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1-50+ {Maple Story}~ Mages. : General Discussion

Posted: July 20th, 2007, 5:35 am
moonshielder's Reps:
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Alright, another Contest Entry! This'll be fun? ^^;
Wish me luck!

Otays, soOoOoOoOo~

Level 1-7: Maple Island. Fight Green Snails early, Blue Snails semi-late, and red sails late.

7-8: Finish up those Rain's Maple Quiz, Pio's Recycling, and the Olaf Job Quest.. em.. and the letter delivery. IFF that doesn't get you those Levels, just go level up outside of Lith Harbour, or stay at maple island.

8-10: Go Fight Outside Lith Harbor. Your magic isn't tough enough just yet!

10-18: Slime Tree! ^^ Best place to level. Stay until 20 if you want to be wary! :3

18-24: Pig Beach. Easy! Kill pigs, and you might end up with some nice Overall Dex 10% Scrolls! eh? eh? :D

OPTIONAL: From 21-30 you CAN Kerning PQ, but it usually takes a while to get a good PQ party, and the PQ itself can take a while. But it's one of those "More Time, but More fun!" You can meet alot of nice people there, and those same people usually help you level some ^^

25-30: PQ or Ant Tunnel. Fight the Blue Mushies early, and the Undead ones later.

30: Hurray! 2nd Job Advancement! Congratulation on making it this far!
Cleric... Fire Poison Mage... Ice Lightning Mage...
Clerics: Great for Ludi PQ, and for Coolies :D
Fire Poison: Great later on, when you get 3rd job for that AoE!!
Ice Lightning: Powerful Single Ice, or Scattered Lightning AoE, Very nice choice indeed.

30-35: Head for Ludibrium, and fight Brown Teddies and Occasional Pink Teddies.

35-40: Fight In Orbis Tower, early Chronos.. Um... If you can get a Ludi PQ, feel free to. It's a very long, but worth while PQ.

40-50: Ludi PQ. 40+ is the easiest to get a Ludi PQ. Head for Channel 1 at the top of Eos Tower [Floor 101] and Get ready to Spam: L> PQ [Lv] [Class] @@@@@@@ yeah. Lol

50+: This is a nice time to start training at Coolies. Until they're fast and easy, I suggest taking on Stronger Chronos until you've got enough LUK[luk is accuracy for mages] Very simple time

Level at Coolies as much as you see fit. Try ZPQ [Zakum] Every once in a while, and also Orbis PQ~ ^^

Hope you had fun, and watch out for Map Stealing Hackers! Blech!


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