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Weekend Wrapup 02/03/2009 : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: February 3rd, 2009, 6:29 pm

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Image Weekend Wrapup 02/03/2009
The weekly Friday Night Fights took place over the weekend on the PTS this time, and while the Centaurus AFS Boxing Tournament saw only a handful of participants, it still went on. Let's not forget the soldiers who battled against one another in the second installment of the Edmund Range Event on Centaurus. All that after the jump!

Author: NCsoft Content Writer
Category: Latest News
Publish Date: 2009-02-03T11:18:53Z

Friday Night Fights

Though originally intended to take place on the Cassiopeia server, the recent release of D16 resulted in this weeks FNF being moved to PTS since the main servers were almost entirely empty while players searched for the newest goodies released in this latest patch. The draw of nifty weapons and cool armor didn't stop this weeks competitors from chasing one of the few remaining spots in the upcoming Nigh of Champions tournament though.

Round One: Fuzzball defeated Machka, Bishop beat Vaeyn, Kaczmanchoy (with a 'C') took out Pegasus and Degon overcame Heally.

Round Two: Fuzzball beat Bishop and Kaczmanchoy (with a 'C') defeated Degon.

Final Round: Kaczmanchoy (with a 'C') took out Fuzzball.

Final Challenge Match: First time FNF Champion Kaczmanchoy (with a 'C') is a firm believer in "No Guts No Glory" so it was no surprise when he chose to take on the dreaded Gut Check. Kacz faced off against the team of Heally, Fuzzball, Degon, Machka, Pegasus & Bishop and though he put in a heck of an effort, the Champion just couldn't overcome the numbers and fell quickly to the team of challengers.

Think you've got what it takes to win one of the remaining spots in the Night of Champions Tournament? Sign up here on the PlanetTR.com Unofficial Tabula Rasa Forums for the next Friday Night Fights on Orion!

We'll see you next week,


Centaurus AFS Boxing Tournament

This week' winners:

    -First place: Darksyn
    -Second place: Deveraux
    -Third place: Zey.

Register for this week's AFS Boxing Tournament on the Unofficial Tabula Rasa Forums or turn up on the evening (every Friday evening from 8:30pm GMT or 9:30pm Central European Time) at the C.E.L.L.A.R. 1, Centaurus.

Edmund Range Event


Match 1

    -Red Team: Wepdesign, Lomez, podkap, Darksyn (late)
    -Blue Team: Korver, Martins, Noxian, Schuthe (late), Occidentalis (late)

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Lomez
      -Teams kills forgot to record.

Match 2

    -Red Team: Wepdesign, Noxian, Podkap (join in for balance), Occidentalis
    -Blue Team: Korver, Darksyn, Vatrox, Schuthe, Lomez

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Podkap
      -Teams kills forgot to record.

Match 3

    -Red Team: Korver, Noxian, Darksyn, Oat, Clovis
    -Blue Team: Wepdesign (left for balance), Vetrox, Schuthe, Occidentalis, podkap (joined for ballance), Raw

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Noxian
      -Red Team kills 12, Blue Team kills 23

Match 4 (soldier tree [red] vs specialist tree [blue])

spy x 2, sniper x 2, guardian x 1 VS demolitionist x 2, exobiologist x 2

    -Red Team: Wepdesign, Darksyn, Vetrox, Oat, Bóoth (spelling?)
    -Blue Team: Clovis, Lomez, Raw, Occidentalis

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Raw
      -Red Team kills 19, Blue Team kills 34

Match 5

Not sure what happened in this match but the teams ended up being uneven at the start causing the entire map to captured in 8 minutes. The rest of the team joined eventually but was too late.

    -Red Team: Noxian, Wepdesign, Vetrox, Oat, Lomez, Podkap (left then returned for ballance)
    -Blue Team: Korver, Martins, Noxian, Schuthe (late), Occidentalis (late), Reasonable (level 45)

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Lomez
      -Red Team kills 17, Blue Team kills 3

Match 6

DISQUALIFIED for team stacking

    -Red Team: Korver, Vetrox, Oat, Lomez, frizzell
    -Blue Team: Noxian, Wepdesign, Darksyn, Clovis, Podkap (left for balance), Occidentalis, Raw

      -Winner: Blue Team
      -King player: Noxian
      -Red Team kills 11, Blue Team kills 38

I would like to thank some of the players for keeping at, despite their many deaths! I saw a lot of kamikaze attacks!

I hope to do the same thing next week but I'm not sure when D16 will go live as it will cause some timing and balance issues. Rewards will be distributed to you by Avatea at a later date, possibly Monday. I will keep you informed.


    -King players are those that I thought performed the best throughout the whole match balancing out tactics, kills, deaths, prestige gains and CP capturing.

    -Late players are those that joined after the 10 minute marker, but I've included you in the tallying of mimeomech rewards anyway due to timing difficulties on my part.



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