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An Easy Way To Fix The Immigration Problem : General Discussion

Posted: September 22nd, 2008, 11:12 am

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For some reason no one is smart enough in congress to create this simply solution to immigration. THE FENCE WILL NOT WORK. Can you really blame people for entering this country illegally because they dont have enough food to even feed their family. Im sure any person would do it.

Keep in mind im not justifying their actions just pointing out that the fence will not fix the problem. Now we do need to protect our economy and secure our people so this is an easy way to fix the immigration problem.

Fine employers 10,000 dollars for every illegal immigrant that is found to be working for them, and have a 5,000 dollar extra fine for each immigrant past the first one that is found to be working for them.

Then you take 40 percent of that to go towards the INS (aka immigration service) to help them get the tools they need to find more people violating this law and find people violating this law. 30% of it will go towards the state of the company that is fined. And 30% more will go to the federal government.

There is the fix plain and simply. Please digg this as im going insane trying to understand why no one has done this. The fence wont fix the problem but if people know they cant get work here and there is a stronger INS then it will force them to stop attempting to illegally come into the country.

Im not against immigration just it does create holes that hurt our economy ask anyone that is in construction how they are losing work to immigrants being paid 8 dollars an hour and you will see the problem here. Because when they have to become bonded, get licensing, and get tools you have to charge 20+ an hour just to break even. But when someone is doing the same thing then paying others below the federal minimum wage. You are forced to either join them by breaking the law or loose your company which is the sad events that are currently happening.


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