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Instances and You 1-60 Kalimdor : General Discussion

Posted: June 6th, 2007, 2:10 pm
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The easy way to instances! Quests include both Alliance AND Horde, some of which may be duplicates. (I filtered some out but may have gotten caught by others ^^)



Ragefire Chasm - Levels 10-15

This is a pretty much, horde only instace... it is found inside the middle of orgrimmar and is the easiest instance in WoW. Your main goal is to go through, kill bosses, pick up a couple greens, turn in your quests, and hope to atleast level once...

Quests - Roughly 6


The Wailing Caverns - Levels 15-25

Found in the barrens south west of the crossroads. Lower level instance, with mostly elites unlike The Deadmines, best to normally take levels 18-23 so that you can get the best experience possible, and be able to get through alive. The one bad thing about this instance is that its very complicated, You dont always know which way to go so you can find yourself stranded at some points.

Quests - Roughly 8


Black Fathom Deeps - Levels 20-30

Found at the north west point of Ashenvale. Get quests south from the starting point and is on the very west coast. Not a hard instance because everything is pretty much straight through, there can be some points at which your group doesnt know what to do, but you can still get by pretty easy, suggested 24-28.

Quests - Roughly 9


Razorfen Kraul - Levels 25-35

Found near the south point of the barrens to the west. Lower level of the two Razorfens, but is pretty much straight through if you know what ways to go. Recommended levels 28-33.

Quests - Roughly 7


Razorfen Downs - Levels 35-45

Found south in the barrens to the east, across from Razorfen Kraul. A paint to get into, but a pretty easy instance, theres 2 ways to the main boss, a back way which is a lot harder, and a normal front way. Recommended levels 38-43.

Quests - Roughly 4


Zul'Farrak - Levels 40-50

An easy instance, go straight in and then you normally take a right and go around the path, fairly easy instance if you use the recommended levels of 43-47. If you are going to take a lower level, make sure its a healer and not a tank as in all instances.

Quests - Roughly 9


Maraudon - Levels 45-55

Found near the south west coast of Desolace.A very large, and at some points tough instance. Theres 3 parts to it. Purple - Probably the easiest and shortest. Orange - Easy, but very long, longer then the hard part in most cases. Inner - Easy with a good group, but the hardest part of the instance. Get into inner by going through either side, or using the sceptre that you gain from Legends of Maraudon
Recommended levels:
Purple - 45-48
Orange - 44-48
Inner - 46-53

Quests - Roughly 9


Dire Maul - Levels 55-60

Found north in Feralas. Very large with 3 sides. This was a popular farming place at level 60 because there were a lot of blue drops (tributes) that were popular, and still are. You can make fast and easy money with a good group here, and gain some experience if you werent 60. Recommended Levels 57-60.

Quests - Roughly 39


Eastern Kingdoms guide coming soon... hope this wasnt worthless ^^

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Posted: June 6th, 2007, 4:40 pm

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Nope not worthless nice submission :)

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Posted: June 6th, 2007, 6:56 pm
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yay... I love you tault!

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