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Solo leveling guide , fast and easy. : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion
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Solo leveling guide , fast and easy. : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: February 1st, 2006, 10:16 am
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Level 2-15
Priority is to get rid of the beginners Zion missions (and criticals) asap
They are not hard but I recommend getting rid of them on easy or medium difficulty so you can go straight to your org contact to get your criticals.
Do them in Camon central or Tabor park west where the mob are easier to deal with. Don't forget to set your goals early so you don't waste attribute points. If you don't know what each attribute do it is best to wait and get more information about them.
Attribute guide here:

Also make sure you always max your skills as soon as you level up. Stick to 1 or 2 trees. They are expensive to train.
My favorites are 1 fighting class (gunman or karate) and one infiltration (spy tree). And use evade combat all the time!
Tip: Hyperjumping. Use ctrl and hold space bar, look at your map where you are located and release whenever you are right on the spot you want to land on.

To be honest they are really annoying and a pain, I done all mine on easy and it took me a few hours. The easiest way is to ask for a much higher level to help you get through them and/or take you the the hardlines to synchronize, that will help you a great deal. Finding someone is not easy but you can still make them on your own.
Max and use your fighting tree all the way, these missions will take you to the Westview area which is not easy to navigate at level 10-20.
Escorting NPCs:
The most frustrating missions, they tend to not follow properly, engage the enemy, just stop for no reason and die very quickly. Use B to look behind you often so you see what they are up to.
The best way to deal with them is to "park" them somewhere safe, find a route, come back to get them. In certain missions you CAN park them and do all the buildings on your own until you need to bring them to the last part.
Use buildings as much as you can:
No gangs in buildings and they are good and safe shortcuts to mission zones. Once you meet your last contact (Gray, Niobeor Flood) you can then choose the missions you want .

Criticals done! What next?
The big part, now you choose how you are going to grind for the next 10-50 levels.

1-Try finding a team, the higher level the better. If you are much lower than the higher level do not try to participate in the mission. Just make sure you follow the team and step on the RED zone on your map and wait in the elevator until the mission is completed.
A low level can assist higher levels in missions, not by fighting of course, but by opening doors and locks,
hacking computers and getting to the objectives when your team is busy fighting. Make sure you check your
mission map for hostile before going in a room.
Have a list of those high levels always on missions (/friend name). Don't be shy, people grinding like company and having a low level helps them too. Just don't spam faction chat for a team, ask a few times nicely. People on mission rarely have the time to check faction chat so be patient.

2-Soloing: Spy tree all the way. If you are serious about leveling as fast and easy as possible get this tree started. This is what you need

hacker tree: Execute Program , RSI , Logic Barrage 1.0 , Mission Map and Hacker.

Spy tree: You'll only need Disguise and Lockpick.

This will allow you to hack computers, have a mission map, unlock doors and desks and sneak past enemies.
You will NOT need to fight so it's best to spend the rest of your points on more defense when it's time to run. You don't need to spend more than 20 in hacking and lockpicking, 30 in disguise and 10 in mission map. But it's still good to have whatever you use maxed if you can afford it. You may mix it with your favorite tree as you level up, no need to invest more on the hacker and spy tree.

Items to get:
Lockpick and disguise (you can find them on the hardline market)
It doesn't matter which disguise you use and you don't need to use the locpick, leave it in your inventory.

Set up your hotbar with your evade combat, a disguise, sneak, hyperjump and hypersprint
Once you got all that it's time to call!

What missions to do?
Only one set: INFILTRATION on small and hard. Keep dialing until you get
missions starting with :
Get or search from mainframe
Get or search computer
Get or search from the desk
If it involves anything else you may be asked to fight mobs and you don't want that. The goal is to get in and get out as quickly as possible.
Personally I like moriah projects and Mara central area. It's a matter of taste, just keep in mind that some buildings are easier to deal with and you want an area where mobs won't slow you down.

Start the mission, use evade combat and hypersprint all the time. being a spy don't cost any IS.
When you get in front of mission door, use your disguise, look at the map on where the objective is and run to it.
It might be behind a closed door. Be careful when you lockpick, use left click and select pick lock, it may take a few tries. Using right click repeatedly will keep you in a loop (bug).
Lockpicking sometimes take time, it can take up to 30s to open a strong lock, but that is quite rare.
Find the objects in your inventory you need to place in a desk first, opening it while disguised will cause the disguise to go. Check your escape route on map before you touch the objectives.
Even if the room is filled with enemies you have time to clear the target and run before they start attacking you.
Mobs will only shoot you so don't panic, with your evade combat you are safe. Go to next objective and repeat the process.

You will level faster this way, less dieing, less fighting, quick missions. You can do this all the way to level 50 as well, but let explore other possibilities.You may also wait in the mission if it's going to fast, chat with your mates, read a webpage or something. It's not necessary to wait you will get a bit more xp but I prefer finish them quick, the time you wait adds up and you can make 2 or more missions overall by not waiting so it's pretty much the same.

Hope this helps abit
(P.S. i did not make it , i slightly edited it)

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Posted: February 1st, 2006, 2:42 pm

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Posted: February 1st, 2006, 3:46 pm
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hehe :) thanks :) trying ot keep the site updated! hehe :wink:

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