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Feedback Friday: 01/23/09 : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: January 23rd, 2009, 10:51 am

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Image Feedback Friday: 01/23/09
We have an important piece of news for you today; we hope you find it as exciting as we do!

We want to make sure that all our loyal Tabula Rasa players have a full, exciting game experience, but with the population scattered across four servers, this can sometimes be tough. As a result, we've decided to merge the servers into one in the near future.

Author: NCsoft Content Writer
Category: Latest News
Publish Date: 2009-01-23T16:10:49Z

What exactly are we going to do?

All 4 servers have a different database where all your character progress and data is stored. We will be merging those databases, allowing you to play on one single server with other Tabula Rasa players from around the world.

Will all my characters transfer to the remaining server?

It depends. There will be 16 character slots available on the final server. If you have more than 16 characters across all servers, they will be merged with the following priority:

1. Hours Played

2. Highest Level

3. Number of items in their personal inventory.

To make things easier and clearer for you, we recommend deleting any extra characters prior to the server merge.

Will characters automatically transfer over with everything they own?

Again, it depends. Any transferred character experience will be saved, along with their personal inventory. If you have lots of lockbox inventory over the four servers, we recommend doing a little house-cleaning. Otherwise, the lockboxes will be merged with the following priority:

1. Vet Rewards/Event Rewards

2. Rarity of items (Purple, Blue, Green only)

3. Mimeomech

4. Consumables/Components/Schematics

5. All other items

We will automatically enable all lockbox tabs when we do the server merge to make the inventory merge easier. To make things easier on your end, you may wish to go in and delete or sell items from your lockboxes to get a total slot count of 480 across all servers.

Will characters transfer over with full experience?

Your character's experience and mission progress will be exactly the same as before the transfer.

Will my character/clan have the same name?

In some cases, character first and last names, or clan names will conflict. If that happens, we will attach a number to the end of all conflicting character names. You may use the /changelastname and /changefirstname commands to rename your character after the server merge. You may only use these commands ONCE, so choose a new name wisely.

Clans may be renamed using the /changeclanname command. This command can only be used once per clan leader.

What does that mean in terms of connectivity?

The server will be physically located on the East Coast of the United States. This was the most logical choice taking into account several factors such as existing infrastructure and the geographical location of the majority of our player base. However, because of the way the server/client architecture was developed for Tabula Rasa, this move shouldn't mean any visible latency for any players.

Why was it necessary to do this now?

It should make it easier to find squads and generally find other players with the same interests to fight against the Bane menace until the very end.

What about D16?

Eager to jump into your very own Personal Armoured Unit? D16 will be rolling out shortly after, or at the same time as, the server merge.

When will the merge happen?

We are ironing out a few bumps at the moment but we will be giving you more information about the server merge as we get closer to its implementation. We will be using PTS to test the merged databases, so will be asking for your help in testing out the changes in the near future. Stay tuned!


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