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A Quick Start to the Enchanting/Tailoring Combo - Horde : General Discussion

Posted: June 7th, 2007, 5:23 pm
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To start off, get to about level 10 or so for this to really go quickly. Go get your professions and head into Durotar.

Next head to Tiragarde Keep [MAP] and start killing Kul Tiras Marines and Kul Tiras Sailors, collecting all the Linen Cloth that drops.

As you go along, create Bolts of Linen Cloth, and nothing else until your Tailoring level reaches 30. At this point you have two options: (1) Keep farming Linen Cloth (2) Head back to Orgrimmar.

Eventually head back to Orgrimmar and go to the tailoring trainer. Buy one skill: Brown Linen Robe. The reason for this is because it is the first green you can make and it is very inexpensive to make.

Next buy some Coarse Thread and start making Brown Linen Robes until you are out of Bolts of Linen Cloth. Then with your enchanting skill, use disenchant on all the Brown Linen Robes and go to your enchanting trainer.

Buy whatever skills you want from there, and make yourself a Runed Copper Rod (you can purchase a Copper Rod from the Enchanting Supplier in the same building as the trainer then make it into a Runed). From here you have a few options: (1) Enchant yourself over and over just to raise your skill (2) Enchant lowbies for free in Razor Hill or the Crossroads, or even Orgrimmar (3) Same as #2 but you charge a small fee of maybe 1-5 silver (reimburse yourself for skills and make a little profit).

This is the technique I've used for all my characters with that set of professions. Its a nice way to get your tailoring to about 50 cheaply and enchanting to 40ish. Hope it helps anyone who doesnt want to spend time making a bunch of useless whites since you can level tailoring to 30 just by making the Bolts of Linen Cloth.

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