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Posted: April 1st, 2008, 7:00 pm

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The Vault staff has managed to scoop a quick preview of the patch notes for the upcoming Public Test Server 1.7 Patch! There are some fantastic and much requested features coming our way, including some love for Exos and more balancing of the classes that should help bring the the lagging classes up to a fair playing field in PvP. Major features included in the preview are peeks at three more PAUs and new Hybrid races!


* Atta Soldier Guerrillas have been given a new ability 'Rushing Blow' thus enabling guerrilla ambushes to feel more immersive and threatening to players

* Kael have had a knockback effect added to their leap ability, they're big and heavy, if they leap at you there should be a consequence.

* Necromites and Ticks now have a 'call for help' to summon further reinforcements

* AFS forces will now heal and repair player characters in control point battles

General Changes

-More PAUs from HQ are now being worked on in vehicle bays, these are still a long way from being combat capable.

* Medic PAU

* Engineer PAU

* Exobiologist PAU

-Four new Hybrid races will be implemented, select previews of NPC hybrids implemented in this patch can be seen here:

* Warnet Hybrid-Female

* Skitterin Hybrid-Male

* Flithlik Hybrid-Female

* Miasma Hybrid-Male

Class and Skill Changes

* Blades: Due to documented subpar performance, blade damage and range has been increased

* Torqueshell Rifles: to improve upon them further a scope ability has been added

* Torqueshell Rifles: damage has been reduced by 54.6% due to the increased range granted with the scope ability

* Shrapnel and Scourge: these were inflicting more damage to large groups than was intended. To offset this, the penalty for dealing area damage on groups has been increased by 25% for all abilities and weapons. This will allow these skills to keep their current damage against very small groups, while keeping them more in line damage wise compared to single target weapons.

* Grenade Launchers: damage has been reduced by 12%, they will now generate 6% more aggro. Use at own risk

* Self Destruct: damage increased to Extraordinary to match the tooltip. Explosion damage will now kill the player who uses it and can also damage allied players.

* Turrets: Critical Damage chance has been increased to 58%

* Exobiologist Clones have been given the 'poledance' emote to enable them as a distraction in PvP

* Crab Mines: This skill has been replaced with 'Necromites'

* Tools: Due to a lack of quality tools they have been added to the loot table.

* Tools: will only drop in prototype quality

* Tools: To compensate for the increased quality of heals all tools have been reduced in effectiveness by 45%

* Injection Guns: Aprils Fools, no changes

* Grumble: This ability has seen an increased rate of use by those taking these patch notes too seriously and thus has been nerfed.


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Posted: April 2nd, 2008, 10:54 am

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Please, im paying to read an Aprils Fools? Its even a day too late.

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Posted: April 2nd, 2008, 12:39 pm

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LOL the timezone on the site is a day ahead. So it was correct lol.

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