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Posted: May 16th, 2009, 10:08 am
king doom64

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On the level Metro, you can get the gun of a Scarab. There are 2 possible ways of getting this, God weapon. It's infinite too.

The first way is a Banshee. When you cross the bridge and banshees appear, kill your marines and go into the tunnel, you have to make sure a banshee is following you.

You supposed to lure the banshee across the tunnel, and then jack it. If you jack it before you exit, it will force you back.

When you go across the tunnel and into a tube that goes out, you have to make it go through that tunnel and not the other one or it will get stuck and youll have to restart. When it load, jack it immediately.

Then you fly out and progress until you reach the part where you destroy the scarab. Fly straight up and land on top of the highest point, there should be a orange street cone with a plasma rifle on top.

It may look deceiving but when you shoot it, youll be shooting fuel rods.

Uber god weapon. Youll need the banshee to get down.

The other way is also at the part where you destroy the scarab. Pickup a RocketLauncher.

Go on the side where you jump onto the scarab.

Go past like 2 of the explosive thingys.

There should be a small green crate.

Push it back until you reach the intersection, aline it with the line, jump on it.

Look down and shoot the ground, not all the way down. Might be really challenging, if you do it right, youll fly up to a platform where the scarab gun is, though you cant get back down.

Enjoy! :D

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