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HGL - Underground Communique, Issue #7 : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: June 15th, 2008, 9:22 am

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Underground Communique #7
Week of June 2nd

But First, A Word From Our Sponsors

This seventh issue of the Hellgate: London Underground Communique is brought to you by the War Drive for a Better Tomorrow Through a Tougher Today. Your kind and generous donations to this most noble of funds have no only yielded this installment of the Underground Communique but also helped produce the second lesson of the SAFE Video Series, "Humans and Zombies". Even if you already can differentiate between the heroic survivors of humanity and the reanimated undead when out and about, be certain to fortify your knowledge by partaking of this educational video.

Also available in this Underground Communique are new patch notes for Patch 1.3c and 1.3d, an announcement on Test Center transfers, and an update about the Abyss Chronicles' progression from development to "bug stomping mode".

Hellgate: London Patch 1.3c Now Live

After a brief stay on the Test Center server, Patch 1.3c has launched. This interim patch fixes a number of German and Italian translation errors and introduces some new in-game messaging.

When joining parties, players will sometimes now be presented with a new in-game messaging which informs them that they must abandon their game instance. If a player chooses to abandon their instance, they will be warped back to town, and their town portals will be closed. This fixes a bug which could cause players to end up in the wrong game instance.

Patch notes for 1.3c can be found here.

Test Center Updated to Hellgate: London Patch 1.3d

Updated yesterday afternoon, the Test Center server is presently playing host to Patch 1.3d, the presumptive final iteration of the 1.3 line. This patch introduces a few significant adjustments to gameplay, character creation, and one vendor NPC in particular. Players can now create Elite Mode characters (and subscribers can create Hardcore Mode characters) if their account has a character that reaches level 20 or above. The update also fixes a PRD bug and a character options issue.

Patch notes for 1.3d can be found here.

Test Center Transfer Complete

We received thousands of requests from players wishing to transfer their characters to the Test Center server in order to have up-to-date versions of their characters to participate in testing. The characters have finished copying from both the Shulgoth (US) and Sydonai (EU) servers and are now available on Test Center.

Players may find that some of their characters' equipment is missing. This occurred if the identical item was in the possession of another character on Test Center via trade, in-game mail, or shared stash. The item wasn't copied over in order to prevent item duplication. Players are encouraged to log into Test Center and determine which items are missing due to this before the server is updated to Patch 2, the Abyss Chronicles.

The Abyss Chronicles (Patch 2) Coming to Test Center on Monday

The Abyss Chronicles boasts a long list of new features and fixes and as such has required a long internal testing process. The studio is currently in a “bug squashing” stage with regards to the major content update meaning that development of Patch 2 is complete and we are now working on cleaning it up and making it pretty (and balanced). As part of the path of all our patches, the Abyss Chronicles will first be enjoying a good stay on our Test Center server where it can be poked and prodded and picked at by you, our thorough Hellgaters and brave test subjects.

The Abyss Chronicles is slated for Test Center launch this coming Monday, June 9th. The update will be applied via a standalone patch (1.3 gigabytes). We will have more information on this big move first thing next week.

ATI Catalyst 8.5 Fixes Hellgate: London Display Issue

Released late last month, the latest version of ATI’s Catalyst driver suite has solved a flickering problem experienced by Windows Vista users. From their release notes for Catalyst 8.5, “flickering is no longer noticed when quitting and then relaunching [Hellgate: London] when the in-game settings are set to their maximum levels.” ATI users can find the latest update here. The full release notes are available here.

Hellgate: London Patch 1.3 Trailer Now Showing at a Website Near You

Informative, funny, and just a little bit macabre is certainly one way to describe Hellgate: London’s Patch 1.3 trailer entitled “The SAFE Video Series - Lesson Two: Humans and Zombies”. This bit of machinima serves to outline a few of the new features that Patch 1.3 introduces including the War Drive Donation System, Premium Item Merchant Ko, and an expressive collection of performable character emotes, all while extolling the importance of being able to differentiate your fellow man from the walking dead.

Be ever-vigilant! Educate yourself! And watch the trailer here.

SneakShots’ Second Installment Sneaks to Next Week

SneakShots, our new article which offers screenshots of upcoming ongoing content, never-before-seen, will be focusing on the subject of “trinkets” in its next installment. This new inventory slot was outlined briefly in the Lowdown on Patch 2.0 and 2.1 article, posted last week. The first type of trinkets will drop as Cursed rings which can be cleaned up through the Transmogrifier Cube. These items will mostly drop in the Abyss levels, but they can be found elsewhere too. These items are tradable and can be used by all players.

Be sure to keep an eye out this coming Monday for images of the new inventory slot, sample rings, and a more detailed description of the types available!

The Days Are Just Packed

“Busy” is certainly the word of choice these days at Flagship Studios. “Nonstop” is a popular one, too. Mind you, these are not complaints, they’re proud statements. The Hellgate: London universe is expanding rapidly and we are very glad to have you all be a part of it.

Be well, Templars, Cabalists, and Hunters. And good hunting to you all.

http://www.hellgatelondon.com/undergrou ... ue-issue-7

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