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SWG: 75-90 AFK(70 if your carefull) : General Discussion

Posted: July 7th, 2007, 3:57 pm
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Hello, I also posted this in the Submission section where a couple people have tried to Naysay it(one without even trying it) because of chapter 6, But this works just fine for me. Will add Screenshots/and maybe a Short Video showing the Positioning to make it work(if I can get My current character to 70-75 soon, Currently stuck at 47).

First off I would start with Stacking XP Buffs witch may be usefull info for someone who didnt think of it. If you Start Your Account as a Free Trial, Once you upgrade it to a real subscription you are awarded a Cybernetic Experience Chip. This tool will give you a 25-30% XP Buff every time you use it. Each use Lasts an Hour. It has somewhere between 60-100 uses(cant remember, but it lasted me till lvl90 and I still had about 15 or more uses left on it). The Recharge Time on the thing is only like 15 minutes so its ready for use as soon as it has worn off. Now If you Stack this with an Ent Buff, that is a very Significant XP Increase(about 45% gain). Using Both of these XP Buffs together, and Using the Spot and Method Described Below I was Receiving 1900-1500 XP every kill(pretty good for Not even being at your keyboard). Even if you dont have the Cybernetic Experience Chip you still about 1000-1200 XP per kill.

Now for the Leveling part of it. Youll need to be at least level 75 maybe 70 for this or you get stomped(you may get away with doing this at lvl60 if you set it up carefull enough and try to avoid getting too over run, because these attack in packs). First off make sure you have set up all of your Special Abilities Into Macroes. Now go To Kashyyk. Travel to the Ryyatt Trail and go to the 3rd Level down(with the Feral Wooks), Now Go threw the Paths untill you get the little Wookie Village. Now go ahead and pick them off from the edge to clear an area in the middle, just work your way in and clear them out as you go(taking them out as they attack you), While your doing this try to avoid aggroing more than 5 at a time. Now that youve got them cleared out setup toward the middle of the village but a little farther toward the 2nd Bridge. Scroll your Field of View as far outward as possible, so you will autotarget the ones behind you(and they will get behind you) and adjust your camera view upwards a bit to avoid targeting the wooks toward the farthest end of the camp. Now get your macroes running and If you have a Cybernetic Experience Chip make sure to use it now, and macro it to auto use every hour by putting it in a slot and make a ui action toolbarSlot macro for it. Now since you cleared the area before standing there, they should start to consistently respawn about 3 or 4 or maybe even 5 at a time. Just sit back and watch your Macroes do the work. Also this works amazingly for Over Night Credits. Turn Your AutoLoot Macro On As Well. While It was leveling for me I had the Loot macro on and Gained 1.5mil Just in the Looted Credits after 2 Nights. Not to mention the Other Loot Items that can be sold to junk dealers, Even if you are a level 90 You can camp this spot and get good credits while you are not actively Using your PC, may as well earn easy credits while you are working or sleeping.

This Method works Incredibly Well with a Commando, with descent armor and a Good Lava cannon or AcidRifle, and if you set your autotarget macro up good(I think I used about a 8-10 second pause, just toy with it).
If you find your character is not strong enough and you are getting over run and incapped, then move yourself over to the 2nd Bridge(not the one you came from the one you would go over if you were heading to the ShadowLands Trail guide), Position yourself in front of that and Then Reposition your camera so you dont Target Wooks farther out and just a few in front of you. Stay there for a while and try the middle again a few levels up. Hope this works out as well for you all as it does for me, any questions feel free, if I didnt word something good and its unclear.

Here is how I did my Macro:


/ui action cycleTargetOuward;
/pause 8; //experiment with this value against the wooks a quick pause works great with The Commando class with a Good Area Weapon ie AcidLauncher
/macro AutoTarget;

Also Setting up your Target Macro like this will select the Closest target to you


/ui action targetSelf;
/pause 1;
/ui action cycleTargetOutward;
/pause 8;
/macro AutoTarget;

Now I made a seperate Macro for each Ability I wanted to use. Put them in a Toolbar and Macro the Toolbar slot. Toolbar slots go from 00-11 for the bottom bar and 12-24 for the Top Bar. If your ability is something like a heal make your pause correspond to the Cooldown time and add 2 seconds or so to that to compensate for possible lagg to avoid it skipping over your heal. For Example: Commando Heal I found an 8 second Pause works perfect. Say want to make sure A buff is active at all times. Find out how long that buff lasts, say it lasts 15 minutes, and then macro it to automatically use it every 902 seconds.


/ui action toolbarSlot03; //Slot 4 is where I put my Heal
/pause 8;
/macro AutoHeal;


/ui action toolbarSlot02;
/pause 122;
/macro PositionSecured;

If your using a Special attack such as FocusedFire or the Commando Mines, I dont even bother putting a Pause for these. I just macro them and as soon as the cooldown is done it is Used(once you have enough action).

EDIT: These things can be taken out in packs...You just have to position it right. With a Commando with a Good AcidLauncher and using your Mines You can level up quick, I used this myself to Level my own Character and it works perfectly. You just gotta set it up good. Your not trying to single these creatures out, You will get swampted by them, that is the point, with your AOE attacks as a Commando, you can take out lots of them quickly, and by doing so you gain lots of XP quickly. I have done this on a rescent character and it still works...and I am planning to do it again with another. Ive only done this as a commando so I dont know about anything else...but as a commando this will work

Note: Dont forget to Setup a way to Fire your Weapon Automatically IE: UseAutoit to Constantly Loop Simulated LeftMouseClicks or Just Simple Prop Something against your Moust button to hold it down(i use my wallet :) )

AlsoNote: If you get incapped or Killed while setting it up just be patient and Make sure clear out as many as you can before starting up your macroes and once your done clearing them out get your macroes setup as fast as possible So you can start taking them out As soon as the first respawns.

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