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{FFXI} 1-50~ Where to Level X3 : General Discussion

Posted: July 20th, 2007, 5:21 am
moonshielder's Reps:
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1-5 Starter Locations. Ex. Gustaberg, Ronfaure, Sarutabaruta! Just kill EM's and DC's. Tiny Mandragoras, Huge Wasps, Tunnel Worms, etc.

6-10 The First 3 Teleport Zones. Tahrongi Canyon, Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau. Things like Huge Wasps, Strolling Saplings, Mandragoras, etc.

11-15 Partying in Valkurm Dunes. Make parties, or wait for them. If possible, get a PL to not worry about finding WHMs! ^^;
Lizzies from 10-12, Crabs from 13-15
OPTIONAL: Continue Leveling in Teleport Zones~ :3

16-20: Valkurm Dunes, no other choice XD! Again: Make Parties or Wait for them. You'll either Party at: Siren Sands for Crabs, and Pugs.
Whitebone sands for Gobs, Pugs, Crabs, and Damselflies.
Gob Hill for Gobs
Oasis for Crabs and Damselflies.
Outpost for Gobs and Damsels
or the Selbina Entrance for quick easy zones, sheep, gobs, damsels.

OPTIONAL: at 18 bring your party to Qufim Island for Worms and Occasional Crabs. From there continue the guide ^^;

21-23: Qufim Island off of Port Jeuno~ Worms, Crabs. No exceptions >:0
OPTIONAL: Solo at Valkurm Dunes until 25.

23-25: Lower Delfkut's Tower for Gobs, Gigas', and Bats. Its best to stay near the zone.

26-27 to 28ish: Yuhtunga Jungle to fight Yuhtunga Mandragoras or Goblin Smithys if your party has enough damage.

28-30: Yhoator Jungle for [of course] Yhoator Mandragoras!! You can also fight Goblin Smithys at this level.

30-32: Outpost to chain Goblin Furriers, or the entrance to Sea Serpent's Grotto to do Sahagins and Makaras[pugs]. Can also do Ironshells by the Norg Zone but be wary of the Ghouls, and that the Crabs aggro on sound ^^, but they do not link :D

32-35: It's best to do Garlaige Citadel [ew] Lol. Stay near the entrance, because this area seems to be the most needed to zone area!! D:. Bats Link, Beetles Aggro on Sight, It's just a big pile of crud T_T; But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

[More!! OMG!!]
from 35-45: Crawler's Nest ^^, for the 30's fight by the bulging sack [o_o] and the lizzies. DONT FIGHT THE LIZZIES. Pull Cralwers! ^^
For the 40's, I reccomend Secret Room. a room that you can see OUT but cannot see in! I don't have a map of CN, so I'm not sure exactly where it is.
45-50: Rumble Crawlers, Kuftal Tunnel, and Altepa. Very Simple! ^^

Well that's it. 1-50 in a nutshell >:3 Shouldn't take long. Maybe a week and a half~ Make sure to level that subjob, and watch out for Gilsellers! They camp right on top of you!! D:<


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