoot at the head of his hammer. This is very useful under the legendary difficulty setting.

When fighting Tartarus, before you jump down into the arena, go back to Johnson and take his beam rifle. Then, pick up a good secondary weapon such as a shotgun. Shoot Tartarus two times with the beam rifle, then quickly change weapons and shoot him until he dies. You can repeat this as many times as desired to kill him faster than with Johnson's help, as you have better aim and a better chance of hitting him more often.

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Posted: July 15th, 2010, 8:42 pm

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