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The Ten Most Beautiful Scene in WOW : General Discussion

Posted: February 22nd, 2009, 10:39 pm

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NO.1 The Caverns of Time
It is an isolated place from outside world, such beautiful scenery. There are many meteorites in the sky, some of them may fall down from the sky from time to time. If a bad mood, go there, you could get from this soon and full of joy again.

NO.2 Azshara’s Beacon
Some players may be not familiar with this place because of little mission here, it has been overlooked, but the beacon doesn’t extinguish but still specifies the direction for traveling vessels. And it would be a romantic place for lovers, go to the sea with her crossing through the maple leaves here.

NO.3 Magnificent ThuderBluff
Perhaps thunderbluff is the most beautiful place in the territory of horde. Once roamed around the elevators here, be much impressed by the high peaks, Amazing, moving, Blizzard's aesthetic.

NO.4 Moonlake in the night
Fairy is a beauty of biology, the players are really keen on these fairies but could not get even more closer. Their scenery could match with them of course, all the people gone to Darnassus exclaim such a scene, slightly luminous moon sparkling above the moonlake, all reflect fairies perfect pursuit.

No.5 Un’GoroCraters Crystal Cave
The original jungle of Un’GoroCraters might not be able to make you excited, but the colorful psychedelic crystal cave must make you extra surprises.

No.6 Zanganeh swamp
Exotic Zanganeh swamp has scenery different from the domain area, the fireflies dancing, different color optical flow singular plants, this kind of beauty may be not seen when you are concentrated to level.

NO.7 Winterspring
Feel you soul in the white world of ice and snow, the symbol of pure and beautiful love, to enjoy the silence with the lover without disturb of flame and fire.

NO.8 Quiet ElwynnForest
Human civilization is that human beings hard-working, ElwynnForest are places of human growth. Still remember what the absurd things did in childhood? Still remember how did it be killed by the wolf killed? All these be submerged in this quiet forest.

No.9 Grassland and White Clouds of Nagrand
If outside the domain the most relaxed and happy place, with blue sky, white clouds, grass and waterfalls and the night sky,Nagrand is definitely one of the most beautiful scenery. Go Riding horse and breathing fresh air in the grassland.

No.10 StranglethornVale
There is dense tropical forests, blue sea and silver beach.
Troll is race full of religious worship color. Holy land abandoned by troll can be found everywhere in StranglethornVale. But is also a kind of beauty.

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