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TR - Feedback Friday 6/13/2008 : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: June 14th, 2008, 5:11 pm

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For this week’s Feedback Friday, we’ll address a question from our Feedback Form and give you several Patch Note Previews for Deployment 10.

Q: Why are you making TR a PvP MMO? The new Wargame testmap on PTS and the balancing of the abilities tend to prove that this is the way it is headed, why?!?

A: PvP has never been and is not going to be the only direction we want TR to take. It is true that a lot of changes and additions have been made with PvP in mind and the Wargame is a good example, but in this case for instance, it is mainly because we had the systems mostly in place already and could reuse part of it in that map. The PvE aspect of the Clan Owned Control Point system needs more work done to it before we can have you test it. But it is going to be a big part of the COCP system. Another example is the attention we bring to developing instances and the storylines in general. We hope that some of you enjoyed Velon Hollow on PTS and the stories told in that instance. We have wonderful writers working with us and we will be counting on them to continue dazzling you with their narrative talents. So PvP is an important aspect but Tabula Rasa has tons of stories and plenty more to come that tie it into an obvious PvE world.

Deployment 10 Patch Note Previews

Bug Fix
Some abilities were not correctly receiving a damage bonus based off the caster's Mind attribute. This has been corrected and the complete list of abilities that receive a damage bonus are:



Fire Support


Rushing Blow

Force Blast


Concussive Wave

Scatter bombs

Tectonic Strike

Explosive Wave

Corpse Explosion



Self Destruct

Explosive Nanites

Controlled Fission

Reconstruction (Ranks 1-4)

Logout Timer

A logout timer will be implemented to prevent players from logging out to avoid death.

When logging out, you must wait for 30 seconds to elapse before your character can successfully log out of the world.

When quitting the game, you must wait for the 30 seconds to elapse, however, you may choose to quit immediately. Your character will still remain in the world until the 30 seconds have elapsed.

Death Penalty Changes

The amount of time rez trauma will be reduced. It will be active for only 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 6 minutes respectively. (It is currently active for 5, 10 and 15 on the live servers.) 6 minutes will be the largest amount of rez trauma time penalty. (The stat penalty will stay the same at 20% per level of rez trauma with 60% being the largest penalty possible.)

Also, the reuse timer on rez trauma kits will be reduced to 60 seconds to aid in even faster removal of any rez trauma.

Gray Market Vendors
Be on the lookout for Gray Market Vendors! Reports have been coming from combatants that a select few vendors are now selling Gray Market items. Intel indicates that these vendors are staying under the radar by selling their goods in hidden locations on the following maps:









Ashen Desert




Howling Maw
Gray Market Vendors offer high quality Armor and Weapons that can be purchased using Prestige Points. Be sure to check these vendors often. They are known to frequently resupply their available goods, randomizing the high quality equipment that can be purchased from them.

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