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HGL - HGL Fan Interview II : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: December 20th, 2007, 3:07 pm

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Howdy everyone! Welcome to the second of three fan interviews we conducted with the winners of our Hellgate Halloween contest. Today we talk to Chosi, creator of the insanely awesome Hardcore song.


What inspired you to create your submission?

Well I just read about the contest and I thought hey, there's a category you could actually participate in and so it happened. As I've done several other "insider" songs before, this sounded like a great idea to waste some hours. Fortunately it was no waste of time at all!

What did you use to create it?

I used a multitrack sequencer to arrange it and several instruments such as my guitar, e-drums and other virtual VST instruments for adding bass and some orchestral touch. Oh and my voice of course ;)

How long did it take to complete your submission?

To be honest i finished this in some hours. I wish I had put more work into it but the great thing is that i still consider it good enough to even listen to it in the car :)

Have you ever won grand prize in a contest before?

No and I'm very happy about the great prize i won here. I expected more great entries from the fans and I didn't even think I'd stand a chance against all the others.

Do you use this talent professionally or as a hobby?

It's a hobby and I think it's gonna be a hobby forever, at least until I finish university and stuff. I've been thinking about doing this professionally but I lack ideas for songs right now. Tell me if you need some others ;)

How long have you been writing songs?

Oh dear let me think... I think it started back then in 2000 when i had my first band at school :)

The one and only Chosi!


When did you first hear about Hellgate: London?

Phew. I don't know really. I might have heard about Hellgate: London before that date but I started to actually deal with the game in mid 2007 when we launched our German fan site project myhellgate.de.

When did you first get involved in the Hellgate: London community?

When the alpha forums were up and people were spreading the IRC channel.

Which faction/class do you prefer playing?

I preferred the Guardian for a long time but it got weaker in the higher levels. I liked the Marksmann class pretty much then, cause it could deal with the foes from the distance without getting into trouble (that often) ;)

How long have you been playing online games?

It must have started back then in 2000 or earlier. I was into first person shooters and other games, before any good MMO games made their way to the people's HDDs.

Hey, it's Bill and Chosi!


Which achievement would you like to see in the game?

The ones that are already in are quite fine but let's see...what about "Fight Club - Complete the game using your fists only" or "Nudy Bar - Kill Sydonai naked" ;)

What's your favorite feature of the game? What would you like to see?

Shiny armor! Basically what I love is the fact that there's action all the time. It's not like clicking spells and waiting til things happen, it's pretty much like a first person shooter with great RPG elements. I'd really like to see a reason to play past level 30 or Sydonai in the future. Right now there really is no reason to play any farther than that, and that's the fact that makes me and most of the players sad.

Another thing I'd like to see is a bigger feeling of community inside the game. All the instanced zones and chat channels don't give you the feeling of playing with others really. If you party you're gonna party you're gonna do it with friends and sometimes with strangers. There's a lot of stuff to do for you guys at FSS so make the best of it :)


Has the character creation screen gem brought you good fortune and health?

Of course! I clicked it like 2.8billion times and my character transformed into a cow! You guys out there should try that! ;)

Do you believe in the cow level?

I've been there.

What was the name of Flagship Studios' recently-deceased hamster?

For some reason this question reminds me of the hamster from Day of the Tentacle. So I'll call it Hoagie!

What does the name "Zardon" bring to mind?

Planet Zardon from the atari game missile command ;)

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