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Weekend Wrapup 02/09/2009 : FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Posted: February 9th, 2009, 5:47 pm

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Image Weekend Wrapup 02/09/2009
Check out the results of last week's Friday Night Fights on Orion and Edmund Range Event on Centaurus!

Author: NCsoft Content Writer
Category: Latest News
Publish Date: 2009-02-09T12:16:07Z

Friday Night Fights

This weeks FNF landed full force on the Orion Server! With the highly anticipated Night of Champions event closing in, the field of competitors were eager to claim one of the remaining spots in the Champions only tournament...or further cement their dominance and build momentum going into the final event.

    -Round One: Deadra defeated Valashar, Kaczmanchoy beat Cesspool, Chandler overcame Vaeyn and Tendari took out Machka.

    -Semi-Finals: Kaczmanchoy defeated Deadra and Chandler beat Tendari.

    -Finals: Kaczmanchoy defeated Chandler.

    -Final Challenge: Not eager to repeat the beating he took last week, Kaczmanchoy opted for the Pride & Trust Challenge match that would see him paired with Chandler to take on the team of Deadra & Vaeyn. Despite the status of all competitors as current or former FNF Champions, only one team could walk away victorious and when the dust had settled, Kaczmanchoy & Chandler were standing tall over the fallen Deadra & Vaeyn.

Think you've got what it takes to win one of the remaining spots in the Night of Champions Tournament? Sign up here on the PlanetTR.com Unofficial Tabula Rasa Forums for the next Friday Night Fights on Pegasus!

Announcement: Besides the upcoming Night of Champions event on February 27th, we have one more special FNF planned. On Friday, February 20th, we will host a Devs vs. Players FNF. Keep your calendars clear and join us as members of the TR Development team will log in and slug it out with TR Players. That night will also see a Dev "King of the Hill" fight and a chance for players to team with Developers in the "Epic Pride & Trust Challenge".

We'll see you next week!


Edmund Range Event


Match 1

    -Red Team: Ferengi, Mrsmith, Wepdesign, Anim, Smithmrs
    -Blue Team: Zey, Tabers, Lomez, Podkap, Occidentalis

      -Winner: Blue Team
      -King player: Zey
      -Red Team kills 2, Blue Team kills 41.

Match 2

    -Red Team: Zey, Pawns, Anim, Tabers, Clovis, Lomez, Smithmrs, Wepdesign
    -Blue Team: Ferengi, Mrsmith, darksyn, Podkap (dropped), Fizzel, Occidentalis

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Wepdesign
      -Red Team kills 51, Blue Team kills 20.

Match 3

    -Red Team: Zey, Bushmaster, Drakengard, Sonsaky, Pawns (dropped), Anim, Tabers, Clovis, Smithmrs
    -Blue Team: Mrsmith, Novaki, Darksyn, Lomez, Wepdesign, Occidentalis, Frizzell

      -Winner: Blue Team
      -King player: Sonsaky
      -Red Team kills 23, Blue Team kills 69

Match 4 (no AFS mech was used in this match)

Players were complaining of difficulties killing the mech, so they voted whether for it to be not allowed to be used from then on. 6 voted to no mech, 3 voted yes mech

    -Red Team: Zey, Brandts, Drakengard, Wepdesign, Sonsaky, Tabers, Clovis, Frizzell, Vatrox

    -Blue Team: Bushmaster, Mrsmith, Novacki, darksyn, Starstone, Smithmrs, Occidentalis, Anim

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: brandts
      -Red Team kills 74, Blue Team kills 6, Game finished early with 10 minutes left.

Match 5 (No AFS mech)

I withdrew the "LOL Age of Conan" clan from this match as there were too many of us

    -Red Team: Drakengard, Ferengi, Sonsaky, Startstone, Tabers, Clovis, Schmidtt

    -Blue Team: Darksyn, Vatrox, Anim, Frizzel, Podkap, Eis (late), Asailon (late)

      -Winner: Blue Team

      -King player: Tabers

      -Red Team kills 38, Blue Team kills 26.

Match 6 (No AFS mech)

everyone got to join in this last match

    -Red Team: Brandts, Drakengard, Ferengi, Mrssmith, Sonsaky, Tabers, Clovis, Wepdesign, Smithmrs, Schmidtt, Podkap

    -Blue Team: Eis, Asailon, Darksyn, Vatrox, starstone, Anim, Muzze, Reasonable, Frizzell, Occidentalis, Zhindetz

      -Winner: Red Team
      -King player: Noxian
      -Red Team kills 62, Blue Team kills 16,Game finished early with 6 minutes left.

The turn out for this event was astonishing! 20 players!

(Current record: Event 1 = 4, Event 2 = 10, Event 3 = 20.)

I hope to do the same thing next week but I'm not sure when D16 will go live as it will cause some timing and balance issues. Rewards will be distributed to you by Avatea at a later date, possibly Monday. I will keep you informed.


    -King players are those that I thought performed the best throughout the whole match balancing out tactics, kills, deaths, prestige gains and CP capturing. (aka, using the score board.)

    -Dropped and late players are not included in Mimeomech tally.



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