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Defeating The Prophet Of Regret : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: May 20th, 2009, 12:16 pm
king doom64

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To easily defeat the Prophet Of Regret, jump on his vehicle then hold X to board it. You can then press B to melee him to death.

After defeating the Heretic Leader, you will become a Spartan again. You will find and land on another Halo. You are supposed to track down the Prophet Of Regret. When you finally reach this Boss, there will be about five to seven Elite Honor Guards that are dual-wielding plasma rifles and try to attack you with energy swords. Kill some of them. Note: They will respawn as long as the Prophet is alive. Try to kill mostly the sword equipped Elites. Hide from the Prophet Of regret by running down the corridor on the right side of the level. You should be some good cover there. Then, rush him in his little chair while clearing out Elites. Hold X to board it, then melee him with your fist to win.

Under the legendary difficulty setting, Use the plasma pistol, battle rifle/Covenant carbine combo for quick kills against his minions. Use the side passages for cover. Try to stay on the upper level of the room so that you do not get jumped on from above. It also lets you jump down on top of the Prophet so that you can board him and beat him down. It will probably require four or five boardings to kill him. Repeat this as needed. On the plus side, his energy shield absorbs the damage from any enemies around, and the sword honor guards will not attack while you are latched on. However, watch out when the Prophet disappears; sometimes you will drop into a crowd of Elites.

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