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Vanguard Levels 41-47 in 3-4 days AND 2 heroic items : General Discussion

Posted: July 11th, 2007, 6:12 am
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It seems to me the level 41-46 are the hardest in VG due to the lack of groups and content. Here is a quick, easy, and solo way to get from 41-46

Where you want to start is Haven's Edge, to get there you want to take the Plains of Anguish riftstone then go due west until you reach a small town with thatch houses. It is located in the NW corner of Thestra.

Start off with the quests from the Zombie "Betsy" She has you kill bears and wolves for a great ring ac40 +10 str 45 hps for melee... She has 4 very easy quests which net you a from 200-390k exp per. For the Cartheon Invasion you kill the "conga line" of Cartheon coming out of the summoners graveyard which is right next to PoA riftway. It gives 390k the first 50 (takes around 15 mins to kill 50 solo, they are easy 2d) after that its repeatable for 130k xp per 50 which still nets a level every 5ish hours.

Now from there inside of Haven's Edge you'll find roughly 19 progressive quests - Do the Drathael ones first and do not start on the brotherhood. Once in Drathael you will kill the Mayor for an easy quest for 200k and then the Town Crier. Both drop great selling items and also "unmarked items" the unmarked item useable by your class unlocks a level 45 heroic item quest. Equip the unmarked item and kill from 10-100 mobs randomly in the plains to open this quest. The next steps are pretty self explanatory and lead you to the brotherhood area which you need to kill 100 to get the item. During this you will also complete the standard brotherhood quests ( 5 total )

You will easily be 43-44 in 2 days of part time playing. From here you want to go to Razad in Qalia in the SW corner of the Land Mass

Here again you run into roughly 20 quests of which 4 are repeatable, 3 are basically 2 minute quests.

This is the FASTEST leveling path for these levels period. In finishing these you will then be lead to deliverance ->>> into Afrit. In 4 days I went from 41-47 and netted 2 heroic items, 5 rares and a good amount of gold

PM me with any questions

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