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June Contest: My attempt : General Discussion

Posted: July 2nd, 2007, 7:23 am
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Id say my favorite all time spot is BLM 54-59. FFXI

What you need:
Earth Staff
INT gear stack up

Good to have, not required:
Awsome +hMP swap ins
refresh juices and what not

ok so here is what i did: Go to beaucedine glacier, and walk to the tower that is jsut north of the batillia downs entrance. This is a lvl60 caped Pso'Xja zone.

WHen inside sneak/invis yo butt up, and walk strait. There are twists and turns but ignore them. Also there are rooms, do NOT turn into any of the rooms just keep on truckin :D.

As you go eventually you will see one of those rooms i said before with the mob "Goblin Jewler" this is where you turn. Make a left, and fall down the hole. U will fall on a goblin and his bat, this is where u gunna blo this mudda up!

Go into the hall way near him and set up, you know ur buffs, xp ring, w/e u name it.

Walk up to the room where hes at and you will notice thereare piliars of a sort, make sure ura allwas behind them cause thats like from waht i saw the AGGRO line.

Caste quake on the goblins bat. As long as it dosent rsist (54-55 it will resist 1/10 from what i saw, then after 1/25, getrarer and rarer as u llv) you will 1shot the little bastard for 200-300xp ^^.

Rest immidiatly. WHen ur mp is sufficient, get ready for him cause he will spawn another. Blow it up! Chain 1: 300-400xp..

Rinse and repeat. some guides say 7k/hr but id say more along 5-6k/hr. You can chain 5 by yourself but chain 4 is a good goal, only 5 if you have outstanding gear.

This spot was so fast i solod 54-59 in one day~!

That was my attempt at the contest

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