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June Entry -- City of Heroes guide to levels 1-50 : General Discussion

Posted: June 24th, 2007, 1:53 pm

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Short, easy version:

--Atlas Park; Sewers or Missions from contacts in city Hall until level 5.
--Kings Row; Scanner missions until level 10.
--Steel Canyon; Scanner missions or Positron Task Force until level 15.
--Skyway City; Scanner missions in faultline or Synapse Task Force until level 20.
--Talos Island; Find a contact here, you should have one, if not, talk to old contacts. Do this until level 21.
--Independence Port; Do missions from contact here or head to Striga Isle and do missions there until level 25.
--Croatoa; Do scanner missions/contact missions until level 30 or do Citadel Task Force until level 30.
--Brickstown; Do scanner missions/contact missions until level 35 or do --Manticore task force.
--Founder's Falls; Do scanner missions/contact missions until level 40 or do Numina task force(hard to find groups).
--Peregrine Island; Grind until level 41 or start on portal missions. Do this until 46 and start being a bridge(powerleveling, just ask in broadcast chat to bridge), or continue doing portal missions until you are level 50.

Long, annoying version:

Alright, here we go.....

First off, make your character, I suggest a scrapper(regen and spines together are great) or tanker(stone is very good), but it is your choice what you make.

Do the tutorial. Sure, its annoying after the first 13 times, but its quick and easier to get to level 2 through this then it is through grinding out on mobs in the city.

Do the runs, its pretty plain here what you got to do, it'll take you five minutes max.

Go to Atlas Park.

Go to contact in city hall that is related to your origin.

Get missions until level 3, then go to the sewers or continue doing those missions until you are level 5, your choice, I prefer the sewers.

You're going to want to look for a sewer group if you choose to go through the sewers.(you shouldn't have trouble finding one, there is probably at least 5 going at a time, which is more than enough, if not, go to another server), and it shouldn't take you long at all to get to level 5/6.

Once you are level 5, head to kings row. You should have a "police scanner"(or something of that nature) as a new contact in your contact list. Do these until you get to level 10. Its tedious, but it is MUCH quicker than what you would do just running back to contacts to get missions, AND you get to do safeguard missions, which are just fun themselves, plus huge experience. On a side note, make sure you pick a power from the power pools between 6-12, because you will get you have the ability to get your travel power at 14 if you do. I suggest you get combat jump. It leads up to super jump which is by the far the best in the game(in my opinion of course).

After this, head to Steel Canyon. You have a couple of choices here. First is to do the Positron Task Force(but I suggest you save this until level 12-13 and do it with higher levels who can sidekick you). Its long, but it is GREAT experience. The con is this: You have to have enough time to do this all at once, or the experience isn't that great.

The second thing you can do here is do the scanner missions here, and if you choose to look, find a group and increase the speed of the missions done, plus increase experience. The con here, its slower to level.

By this time, you should be level 14 or 15 which means travel power! After all this fun leveling, head your way to skyway city then to faultline, or do the Synapse task force(my preference, you can get to level 18 in about two hours this way, SUPER easy with the right levels).

If you choose, differently, head to faultine and start doing the scanner missions here. There is a contact up front, but it is rather difficult solo if I remember correctly. Do scanner missions until you get to level 18. Head on over to Talos Island.

Scanner missions will be available here, but I don't suggest them. Find a contact here,(they are usually right near the tram, if you have them, which you should, if you don't, go find one of your old contacts and talk to them until you get one here) and start doing his missions, they are quick and provide a great mission bonus everytime.

Do these until level 21/22, then head over to independence port. You can find a contact here like before, or head over to Striga Isle(I suggest this), after getting a contact from one of your former contacts. Do these missions until you reach level 25.

Alternate: Do the Sister Psyche Task Force, its easy, but finding a group can be somewhat difficult. You can do this starting at level 20, and it will level you to at least level 23 if done all the way through. After doing it once, you can just do scanner missions or do Striga missions.

At level 25, head over to Croatoa, or do the Citadel Task Force. It should level you to level 27 the first time around, and 29 the second time around. Its simple, and I suggest it if you do find a group for it.

If you choose to head to Croatoa, find a contact here, or do the scanner missions(noticing a pattern?). You should be able to level to 30 through these, and if you don't, just grind the mobs in the red areas on your map until you do.

Time for the hardest levels: 30-41.

Go to brickstown. Again, scanner missions, or contact missions, or, my suggestion, Manticore Task Force. That one is EASY, will level you really quick. Do this until level 35, and head your way over to founder's falls(unreachable by tram, head through Talos, and then check your map to find your way).

Same thing here in FF. Scanner missions, or contact missions, or you can do the Numina Task Force, but it is difficult to find a team for that particular one. If you do find one, JOIN. Its great experience.

Do these missions until level 40, and then head over the Peregrine Island.

You can grind here until 41, or grab some portal missions. Scanner missions are still good, but the portal missions are ultimately more fun than any others. Find a team for these if you can, it quickens the process as these are MUCH larger than any other map you've been on, trust me. These will provide leveling for 41-50. Do as many missions as you can in a group. At level 46, you can start bridging(being powerleveled) if you so choose, or you can just grind it out. Bridging is much quicker, and it will get you to level 50 in no time.



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