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Diablo 2. Yes, it's old, yes we all crawl back into it. : General Discussion

Posted: March 10th, 2008, 7:39 pm

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I'd bet 90% of the readers already know about "g-rushing", and "uber leveling". (A short guide on theese will follow the main purpose of this guide for those few who don't know one or both of those terms). This is great for people with friends active in Diablo II (hereafter referred to as D2) but what about the people who don't have friends active or money to waste on the idiot item sites? There's a way to get free g-rushes, free uberleveling, and alot of donations from a very helpfull group of people who are active from around 8 am to 2 am every day central time (gmt-6). enough to easily hit level 90 in 1 day starting from scratch.

First, you will need to download mIRC (google it, it's a free internet chat system you get free. it's on a trial basis, but at the end of the trial, it simply tkes an extra 7-10 seconds to log on..)

Once you've got mIRC installed, hit the connect to server button (it doesn't matter which server for now). This is a lightning bolt button in the top left corner. T the bottom of the server window, type in the following:

/server irc.dcloneirc.net

This will change you to the proper server for what you need. (free stuff)

To join a room, you need to know what the room is called. you can get a list of the rooms through the channels list icon 3 icons to the right of the lightning bolt connection icon (this looks like a notepad icon with a #) hit it and hit "get list" in the window that pops up.

In this example, I will use US EAST as the diablo server I'm playing d2 on, so I'm looking for use channels that correspond to playing diablo on us east servers. The important rooms are: #useast-rushes and #useast-uberlevel Theres tons of other services available, all free, excetp for the dclone co-op's, and they even give the ip out 30 min before they pop dclone. Yes, you can get free dclone killers too-and keep the anni.

You start by joining #useast-rushes so either double click the channel in the channel list, or type:

/join #useast-rushes

Once there, ask nicely for a rush. someone will either offer to do it (free of course) or tell you the proper way of requesting one. If you ask early afternoon, you can usually get one within 15 min. This will be a full rush to hell act 5 while you're level 1...

Now, you need to level. so join #useast-uberlevel the same way you joined the rush channel-by either double clicking on it, or typeing in :

/join #useast-uberlevel

This room moves a littel slower, but ther's typically 2-4 uber leveling sessions daily-most starting around 6pm and ending around midnight (central time/gmt-6)

Simply go in and ask if there's any uberleveling going on. someone will pop up with the commands to get the bot to tell you, or simply say not right now, but x will be starting one soon.

Between theese two rooms, it's easy to get a new character from 1-90 in about 5 hours. You won't have gear, jsut talk to people in the channels in mirc, tell them you're getting abck into D2, and the offers of low end bot grabs (decent stuff for starting out) comes flooding in.

G-rush guide. Google it, you lazy bum.

Uberlevel Guide, Ditto.

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