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Getting pistol maxxed fast. : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: March 19th, 2008, 1:04 am

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once you start, get arrested. mark the police station on your map, and find a bicycle. Park the bike rightt outside the door to the police station faceing away form it where you can hop on while zoning out of the police station-test your placement cause it's VITALLY important to get it right, and use a bicycle, NOT a motorcycle.

Once you get good at exiting the police station and being on the bike REAL FAST, go in the station and grab the purple weapon. Locate BOTH armoured vests. One is in a locker room, one is in a jail cell. grab one of the vests. (leave the shotgun alone for now). Go back to the cells, and follow a cop into them so the two of you are alone. Use the purple weapon on the cop, grab his gun. This will set off all kinds of alerts.

Quickly get to the bottom of the stais right by the jail cells and crouch. shoot the piggys comeing after you collecting ammo as you go. when your flack vest is getting low, go get another one. (you did find where both are, didn't you) every time you get the flack vest that's NOT in a jail cell, go get the shotgun you didn't pick up earlier (picking it up also sets off alarms, and you wanted to be at teh bottom of the stairs for the first few waves while your skill sucked). Keep repeating the grab a vest, camp at the bottom of the stairs till you have your skills maxxed in pistols.

Once your skills are maxed, you should have a pretty good idea of how the piggys spawn, and have a nice 4 star bounty. Remember that bicycle you parked outside? get a fresh vest, and go outside, get on th bike and pedal like crazy. The reason for the bicycle is the cops can't shoot out it's tires, and if you played around in it before, you can bunny hop over fences makeing the getaway easier.

Head for a wide freeway overpass (bridges out of the city work best) and camp out under them. the stars will drop off eventually. (you can also pick up yellow stars to reduce it, but you'll want a break after this, and it's better to simply find a place to hide the cops can't reach rather than cruise around looking for stars.

Another bonus is haveing a few thousand pistol rounds and a pile of shot gun ammo.

it's not exactly a "cheat" but it does jumpstart your carrear, and gives you a ton of ammo and maxxed skill in the easiest to get ammo for weapon in the game.

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