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[FLYFF] Level 1-90 Acro to BowJester : General Discussion
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[FLYFF] Level 1-90 Acro to BowJester : General Discussion

Posted: June 24th, 2007, 4:38 pm
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Okie, we'll pick this up at Vagrant class
As a vagrant, you just want to add 1 STR and 1 DEX every level you gain.
Level 1: start off with "Small Aibatt,HP 171" right outside the gate of flaris
Level 2: Move on to "Captain Aibatt,HP 212" just a bit further from smalls
Level 3: To "Small Mushpang,HP 435" im sure you know what they are, those things that look like mushrooms with arms.
Level 4: Kill "Captain Mushpang,HP 466" located a bit north of the magic shop in flaris.
Level 5: off to kill "Small Burudeng,HP 773" they are just passed the mushpangs
Level 6: "Captain Burudeng,HP 833" you should be able to find them, they are right by smalls.
~~Once you hit level 7, go to the quest office, you will be able to get your first quest :o ~~
Level 7: To "Small PukePuke,HP 1,236" located NorthWest ish off Flaris.
Level 8: To "Captain PukePuke,HP 1,311" right by the smalls.
Level 9: To "Urchin Demian,HP 1,454" If you go NorthEast off flaris, you will come up on a village with little boys with knives running around.
Level 10: To "Bad Demian,HP 1,529" towards the uphill side of the village.
Level 11: Kill "Small Doridoma,HP 2,297" sea horse things, NorthWest of town past the lake.
Level 12: Kill "Captain Doridoma, HP 2,398" by the smalls, they poison, but it should fase anyone.
Level 13: To "Lawolfs, HP 2,297" located west of the lodelight.
Level 14: Now we go to "Small Feferns,HP 2,320" located past the bridge by the lodelight.

Once you hit level 15, its time for your first job change! :wink:
Going for Dex acro, leveling at first will not be easy, because you don't have enough dex, or the right items to do massive damage or crits, but just bare with it till your like level 45 and can use the 45 rare set and bow.
Dex Acro= Full dex acro, or you can go anywhere between 15-30 STA, BUT REST HAS TO BE DEX.
okie, now that you hit 1st job, this will be easy.( suggestion, have a advance party and a partner at all times while grinding. )

Keep in mind that I do not mention anything about quests here, but you should go to the quest office every 2 levels, 15/17/19/21.

Level 15: Off to "Cute Nyangnyang, level 17" past the bridge by lodelight, head North.
Level 16: To "Creep Nyangnyang, level 18" a bit more NorthWest from smalls.
Level 17: To "Small Bang, level 19" just keep heading north from small nyangnyangs.
Go to town and buy a blinkwing to Saint Morning and blink there.
Level 18: Head just passed the SM arena, to find "Boss Bang, level 20"
Level 19: Off to "Grownup Wagsaac" keep heading south of SM, fallow the dirt road, can't miss then.

Once you hit 20, go to town and buy your board/broom.

Level 20: Head to "Stale Mr.Pumpkin, level 25" located about mid map, keep flying SouthWest till you see a little town.
Level 21: To "Rotten Mr.Pumpkin, level 26" near the stale ones.
Level 22: Just head west from pumkins to kill "Red Mantis C, level 27"
Level 23: More to the west are "Red Mantis A, level 28"
Level 24: South of there are "Small Jack de Hammer, level 29"
Level 25: Bit passed them are "Captain Jack de Hammer, level 30"
Level 26: North west of that are "Small Gigglebox, level 31"
Level 27: Near them are the " Captain Gigglebox, level 32"
Level 28: Get on your board and fly waaayy south by the beach to find "Small Rockmuscle, level 33"
Level 29: Fallow the beach East and you'll find " Captain Rockmuscle, level 34"
Level 30: Now you go waay West of the beach, and kill "Small Hobo, level 35"
Level 31: At the end of the beach are " Captain Hobo, level 36"
Level 32: Go way East of the beach now, and find "Small Dumb Bull, level 37"
Level 33: Further up are "Captain Dumb Bull, level 38"
Level 34: North west of them over the mountains are "Small Totemia, level 39"
Level 35: Bit west is the "Captain Totemia, level 40"
Level 36: South of totems are the "Maid Cardpuppet, level 41"
Level 37: Bit more south are the "Manager Cardpuppet, level 42"
Blink back to SM
Level 38: Fly NorthEast into the clouds till you reach Death Island, you should find the " Small Tombstone Bearer, level 43" with out a problem.
Level 39: Bit South of them are the "Captain Tombstone Bearer, level 44"
Level 40: Further East are "Phantum Basque, level 45"
Level 41: Even further East is where you find the "Lumping Basque, level 46"
Level 42: Fly South of the Basque to find "Small Mage Prankster, level 47"
Level 43: About SouthEastish is where the "Master Mage Prankster, level 48" kick it at.
Blink to Flaris
[Hint] Now that you are 45 and can start wearing Cruiser/Hyper Set and use a Flaming Bow, you should try to get those items as soon as you can, for being a Bow Jester means that you will use that set untill you are level 90.
Level 44: Fly NorthWest into the clouds till you reach another island, keep flying North to reach "Small Leyena, level 51"
Level 45: Past them are the "Captain Leyena, level 52"
Level 46: West of Leyena's are "Small Steamwalker, level 53"
Level 47: Further West are the "Captain Steamwalker, 54"
Level 48: West of them over the mountains are "Small Steelknight, level 55"
Level 49: Around them is the "Captain Steelknight, level 56"
Exp is going to suck, but bare with it till level 60 =)
Level 50: East of them are the "Small Nuttywheel, level 57"
Level 51: Suggest you stay and keep killing "Small Nuttywheel"
Level 52: Now head more East and you'll find "Captain Nuttywheel, level 58"
Level 53: Fly North past darkon 1 and you should find "Small Driller, level 59"
Level 54: Bit past them are the "Captain Driller, level 60"
Level 55: West of them are "Small Volt, level 61"
Level 56: More West of them are Captain Volt, level 62"
Level 57: South of the trail are the "Small Elder Guard, level 63"
Level 58: More South, you'll find "Captain Elder Guard, level 64"
Level 59: South of Elders, are "Small Garbagepider, level 65"
Now that you are level 60, go and become a Jester.
These are your basic equips, Cruiser/Hyper Set +3 - +8, try to get it pierced and get a +16% attack, thats adding the lightning card and a Gbow -3-+10 untill level 90, get used to them :P
Now, you should have a sh*t load of crit % :lol:
Now leveling as a Jester, I suggest leveling on monsters 7-10 levels higher then you. You'll kill them fast and the exp will look pretty sweet. With a Assist ofcourse, FS or Battle esn't matter, but they should have a high Cannon and Haste levels.
Level 60: South of the spiders are "Small Crane Machinery, level 67"
Level 61: Near them are the "Captain Crane Machinery, level 68"
Level 62: Fly West of spiders into a cave to find the "Small Syliaca, level 69"
Level 63: Fly around till you find the "Captain Syliaca, level 70"
Level 64: West of them you'll find the "Small Greemong, level 71"
Level 65: close to them are the "Small Greemong, level 72"
Level 66: Past the bridge you'll find the "Small Carrier Bomb, level 73" mobs.
Level 67: You'll want to keep killing "Small Carrier Bomb, level 73"
Level 68: You'll want to keep killing "Small Carrier Bomb, level 73"
Level 69: Fly into the junlge's of Darkon 3 and find the "Small Mushpoie, level 78"
Level 70: Further past them are the "Captain Mushpoie, level 79"
Level 71: Past them you'll find the "Small Iren, level 81"
Level 72: You'll be able to find a lot of "Captain Iren, level 83"
Level 73: Keep heading East in Darkon3 till you find another forest on the other side of which you came, and spot the "Small Watangka, level 84"
Level 74: Keep on killing the "Small Watangka"
Level 75: Bit east down the road you should find the "Captain Watangka, level 86"

Now upon reaching this point, you need to stop leveling for a few. And you need to try to get your hands on a Gbow +5 - +10 with +5 - +10 Water!. After getting that, you'll need to find the entrance to the Dekane mines, its by the spiders, you need a key to get in, but I forgot where you get the quest from. Neways, once you have your hands on a key, you are going to get into the mine and go to the final room with the Pinky Roachs'. For a partner I suggest shouting for a "level 70+ RM or a 75+ Bp to partner at pinkie's."

Level 76-90: Keep on killing "Pinky Roach, level 89" with your gbow +water

Yup, exp at the mine is 3x the exp outside. You just grind those till youre level 90! and you can make loads of money in there also.

And thats it! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Burned like 3 hours of typing on this, so bare with me if theres spelling errors and crap like that. =)

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Posted: June 29th, 2007, 9:04 am

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