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Hardest Gaming Challenges - Part 1 Nintendo : General Discussion

Posted: November 14th, 2007, 5:25 pm

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Back in the good old days of game playing do you ever recall that one game that drove you insane. That no matter how hard you tried you seemed to constantly die over and over again? Well here is a list we created with the help of others throughout the net. Here is what they came up with as the hardest games in history. We are not doing hand helds at the moment. These are based on main bosses, achievements, or unlocks. The first part of our multiple part guide is going to be on Nintendo and all the games they have made. So anyways let the list begin.

Nintendo - Ghouls and Ghosts

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If you have never played that game well then you might want to stay away from it. This is a game where you only have x amount of lives and everything kills you in one hit. Unlike Mario where its relatively easy to get new lives in Ghouls and Ghosts there are only a few select places for that. Whats even better is the game was created that you MUST used specific items to kill specific baddies in the game. Want to pass the first level well make sure you have holy water to kill the bat. If you don't well then its game over right away.

Some of you players might of tried it on Xbox live where they turn around and give you unlimited lives. This makes the game beatable after a few hours. What makes it even worse back in the day is there was no cheat to skip ahead. You either kept your Nintendo on for days and prayed mom or dad wouldn't turn it off. Or you wont beat the game. The game doesn't give in at all. In fact it just gets harder and harder. What makes the game even more of a tease is how the game world looks so small. It looks like the game will take under an hour to be considering the entire game is seen on one little map. However as you travel down the rabit hole you tend to see this game can take hours in a single sitting and it is easily one of the most frustrating games.

This is one of those games that you dont beat it because you played well. You beat it because you memorize the entire game and what every bad guy is going to do in retaliation to you.

Super Nintendo - FF2 / SuperMario RPG

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This one was a tie because frankly both had extremely hard things to do in them. We have 3 for this one. One is for FF2 and one is for Super Mario RPG

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Number 1 of course was unlocking odin. Odin was one of the magical summons you can get later in the game. The actual odin summon sucked because he could one hit kill things, but most high level monsters he wouldnt be able to do anything against. The worst part of odin was you had x amount of time to kill him. There was actually a freaking countdown of how long it would be before he wiped out your entire party (you tell this by him raising his sword). All you could do was level up a bunch grinding, cast life 2 on as many people as you can. And pray. The key part to beating him was praying, because alot of the time it was luck if you made it in time.

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Number 2 Super Mario RPG Special FF character. If you ever played Mario RPG you know its by far one of the best games on the SNES. However the creators hid a special task in the game. That task was killing a special FF related character in a door in the game. This character in order to kill took almost every character in your party to be completely maxed out. There was no leeway in this. The final battle of the game was easy compared to this guy. It took most players weeks of constantly playing to actually become strong enough to take him out. It was one of this luck situation where you had to pray he stalled in killing you long enough so you could eventually win.

Nintendo 64 Golden Eye Unlock all bonds

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If you haven't lives under a cave half your life you will know what Golden Eye is. This game actually paved the way for 4 player split screen. Even today it is a game that you can pick up and enjoy for everything it is. However multiplayer has nothing to do with what makes this game. In fact the single player itself wasn't to hard on normal mode. Even on harder modes the game can be beat. However there was one challenge that was near impossible and to this day few people believe it even exists.

This is the alternative bond costumes cheat. What you a player had to do is play the moonraker level and select their settings on the following. First you had to play the aztec level. Then you had to play it on 007 difficulty. Finally you had to set the enemy stats to 100%. Now before you go and try to do it let me say this. THE CHALLENGE DOESN'T EXIST. You will not unlock all the bonds.

Before you say whats the point of having this keep in mind originally the game did have this. The creators actually had it set up so if you did that you would unlock all the bonds but the problem was they had some legal fiasco with using the faces of previous bonds so they had to quickly scrap that extra bonus before the game went live. So technically if you can do that you would unlock all the bonds.

This rumor that it was still in the game went on for months until a rare employee actually started feeling bad from all the emails and 1800 calls they where getting. So they made an official statement that it could not be unlocked. Still if you think you are a pro in bond, go and try that and see if you can beat the level in time.

Aztec level on 007 difficulty - with the enemy settings at 100%. Needless to say, this was no easy task to accomplish. Later on, we learned that it was all just an April Fool's joke. One that many player's believed to be true, even after finding out that it was just a fake code.

Gamecube - RE 4

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This was an easy one. If you played RE4 you know how frustrating this game can be. The game was not really hard in terms of the baddies you fought. The main bosses where actually rather simple one you figure out the trick to killing them. The hard part was ammo. Never in a game have they given you such a small amount of ammo. You literally had to save every bullet in that game if you wanted to come out alive. Most of the time they would have 6 crazy guys after you and give you only 2 bullets. Every time i play that game i have this feeling some programmer was laughing when making it. Thinking o man are they gonna be screwed when i do this. This is one of the reasons that made the RE4 game so much fun.

Wii - NA

Frankly the wii is to easy as it stands. The games can be frustrating because the controls suck but we haven't had enough time with that system to actually declare any game truly hard. Maybe our minds will change when they get into gear and actually have other games beside first party titles :).

Stay Tuned for Our Next Update On Sony Consoles

This list is brought to you from the fine folks at www.mmoviper.com

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