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Posted: October 26th, 2006, 5:57 am
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I tried to send this to someone who could post it properly, but honestly, i dont care enough about your website to do anything properly, so here is a free exploit...proven as of 10/22/2006...and the story of why i am giving it to EVERYONE for free...


The following is a true story:

I recently discovered 2 exploits in the Everquest 2 game, one gave you house status items and the other could be used to get rich. Being the kind of person I am, I decided to contact a customer service rep and explain to them how it is done. When I tried to use the /petition system, I now discover that the only way to report this is through a web site and that in-game support is no longer available. This was a big red flag that I was going to have problems with any layer of support, but in order to do the right thing, I trudged on.

The petition I sent basically said that I had discovered 2 in-game exploits and that a CSR should contact me in game so I can show him how they are executed. I also added that if they I would not execute the exploits again until they contacted me. I gave them all my character’s names (like they really needed that) and waited for 6 days for a reply.

This is the first reply have had since creating the issue 6 days ago:

We have not heard from you concerning your request for support in the
72 hours since we sent you a response. Consequently, we have changed the status of your question to SOLVED.

So, I found an exploit, tried to report it and instead of wanting to hear about it, my case is closed because …get this…they have not heard form me.

Ok, that is plain stupid. What do I have left to contact them about? I reported that I knew an exploit and that they should contact me so I can show them how it is done! And my next communication is a statement that I haven’t contacted them !?

This email also had a link to my specific issue, which of course would not work on any of my computers (I tried all nine of them with 2 of them on a different network).

So, I hit reply to the email to let them know the link in the email was broken, to whit they replied that

Your recent incident update was from an email address not associated with the incident.

WHAT !?!

I hit REPLY for !@#$%^&* sake…. How is this possible !?

Well, as it stands, there appears to be no more human CSRs at SOE and the game is a total free-for-all. So, let anarchy reign…and here are my exploits:

For these to be effective, you need to have a few higher level toons (70+ would be perfect). I have 3 that are over 67, so this became easy for me. Simply buy or collect status items that result in a house item (dragon statue, bird bath, plushies, etc), turn in the collection and place the item in any of your main’s houses. Once done, delete the character and repeat (at least until the market prices on collectibles goes up). On my server (which will remain nameless), I have been able to get 4 house items for less than a total of 20 gold, each house item reduces rent 500 points. I repeated this eight times (would have done it more, but the items became too expensive) which resulted in 16000 points of status reduction. This allowed me to move into a MUCH nicer house and pay no status rent.

There are some collectable quests that also reward you with a rare item (acrylia / moonstone), and again, you simply have to learn which collection quests they are. Once identified, you can repeat the above process and drop your gems and metals in your shared bank. Delete the toon and repeat. At one point, I had 14 moonstones and 9 acrylia. While I did use these to upgrade all my character’s spells, this can (and will) be repeated and the gems sold on the market for cash.

So, if sony doesn’t care about their game and their customers, I will take it upon myself to examine, detail and communicate every exploit I find in the game.


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